U.S. Corporations Are Making MILLIONS From Child Labor

By | November 4, 2022

Dunkin’ will have to pay a $145,000 in fines for more than 1,200 child labor law violations. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A management company and its owners will pay more than $145,000 to resolve more than 1,200 violations of the state’s child labor statutes across several Dunkin’ locations in Lowell and Central Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

The Westford Group, Inc., and its President and Treasurer, Michael and Brian Marino, were issued five citations by the AG’s Office for child labor law violations at 14 Dunkin’ stores the company operates in Lowell, Worcester, Grafton, Millbury, Westborough, and Leominster. The violations include: failing to obtain a work permit for minor workers; failing to supervise minors past 8 p.m.; employing a 16- or 17-year-old minor to work before 6:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m.; employing a minor under the age of 18 for more than nine hours in a single workday; and employing a minor under the age of 16 before 6:30 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. and for more than eight hours in a single workday.

“Companies that employ young workers have a responsibility to provide a safe and productive work environment,” said AG Healey. “We are committed to protecting the rights of young workers in Massachusetts and ensuring that employers understand and comply with our labor laws.”


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Dunkin Donuts will have to pay a 145 000 Settlement for one thousand two hundred Child labor law violations let me just Repeat that again 1200 child labor law violations in Massachusetts specifically and this is According to an announcement that was Recently made by the state's attorney General now what were the violations What were they up to well according to The press release violations included Failing to obtain a work permit for Minor workers failing to supervise Miners past 8 PM employing a 16 or 17 Year old to work before 6 a.m or after 10 pm employing a minor under the age of 18 for more than nine hours in a single Work day and employing a minor under 16 Before 6 30 a.m or after 7 pm and for More than eight hours in a single work Day you see children minors still have To do this thing called go to school and So Massachusetts adds on to the current Federal child labor laws to make them a Little more robust in their State and Clearly as you can tell based on the Settlement Dunkin Donuts had violated Those state regulations so under Massachusetts state law minors may not Work more than nine hours per day or 48 Hours per week children ages 14 and 15 May not work later than 7 pm and Children ages 16 and 17 can't work later Than 10 p.m on school nights or later

Than midnight on non-school nights now The investigation revealed more than 1 200 violations involving more than 50 Employees across 14 stores in the last Year and a half in fact this Investigation ended up getting launched After a minor employee filed a complaint With the Attorney General's office in Massachusetts and said that they were Working more than 10 hours a day so That's what sparked the investigation Lucky luckily the Attorney General did Her job investigated this and found yes There were violations this year other Other Dunkin Donuts franchisees in Massachusetts have been issued citations From the AG's office for child labor Violations wage and our law violations And not allowing employees to earn or Use sick leave And this is an ongoing issue guys this Isn't a one-time thing this isn't an Isolated event for instance in 2020 Chipotle was cited for more than 13 000 violations and was ordered to pay 1.8 million dollars in their settlement In states with Republican legislatures They are there are currently efforts to Even further weaken child labor laws if They haven't done so already so just to Give you an example of something that Was done in 2011 probably got no Attention in 2011 Wisconsin eliminated Limits on the number of hours and days

That miners age 16 to 17 could work and Even replace the phrase child labor with A nice euphemism employment of minors in 2017. huh I thought it was just the left That was interested in sanitizing things And using euphemism so it looks like the Right wing engages in that quite a bit Themselves now the most recent changes Have attracted support from a number of Powerful services industry lobbies of Course such as the Wisconsin Restaurant Association who say it will help to Solve businesses staffing issues and Teach teenagers a healthy work ethic And final thing I'll say Jake I'll give You the numbers in a little bit but There's an Ever growing percentage of High school students who drop out of High school to enter the workforce Because their families need the income Meaning their parents need the income in Some cases the minimum wages that They're earning accounts for as much as A quarter of the annual income in that Household it's insane yeah so first let Me tell you what this isn't and then I'll tell you what this is so what it What it isn't is 1955. so what the Republicans do every time when they talk About issues like this is oh look you Know uh we're just bringing in Johnny And Sally to work in the summer and Teach them the work ethic and they're Going to work with their mom and dad and

