Tulsi Gabbard is on FIRE! Look at this Spree of Endorsements that will Make Dems VERY Nervous

By | November 4, 2022

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The Daily Wire reports, Following her departure from the Democratic Party, former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has endorsed numerous GOP campaigns. Recently, Gabbard appeared in a new re-election ad for South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem.

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Tulsi gabbard is on fire wait to see This spree of endorsements that will Make Democrats very nervous Tulsi gabbers hitting the campaign Trail Hard with a string of endorsements for Prominent Republicans I'm Gary franchi And every day we work to write the ship To stay with real reporting join us tap Subscribe below enable your Notifications and together let's grow The next news Army Following her departure from the Democrat Party Tulsi gabbard is going Full force to make sure Democrats feel The pain on November 8th with a string Of endorsements the daily wire reports Following her departure from the Democrat Party the former Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi gabbard has Endorsed numerous GOP campaigns recently Gabbard appeared in a new re-election ad For South Dakota Republican Governor Christie gnome watch Homes begin I'm Chelsea gabbard and Christy knows a friend of mine we Believe in defending freedom and Protecting what makes this country so Special Christy loves South Dakota and Fights against extreme policies the Jamie Smith supports like raising taxes Mandating vaccines and taking away your Gun rights extremists like Jamie Smith Are why I left the Democrat Party South Dakota is a place of Freedom let's keep

It that way vote Christie known for Governor waiting for our families Foreign is not the only GOP leader to Receive gabbard's support during the Final days before the midterm elections In a tweet on Tuesday she expressed her Support for Ohio Republican Senate Candidate J.D Vance Tim Ryan represents everything that's Wrong with the warmongering Washington Establishment I'm endorsing JD Vance Because he knows the cost of war and That our government exists to serve the People not the other way around In addition Democrat Tom Barrett a GOP Candidate for the Michigan house Received the endorsement of the former Hawaiian Democrat on Monday The Republican candidate is running Against Democrat representative Elisa Slotkin watch Harvard and I'm here and really proud to Support a fellow veteran uh Tom Barrett Who's stepping up to serve and Lead our Country in a time of need in Congress Having served in Congress for eight Years on the armed services and Foreign Affairs committees I know firsthand that A vote for slotkin is a vote for more War she represents all that is wrong With permanent Washington and the war Mongers who are in control Tom Barrett Knows what service means he knows what Sacrifice means and he appreciates

Freedom he will be a loud voice for the People of Michigan the Seventh District And the voice for peace prosperity and Freedom Thank you I'm Tom Barrett really Appreciate everybody's support Congresswoman thank you so much for Coming here to Michigan to support my Campaign it means so much to us we Appreciate your service in the military As well as in Congress and I'm so proud And thankful to have your support Gabbard also spoke at a Las Vegas event In support of Republican Senate Candidate Paul lexalt on Friday watch I am so proud To join you in welcoming Adam Your next senator Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Gabbard is even endorsed Republican Arizona gubernet Turtle candidate Kerry Lake and Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters gabbers Gabbert first Campaigned for New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc and in the Deep blue State ruled by JB pritzker Illinois Tulsi showed up to endorse Darren Bailey ABC 7 Chicago reports with Eight days before the election Darren

Bailey hopes Tulsi gabbard will unlock The vote of suburban women and soft Democrats NBC 5 Chicago noted that the Former representative Tulsi gabbard who Earlier this year split from the Democrat Party campaigned on Monday with Bayley a vocal critic of pritzker's Safety act He called crime Illinois's number one Problem in gabbard supported Bailey Because of his stance Bailey remarked I See Tulsi gabbard as someone that Realizes America is in trouble the two Held a rally that evening let's take a Look But you know what's funny is is as as I've gone to these different places uh At almost every single stop including Here there's been a reporter who said Hold on a second You were a Democrat just a few weeks ago Now you're here Supporting a staunch conservative and Darren Bailey How does that make sense My answer has been It only doesn't make sense if you're Focused on the wrong things And so as all of you who are here you're Coming and lifting your voices to Support Darren and Stephanie what you do Tomorrow and for the next eight days Really matters the most Because you're gonna have maybe similar

Conversations like that with people who Say no I've been a Democrat my whole Life how could I vote for a Republican You got to have a good answer to that Question and not one that says well Democrats or bad Republicans are good Speak from your heart focus on the right Things the most important things which Are what what is the one thing that Connects all of us in this room tonight Yes Common Sense safety Care for our economy but what is the one Thing we are all proud Americans every One of us And no matter our background where we Come from our story The Way We Worship Or What color our skin is all of these Different things the thing that connects And binds us together is that we are all God's children And we stand proudly Together As Americans fighting for this country that We love And so yes it's important to get out the Vote But don't limit don't limit yourselves To only speaking to people who agree With you Or people who you think like well I Can't go talk to them because they're on The other team who are we really Fighting for we're fighting for this Country we're not just fighting for half

The country we're not just fighting for Half of Illinois If we are who we claim to be people who Love this country that means we love all Of our fellow Americans And we stand up for what is right we Stand up for Freedom we stand up for Justice we stand up for every single Person's ability to be able to lift Their voices If we are not willing to fight for those Who disagree with us then we're no Better than the other guys [Applause] Tulsi gabbard's recent slew of Republican endorsements is sending shock Waves throughout the political world as She departs from the Democratic party She proves to be a wild card in tight Races possibly swaying soft Democrats With her seal of approval Her endorsements prove she isn't afraid To break party lines and support Candidates whom she believes are the Best fit for the job her courage and Determination to make a real impact in Politics may just be the key to tipping The scales in crucial swing States The game has officially been turned on Its head Tulsi gabbards on fire and Democrats better watch out let's Continue the conversation in the Comments below for the next News Network I'm Gary franchy

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