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Yesterday Elon Musk turned Twitter into The biggest train wreck ever and even if You don’t use Twitter if you hate Twitter if you’re tired of hearing about Twitter and Elon buying it stay tuned Because you’re gonna love this have I Ever let you down he started selling the Verified blue checks yesterday for eight Dollars a month but that’s nothing That’s the tip of the iceberg just stick With me for a moment and when you see What this actually means and what it’s Doing you’re gonna be as excited as I am So first of all accounts that have been Rejected for verification popular Accounts notable accounts like the libs Of tick tock and Kyle Rittenhouse that Jack dorsey’s leadership would refuse Verification are now verified for eight Dollars a month they have the little Blue check but again that’s nothing what This really means is once you’re a Verified user you are a part of a little Secret society on Twitter you are in an Elite club and you have a special Notifications tab so that you can see Only replies and tweets to you and to Your tweets to your previous tweets from Other verified users and so this is how All the celebrities and all of the Journalists communicate with each other When you see them replying to each Other’s to tweets and thanking each Other and you know adding to each

Other’s threads this is how they’re able To do it because if they didn’t if they Weren’t able to filter out tweets by Only verified they would never see their Colleagues and their peers and other Liberal lunatics replying to what they Were tweeting because they would miss it Because there’s so many you’re getting So many tweets once you get to a level Of a public figure that you just you Would miss them all okay so it was a Very neat thing I must admit as someone Who is blue check verified it was a Really cool thing but now as this meme Illustrates look at me I’m the celebrity Now but it could be the celebrity Everybody is blue check verified for Eight dollars a month and you gotta Understand the ramifications of this This is ruining the entire Twitter Experience for the entire liberal media Industrial complex all of them Alexandra Finally figured out what this means when A bunch of ordinary people started Showing up in her verified tab instead Of just her celebrity friends their Fellow members of Congress and her Journalist friends wait so if people can Pay eight dollars to get verified does That mean that strangers could just pay To get into their mentions tab meaning Her mention tab anybody is all the blue Checks mentions tab yes yes it does cow Farts are brains because that will make

Following public conversations with Journalists outlets and others almost Impossible to track Instagram has this This issue and it’s unusable in that Regard Jeremy from the quartering YouTube Channel replied and sums up the Situation very well with his newly Verified account telling AOC I know you Only look at the verified tab because You believe in your heart you are better Than everyone else therefore I know you Are going to read this best eight Dollars I ever spent also you suck and Your policies suck and you’ve Accomplished nothing as essentially an E-girl and I guarantee she read that Because all these celebrities do is Check their verified tab because that’s How they keep in touch with their fellow Celebrities here’s a reporter I think From Vox agreeing with AOC that it does Suck yes it does my mentions are a Garbage fire I can’t emphasize enough how upset they Are about this this completely ruins the Entire Twitter experience for them Mark Cuban very upset about it tweeted to Elon an entire thread basically saying When it come comes to hate and trolls it Was rare from Blue checks which it was Now I have no way to filter the hate From the new blue checks other than Constant muting buy a check crush

Someone’s verified mentions you start to See what this means now this user summed It up pretty well also Elon said that This would remove the trolls you know by Selling verified accounts but now all The trolls are verified and since They’re not actually verifying anybody’s ID like they used to you used to have to Submit your driver’s license or even Your trademark if your account wasn’t Listed in your actual name to verify who The heck you were but now as I said They’re not verifying anybody they’re Just giving you a blue check if you pay The eight dollars and again I understand That people are uh excited to start Impersonating celebrities and Brands and Things and I’ll get into that I wouldn’t Advise that because they’re going to Block it you’re going to get that Account banned eventually fairly soon And then they may actually we block your Phone or your computer your IP address Your Mac address from creating another Account just a heads up so because the Verification check mark is now Meaningless they launched an official Check mark and started verifying Accounts with another check mark that They would put in the bio and then that Was completely ridiculous so soon after That I think just a few hours after that Because Elon got the backlash people Realized how ridiculous it was they

Stopped doing that And so now it looks like they’re Scrambling they might put some three Tiers on and they’re gonna probably fix The mentions tab or maybe not Elon might Have opened a gigantic can of worms but Now they’re saying that there’s going to Be three types of accounts an official Account a paid you know blue check and Then an unlabeled or you know just an Ordinary account but as uh everybody Expected the Eight dollar blue check Verified is causing complete chaos Because pranksters and I’m sure scammers Are creating fake accounts there was a Fake account for LeBron James that had The little blue check verified next to It and talked about how he was getting Traded from the Lakers or wanted to get Traded from the Lakers and it took Probably 45 minutes for the account to Get taken down of course there are many Accounts impersonating Elon Musk like This one which said starting today we’ll Be offering Twitter gold a free Subscription that gets you yearly family Vacations and nightly dinners with Elon If your name is Grimes please come back I love you that’s his ex-girlfriend by The way or one of his baby mamas Somebody even impersonated Nintendo’s Accounts and uh put up this not so brand Friendly picture And if you’re just scrolling through if

