TYT Reacts To President Biden’s MLK Day Speech

By | January 18, 2023

President Joe Biden’s MLK speech is analyzed by TYT. Dr. Rashad Richey, Senator Nina Turner, Rickey Smiley, and Sharon Reed reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy and discuss the modern-day civil rights movement.

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Joe Biden did the speech at historic Ebenezer we do this every year I'm right Here in Atlanta Georgia it's a big deal All of the important people come Together Um Ebenezer is that historic place my Dear brother Senator Warnock is the Pastor there Uh the president came and spoke uh Bernice King Dr King she is a good Friend of mine as well here's part of What Biden said during his speech Progress is never easy It's always possible Things do get better On our March toward a more perfect union But at this inflection point We know there's a lot of work that has To continue in economic Justice Civil rights Voting rights Protecting our democracy And I'm remembering That our job is to redeem the soul of America Okay I don't have any issue with the words of President Joe Biden I have no issue I do have issue with the lack of Proclamation about what has been done We all agree what needs to be done Uh let me get down to it uh Joe Biden Delivered a sermon at historic Ebenezer

Baptist Church this was in Atlanta Becoming The first sitting president To do so At the church where Martin Luther King Jr once pastored King served as a pastor of the historic Church until his assassination in 1968 At the age of 39. Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock who is The church's current Pastor invited the President to deliver the sermon on what Would have been Kings 94th Birthday Here's a quote so President Biden said Are we a people who choose democracy Over autocracy you couldn't ask that Question 15 years ago right You would have thought democracy was Settled not for African-Americans but Democracy as an Institutional structure Was settled but it's not it's not we Have to choose a community of chaos we Are we the people going to choose love Over hate these are the vital questions Of our time and the reason why I'm here As your president I believe Dr King's Life and Legacy show us the way and we Should pay attention that is correct uh Mr President He also said uh he didn't believe in Gradualism He also said this is not going to happen If you let them continue to make you

Compromise And here we are so I'll open this up for The panel every single year And I will go to you first Senator Turner every single year when the Holiday of King comes around they give You this very curated version of him and They say things like well Dr King did Not see Carl that's a damn like it's all Called every day he talked about it okay So what say you Yeah I was signed doc I mean I listen he Said the right things but does he do the Right thing he's president United States Of America has power in his hands he has The power of the soapbox and the the John Lewis Voting Rights Act last time I Checked did not pass when the Democrats Had full control Dr King was in Memphis to support Sanitation workers but this President And the previous Congress took away the Power of rail workers to go on strike so Although what he said you know economic Rights Voting Rights all of that stuff Is really nice But to quote the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr is one thing To work towards achieving what he was Fighting for what he lived for what he Died for with his contemporaries what Mrs Coretta Scott King was fighting for As a whole different thing so while I Applaud that he is the first president

To come to the church However He is wanting so I was not impressed Whatsoever you know Ricky I would say This there is a sentiment you are a Genuine person connected to civil rights And civil rights leaders in the movement But there is a sentiment that we engage In these symbols rather than allowing Those opportunities which is a great Opportunity I love going to Ebenezer It's a great opportunity to launch Something from there to have a plan of Action what say you yeah I I I I think Uh it would have been great to see Um the president of the United States Sign uh a film uh while he was there uh Uh you know kind of beating back off of West Senator said uh symbolism yeah is One thing but action is another thing Um you know uh while he had the you know The the the Senate you know in in the Congress and you know what was really Scary our voting rights are at risk Right now uh everything that Dr King Died for and others along with other Civil rights leaders have sacrificed Their lives is in question all of the Critical Um race Theory and all of this stuff in Our history being uh wiped through uh Trying to uh erase our history and all Of that stuff like that Um so I think that we are probably in

More dangerous just as much danger now Um as we were in the 60s so uh you know Got a lot of work to do a whole lot of Work to do and there are some actions Obviously that can be taken by executive Order there's some gray area but you Know Republicans have no issue pushing The great hell they will do things flat Out illegal thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you got To do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you