Trumpers: “Halloween Isn’t About Candy, It’s About Demons!”

By | November 2, 2022

Michael Shure of The Young Turks speaks with Trump supporters about Halloween outside a rally in Pennsylvania. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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There’s a lot of people that are Worshiping the extreme opposite we see It all around us the evil I mean look It’s October there’s demonic symbols Everywhere and it’s gently been worked Into a holiday that is promoted so just Start with your Creator and then you Will reject the evil and you will awaken To him and wherever that takes you and For many of us that has taken us to the Savior Jesus Christ All I see by the way is candy in October But that’s fine no we were talking about That yeah coming up here as kids we only Knew trick or treat but when you become An adult and you open your eyes you look Around and you see all the Demonic Everywhere you go wait wait this is not Candy and in a time when people are Censored and suppressed We’ve watched it we watched it from the Beginning them get censored and Suppressed so here we come like-minded People come together for the first time We’re not afraid to talk to each other We’re talking about God just playing Creator Everybody has one has him No matter your religion there’s a God Where Patriots where God we’re country we’re Family we’re people And we have been manipulated to be Divided by skin color by religion by

Gender now uh everything is dividing us I think everybody’s on a journey To a relationship with the Creator And there’s steps all along the way and You start out protecting your little View Until you realize It’s all around the world the Creator Created everyone Muslims Hindu everyone They call it something else but when we Get to the bottom line God is in control Of all of us And we better wake up and reawaken him And in this country we were founded on The principles of God Country family freedom is your life Better today Than it was two years ago Are your children being attacked Genderized are your is your gas prices Up have you lost your IRA and your Retirement account if those things can Bring you together here you would be a Maga too protecting freedom is kind of Like protecting a an empty space it’s Like setting up a fence around a space And promising people that in the future Something good will occupy that space And the natural human tendency used to Want to fill that space and to put Something there that doesn’t exist so Everyone’s got an agenda that they want To push forward and it’s it’s Antithetical to freedom freedom is sort Of the absence of that

Right but if if you feel like you Brought up transgender uh Americans Um if you’ve they don’t feel free and They’re asking for freedoms To live the way that they feel they were Born Um and Why should we reject that culture well It’s not that we should okay so two There’s kind of two questions there it’s Not that we need to reject the culture It’s that we need to give them help Because they’re very confused Individuals I mean men and women have Always existed since the beginning of Time they’re separate there’s a it’s a Binary system and I know that’s not Popular to say right now but that’s What’s so unfortunate I mean we’re Losing our our grip on common sense I Mean everyone has known this for in Every corner of the globe throughout all The human history until about two Minutes ago and you know Bill Maher Brought up a great point he said if this Is such if this transgender movement is So um Universal and and it’s only coming Out now because it’s more accepted then Why is it Regional why is not happening In places like Ohio why is it happening Mostly in La why is it happening in Places where you have these leftist Ideology ideologues who are pushing this Agenda so if it were something that were

Truly organic and Grassroots it would Have come out a long time ago and except The argument against that would be that And historically I mean the gay rights Movement was centered in in Greenwich Village and the Castro in in San Francisco because They were they felt less persecuted in Those places because of an acceptance Right and so if you’re in Ohio it might Be more difficult in a small town in a Religious place in a place that was Where you knew everybody in town you go To a big city you can get lost in big City and be who you are that’s what they Would say we want to give them help Honestly okay because they’re murdering Themselves at a rate of 42 percent and That’s before transitioning after Transitioning it sometimes gets worse so These are people that need help because They’re confused I mean look take any Kid from middle school okay and ask them How they feel about themselves they’re Going to be insecure they don’t they Can’t get a date maybe they’re not very Successful with girls or whatever the Situation is and then tell them it’s Okay we understand it’s because you’re Actually a a female trapped in a male Body or vice versa okay it’s a very Convenient excuse it requires no proof Whatsoever it’s not measurable it’s not Testable there’s no standards and if you

Convince someone that that’s that’s the Root of the problem of course they’re Going to go along with gender Reassignment surgery and chemical Castration and you know hormone Replacement and all this other nonsense And they’re going to be permanently Damaged and we’re seeing a lot of people That are now trying to transition from The bad choices that were forced upon Them by supposedly caregivers and Parents at an earlier age it’s really Tragic foreign [Music] Freedom flick family Global Freedom movements for everybody And all our unalienable rights that Cannot be taken by any man woman or Voted away from you you were born in Sovereignty to keep your sovereignty Natural law is sovereignty law of the Land And let us all be free let us all be one Body one family one freedom for all Equality full equality Never leave a brother or sister behind Put all our egos aside put all our Differences aside put all our pride Aside and let’s all stand beside each Other’s side and let’s go win this let’s Take back our freedoms our liberties our Pursuit to happiness and let’s be one Let’s be Unified In one

Movement one motion One freedom for all love light and Life To all Beside and stay and remain beside your Brothers and sisters we are all brothers And sisters in the creation Of our Almighty source and we are the Resource of his source and we need to be The good stewards and resource unto Others beyond our own limits Excel Beyond your limits and you will reach Riches that you would never ever thought Of reaching before God bless you Destiny

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