You see somebody retweet it how would You know that this isn’t actually Nintendo’s accounts so Elon just really Screwed this up here’s a quick behind The scenes look at my verified mentions Just so you can really get a feel for What it means and why these people are So upset and I’m not doing this to brag I really just want to show you it’s a Totally different user experience and it Is neat if you are a public figure to Have that tab to be able to see when Other public figures follow you or like Your tweets or reply to you and all That’s over now which I think is even Better than me being in the club in the First place so I haven’t been active on Twitter so my mentions have died down I’m active on YouTube that’s my home Base so especially when I you know heart Your comments that means I read them I Try to reply to a bunch of comments Every video and so just a quick look Here you can see Buck Sexton he hosts The show with um like Travis He took Over Rush Limbaugh’s spot on am took Radio so there he replied to something Where I had a little back and forth and That’s that’s neat you know if I Couldn’t filter that for blue check only When I was active on Twitter I would Have totally missed that I wouldn’t have Even noticed okay and so there’s Lynn uh Patton I think works for the Trump

Organization And you can see you might not even know Who half of these people are I don’t Even know their Hodgetwins retweeted uh Something of mine so you can see it’s a Pretty small Club okay there’s Cameron Winklevoss who replied to something that I tweeted to him or that I had tweeted So it is cool like I said I’m not gonna Lie to you it is a being in that club Was great But seeing the club be totally ruined For all the blue check verified all the Celebrities all the fake news industrial Complex people is even better and Speaking of blue check verified Journalists here’s one of them asking Joe Biden if Elon Musk is a threat to National Security Mr President do you think Elon Musk is a Threat to U.S national security and Should the U.S and with the tools you Have investigate his joint acquisition Of Twitter with foreign governments Which include the Saudis Foreign I think that this is why they don’t Allow them to take questions he probably Didn’t even know what like a DM is he Probably doesn’t even know what a blue Check account is he doesn’t even know What a verified Twitter account is or Anything Elon musk’s Oh I’m not talking and or

This is not technical Relationships okay let me rewind this Other country I’m not pausing this I’m Not putting this in slow motion this is Really how we can be looked at Laughs I think that Elon musk’s Cooperation and or Technical Relationships with other countries Is worthy of being looked at Whether or not he is doing anything Inappropriate I’m not suggesting that I’m suggesting that it works worse being Looked at I will suggest that you have Done inappropriate business dealings uh Through your son Hunter with China and Who knows what other countries right big Guy but elon’s problems are only going To continue to get worse as I’ve been Saying most people on the right have Their hopes set too high about what Elon Is going to do for the platform and just How much free speech quote unquote he’s Going to allow back on and who he’s Going to allow back on so Elon just Retweeted the head of the trust and Safety team goal Roth who thinks that All Trump supporters are Nazis who Elon Should have fired on day one an update On their efforts to combat hateful Conduct people are using that little Word that’s in 50 percent of rap lyrics

Who can’t have that can we it hurts People’s feelings we not only mitigated The recent surge in harmful Behavior but Have reduced Impressions on the content In search by 95 percent relative to even Prior baselines we’re continuing our Work to make Twitter safer every day and As I’ve been saying Elon is going to Have to face a major test here very soon I would say by January within two months About who he is and who he is not going To allow back on the platform is he Going to allow the proud boys back on The platform we’re going to see if he Does it’s going to be total chaos if he Doesn’t it’s going to be total chaos He’s in a tough spot he’s paying himself Into a corner I don’t think he knows What he’s really gotten himself into and For those people who say Twitter doesn’t Matter it unfortunately it does matter Twitter is an engine that’s driving the Crazy train of the culture what trends On Twitter becomes news and as we know Twitter has been manipulating the Trending list just like Facebook was Doing Facebook doesn’t even have a Trending module anymore because they got Caught Facebook workers blew the whistle On them manually inserting topic in There suppressing certain topics because If they just insert a topic into the Trending list then it’s a Self-fulfilling prophecy everybody then

Starts talking about it and then it Becomes popular and so they can also Suppress topics that they don’t want People to talk about and it’s very Strange things are happening regarding The trending module in Japan according To layoffs at Twitter Eliminated politics from the Japanese Twitter Trends which is now dominated by Anime and video games users now suspect Trends were curated to push politics Well of course they were and if Elon Were to unblock me I would be tweeting In some of these suggestions so I Appreciate all you guys who have been Replying to his tweets asking him Politely to unblock me and now if you Have a blue check verified account he’s Much more likely to actually see it and It might actually happen so thanks again For all you guys for having my back on That click the thumbnails on the screen To watch some of my other awesome videos That you may have missed and stay tuned Because I will see you soon [Music] Foreign

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