Unhinged Fox News Hosts MELT DOWN Over College Kids Petting Cats

By | November 3, 2022

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany discusses a recent study that shows that petting cats could be beneficial for college students suffering from excessive amounts of stress. The Outnumbered panel see this as yet another example of younger people not being tough enough in educational and professional environments. One panelist, Emily Compagno, says that instead of petting cats these students should be slapped in the face.

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Look at this this is just crazy let's Play this fox one this number 10. I just find this fascinating my Daughter's applying to colleges we start You know we've been taking the Doing college tours and She's like I want to ask if you're Allowed to have Pets on campus and I'm like what you're Not allowed to have pets on campus yeah Kids these days damn we're not allowed To have pets but it turns out A lot of these places you are holy crap And Um I'm a conservative now Listen to this listen how upsetting it Is to the people on Fox news that you Can have cats at college Protester where you're out there Protesting about everything on campus That I don't know if you really need a Cat I'm not really sure but this is just Another example at the beginning or did We cut off This is just they didn't announce the This isn't just like the the intro is Just not it's just like the discussion Okay okay Raising snowflakes because I mean if you Honestly can't make it in college then Just drop out I mean well although I Know a lot of people want to take Advantage of the freebies but just drop Out anyway do us all a favor I don't

Think animal rights activists would be Too proud of this either I wouldn't want Any college student manhandling my cat I think these kids need cats I think They need discipline I think they need To slap in the face because these are The same kids that get a professor fired For being too hard on their way to Medical school these are kids that can't Even listen to a conservative Viewpoint They shout out speakers they chase them Off campus but a cat will make Everything better guess what that Doesn't work in the real world yeah You're talking about my my professor That I love so much Yes no I remember on one of my campuses Getting a note that there would be dogs And puppies for us to soothe US during Exam time and I thought is this real I Mean no what a distraction for kids who Don't want to study number one number Two I don't need to be coddling a puppy I need my you know organic chemistry Book if I'm you know in in pre-med here This is insanity give me a cup of coffee A cookie and a stack of books and I'm Set oh you need a cookie you need a Cookie get a hell like twit like these People are so Twisted it really is nuts First off I I personally I I have two cats fifty Percent of the time and Don't tell my kids this but I would be

Happy to have two cats zero percent of The time But if a kid wants to maintain a cat in College like my response would be like Why would you want that you're gonna Have to do extra work and take care of This thing don't you want to go out and Party it's going to be harder to protest To your racist teachers yeah exactly I mean but but how like they they there Is such animosity on this network to Young people because it is again the Entire conservative ideology is Agreement and they know that the vast Majority of people watching this network Are well into their 60s yeah well into Their 60s and if they can Stoke any type Of resentment like I don't understand Like how does he discipline and be Slapped in the face in college and and Like like I don't understand how like The like the the idea of It somehow Easier for you if you have to like keep A pet alive at College like my first Reaction would you be like dude why Would you want that responsibility Like I can barely get you to clean the Kitty litter now like you're going to Want to go to some concert like a few Cities away and but like you're not Going to want to have to have cat Sitters no in your door are you kidding But good for them if they can like like

Take care of another living being while They're going to college You know like my God that promotes Responsibility And like yeah like they're mad that it Might help some people out emotionally Like why do you care just give me a Cookie and and just give me like Caffeine in a cookie what why do you Deserve that yeah maybe you should like It maybe you'd rather a slap yeah my Grandpa only had water and bread exactly I mean really why do you even need food It's unbelievable and look at look at The lives that these people live too oh My God I I mean it's just former Trump press Secretary and then of course you're not Going to be able to have a cat in the Real world yeah you know what like I'm What where did I get up from college how do people have Them and people people like like you Said who are literally responsible for Them like being alive what is them alive Yeah This is the world what also that motive Like where they exist I'm about 34. it's going to be 34 and Talking about college like this would be Embarrassing to me now like oh yeah when I was in college we just do that give me I just order a sub sandwich I'll study For eight hours nothing at all first of

All I got news for you I don't know how old these people are But there is absolutely no doubt in my Mind that the level of discipline and Studying that goes on in colleges today Is significantly higher Than it was at the very least when I Went to school I don't think they're That much younger than me okay uh but I Went on to I mean I went to campus it Went to uh my uh the school I went to For a tour with Myla and I went up to The tour guide I'm like so what night Are the campus-wide kegs and the guy was Like what Hey what do you mean what like what Night are the campus night cakes they're Like we don't we don't do that and I'm Like you don't do that we had like Official keg parties like five nights a Week Matt Kelly recognated is actually uh 34. Right she's your contemporary oh my God Wait she she's 34 yeah that woman right There yeah it's the same my age is Matt A little bit one year a few months old a Few months oh my God She honestly like that's when I think of Like a like a like a like a 62 year like She looks like she's like trying to I Don't know like she's trying to look Like I say makeup is yeah yeah it's Really that's that's something that Looks way younger than Kaylee mcinany

Yeah Hey it's hard for me to imagine that you Two could have been Let's say it's a dorm room floor Yeah Harvard Law she went to Um Yep just a coffee and a cookie

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