Truss Gone

By | October 21, 2022

Jonathan Pie gets pissed on and pissed off about the sad little loser that was Liz Truss.

So let’s take a look at the rise and Rapid fall of Liz truss who will be the Shortest serving prime minister in British history I mean that’s putting it mildly isn’t it It’s almost the nicest thing you could Say about her the shortest serving prime Minister I can think of a thing or two I’d add to that Um well Liz trust will be the shortest Serving prime minister in UK history and She was dog [ __ ] [ __ ] dog [ __ ] Her Premiership it would it would have Been a huge disappointment if it hadn’t Been such a terrible idea in the first Place Liz truss being prime minister was Like a 20 year old Supply teacher in a Rough comprehensive [ __ ] themselves In the middle of a GCSE geography lesson And then attempting to continue with the Class Liz truss a bland talentless Ferret with the lopsided grin and Glossy-eyed look of a person embarrassed To ask for directions I’ve hiked snotty greeners onto the Pavement that had better political Instincts than the vapid flap of skin That was Liz truss I’ve done more Charismatic turds The state of modern conservatism a prime Minister who was utterly delusional Breathtakingly arrogant thick as mints And completely lacking the cognitive

Power to say something anything at all Of any value whatsoever ever and the Conservative party membership thought She was a good choice to run the country Her only real achievement was limboing Under the very low bar that Boris Johnson set for her just weeks ago she Was the inevitable bottom of the brexit Barrel the political equivalent of a Skid mark a ghost poo that felt Uncomfortable but hey it’s gone dog [ __ ] From start to finish how mad is it how Desensitized we are to this chaos Amazing how used we are to the cogs of Government not moving at all how Accustomed we are to the self-serving Lack of talent that constitute shoots The British conservative party this Party this country our politics has been Out of control for a very long time Years because no one in government can Admit the truth that there are no Suddenlit Uplands there never was any Taking back of control except that of The lunatics taking control of the Asylum and then [ __ ] the bed as soon As they realized that with political Power comes the reality of actually Running an actual country with actual Real human beings with actual real [ __ ] problems when was the last time Someone was actually running the country I’m not talking someone who’s Politically aligned with me I’m talking

Someone competence with a modicum of Integrity and an ounce of intelligence When because over the summer we had Months and months of inaction and lies And excuses and more lies and inaction From Boris Johnson then she swoops in Kills the queen crashes the market and Then [ __ ] off and now I’m in a position Whereby this time next week I could very Well be reporting that Boris Johnson is Our new prime minister again Dog [ __ ] [ __ ] dog [ __ ] more turbulence more Lack of Direction more [ __ ] more in Fighting more contempt for the voter dog [ __ ] Well the runners and riders in this all Too familiar conservative leadership bid Have yet to declare

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