They're going to be bus boys their local Diner that the mom and dad are running And hey that's great you know when They're going to get that experience That they needed sir no no that's just Mythology man and what this isn't is 16 70 year olds work in a summer job under The normal rules they're violating the Normal rules here the employers right What this is is companies going I pay the kids a lot less they got no Experience and I if I have them work Before six in the morning after 10 O'clock at night I have them work more And more hours and I replace my actual Workers with kids who are desperate for Money either for themselves or to help With the family well I drive the kids Into the mines I make more money I keep My costs low and then I'll trick the American people with this Mom and Pop BS That we throw out there and the Republicans will sell it Democrats won't Do anything and uh and and we'll we'll Have corporate Rule now extend to 14 Year olds and have them work their ass Off just like we got their dad and their Mom to work their ass off right no That's exactly right and and what's even Scarier is how We already know that a household with uh Adults earning minimum wage even if They're working full-time they're not Bringing in enough money to Simply live

You're not making enough money to pay Your rent you're not making enough money To put food on the table for your family So when families get desperate they end Up relying on their teenage children to Bring in income and so this is a piece That was actually written in 2015 and I Would venture to say that the problem That I'm about to describe has only Gotten worse but back in 2015 there was Actually a really great piece written in The Washington post about the Ever-growing percentage of high school Students who drop out of high school Just to work because their families Depend on it so using data from the 2008-2012 American Community survey Researchers at the urban Institute found That nearly a third of the 563 thousand Teenage dropouts left school to work These 16 to 18 year olds were Disproportionately male and Hispanic and Ended their education either at the Beginning of high school or nearing the End roughly 75 percent of them are Native born Americans now let's get to How much their families rely on them for Their income Six out of ten of the teenagers Identified in the study earned less than Ten thousand dollars a year working in Restaurants on construction sites Cleaning buildings among other things a Third of the kids contribute more than

20 percent of the total annual income of Their households a tenth contributed More than 50 percent according to this Study again it was done by the urban Institute I would like to see an updated Version of the study because I'm curious I mean LAUSD right now is having trouble With enrollment a bunch of students Never came back when they reopened Schools and I'm scared that those Students just left school permanently Dropped out to go work yeah well Obviously according to the numbers a lot Of them did and so look guys one more Time Massachusetts is not going after Any small business owners and anytime You hear a Republican or a right-winger Say small business substitute the word Giant multinational corporations instead Okay or the words and so uh in this case Who's Massachusetts going after only Giant companies Dunkin Donuts Chipotle It's Wendy's Etc they're all using this Systematically to make sure their costs Are lower this is only about corporate Rule that's the only thing this is about And so by the way give credit to Democrats in Massachusetts that are Actually going after these giant Corporations abusing kids and give Credit to that teenage Dunkin Donuts Worker who had the wherewithal to report How he or she was being treated at Dunkin Donuts which sparked the

Investigation 100 and by the way so then Republicans Will say can you believe what the Democrats are doing to our kids in the Schools they're teaching them that gay People exist they shouldn't do that at All terrible what they're doing our kids Meanwhile they're like they'll send the Kids back into the mines okay and make Sure they work at five in the morning And at 11 at night okay and by the way That's if they didn't get murdered by Guns that we love so much in their Mass Uh shootings in school and uh Unsurprisingly by the way another poll Shows 53 percent of young people in this Country say they don't feel represented By Congress at all because they're not Because they're not of course they're Not the only thing that Congress ever Represents whether they're Republicans Or democrats good cop bad cop is Corporate interests because those are Their donors you think they're listening To 16 year olds that are barely Surviving by working at Wendy's at five In the morning they're not listening to That so and and 70 of them uh also say That their generation is Underrepresented in Congress and again Underrepresented undersells it you have Almost no representation thanks for Watching The Young Turks I really Appreciate it another way to show

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