Tucker Leave The Green M&M Alone, You Have A Family

By | November 12, 2022

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Transgender Oh it's transgender that's the problem And uh of course the fence must be taken Do you guys remember we can jump down to The next side remember when I Tucker Crossing that issue with a different Level of an Eminem it wasn't about Transgender M Ms it was about a female Eminem that just turned a little bit to Uh started wearing burlap sacks just not Sexy enough remember this from Tucker The green Eminem you will notice is no Longer wearing sexy boots now she's Wearing sensible sneakers why the change Well according to Eminem's quote we all Win when we see more women in leading Roles because leading women do not wear Sexy boots leading women wear frumpy Shoes the frumpier the better that's the Rule The other big change is that the brown m M has quote transitioned from high Stilettos to lower block heels also less Sexy that's progress M Ms will not be Satisfied until every last cartoon Character is deeply unappealing and Totally androgynous until the moment you Wouldn't want to have a drink with any One of them that's the goal when you're Totally turned off We've achieved Equity they've won Once you're totally turned off Jackson Once you turned off from candies That have been put into humanoid form

With eyes and legs and a voice Then you can no longer get off on some The answer to Why I wrote White lives matter on a Shirt is because they do It's the obvious thing yeah Why why do you think that's so and I Assume the implications of course all Lives matter because they're lives Because God created them why do you Think that that would be considered Controversial Because The same people that have stripped us of Our identity and labeled us as a as a Color have told us what it means to be Black And the vernacular that we're supposed To have You know my dad is a educated Um ex-black Panther And he put a text to me today said White Lives matter And I said I thought the shirt was A funny shirt I thought the idea of me Wearing it was funny and I said dad what Do you think it was funny he said just Just a black man stating the obvious Kanye's all over the place so he's Trying to explain why he had the White Lives matter shirts at his fashion show The real reason is because he doesn't Know because he was all over the place First off it's because it's a true

Reality it's just reality Tucker Drop your pants so I can kiss your ass a Little bit more Also his father he talked and texted With his father and it was funny that a Black man would wear a white lives Matter shirt especially a black man Whose name is Kanye West and has found Himself in these types of shenanigans Before so is it funny or is it a true Reality we have to tell the American People because he also called black Lives matter a scam as well too as they Both say what's obvious that the whole Point is that all lives matter right Um they act like they don't know Anything about history and how black Folks have been demeaned and told that They're less than human so that simple Declaration of hey I'm a human and also Back until right there I am a man Apparently Kanye West is against as well Because apparently white guys should Walk around in 1960s and go hey I'm a Man Too You have been one called boy you haven't Been the one that's been disenfranchised From society and kept from those American opportunities that we like to Preach about Anyways you guys saw a picture of this You can Flash these pictures up of him And Kennison and also a model showing His stupid ass shirts you can or you

Can't I don't care you've already seen It anyways he went on to explain more About uh why he loves Donald Trump Because as you saw he was before he was Wearing uh make America great again hats Maybe that couples with his white lives Matter shirts uh but either way it goes This is the cultist behavior and you can See probably Tucker cross and doesn't Believe any of this BS that they're Talking about he's just egging this on For the sake of saying you see I'm Controlling this idiot do you see how I'm controlling him the only person who Doesn't see it is Kanye but let's watch More I I really felt like I think I started To really feel this need to express Myself on another level when Trump was Running for office and I liked him and Every single person in Hollywood from my Ex-wife to my Mother-in-law to my manager at that time To you know my my so-called friends Slash handlers around me told me like if I said that I like Trump that my career Would be over that my life would be over Uh they said stuff like people get Killed for wearing a hat like that they Threatened my life they put my life they Basically said that I would be killed Uh for Uh wearing the Hat why did you like him By the way you said you liked him early

Like you saw him I mean Uh I I keep telling this joke if people Say Trump was the first black president I'm gonna be the first Latino president Because all the values like the Conservative values just line up come on Man Trump says what do you mean he has His own buildings we talk about he's Like Like Ralph Lauren he made Ivanka all Right You like Ivanka

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