Trump Supporters DESPISE These Republicans

By | November 6, 2022

These Trump supporters are done with these Republicans moving forward. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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You want a free uh Ted Cruz sucks sign Ted Cruz yeah yeah he does suck right Yeah he does suck It almost is the one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on and Tech group Sucks we could all come together on one Thing right oh yeah Ted Cruz sucks I love it Ted Cruz sucks it does he does He sucks he sucks he does that's it all It took to connect with Maga was to Agree that Senator Ted Cruz sucks thank You to the good liars they always do Great work because clearly Ted crew Sucks and I should have known that him Being bad at his job brings people Together just this past weekend Casey Musgraves called him out during her song High horse saying because everyone knows Someone who kills the buzz every time They open their mouth Ted Cruz she said What she said at cat Cardenas added you Can tell Casey Musgraves is a real Texan By the volume of her hair and how much She hates Ted Cruz I mean I already did A video about Raphael being booed by Students in Texas plus do you remember My video when I wondered out loud who Was the worst senator what do you mean No well for me it was between Ted Cruz And Senator Lindsey Graham but what I Want to do today is add another we're Conservative so we really are the Live And Let Live party yeah I really don't Care what you do I really as long as

You're not infringing on somebody else's Freedom as long as you're not harming Somebody else I mean you go live your Life and that's fine I'm not going to Impose the way I live my life on Somebody else but that is you're exactly Right that is what the left does which Is what is so annoying about the left You know it's far worse than annoying But they've got to shove everything down Your throat Senator Ron Johnson out of Wisconsin famous for trying to overturn The results of the 2020 presidential Election by installing fake electors Through text messages now this past Weekend he debated Mandela Barnes and That was there where Johnson referred to A federal minimum wage as price fixing As if providing people with well Actually less than a livable wage will Increase inflation and not corporate Greed during the debate Ron Johnson Tried to clarify his stance on abortion Encouraging people to go to To see what he says quote for the record So I visited the website and amongst Other things he says quote I fully Support allowing the Democratic process In each state to decide what point Society should protect that life I'll Leave it to another bad Senator to tell You why that's problematic states rights Has been used to justify some pretty bad Things in the past moving on this is how

Ron Johnson wants to decrease gun crime If we want to cut down on crime the Overall macro issue is we need to renew Faith strengthen families have more Supportive communities another gun Control law just isn't going to work I've talked about it multiple times State with better gun laws have lower Firearm death rates according to Gifford's Law Center Wisconsin has a c Minus grade on their gun laws and their Rate of gun violence is 15th nationally Per every town research Ron Johnson Knows he opposes gay marriage he denies Calling Social Security candy and said He wouldn't cut Social Security and Medicare okay he also now plays the Insurrection and pretends to love the Police let's give Mandela Barnes time to Address this whenever I see a police Officer I go up to him and I say thank You for your service And if I have time I say please don't be Dispirited by the loud few who are Trying to defund you I'm sure he didn't Have the same interaction with 140 Officers that were injured during the January 6 Insurrection one officer was Stabbed with a metal stake another Crush Between a revolving door another hit in The hand with a fire extinguisher so When we talk about respect for law Enforcement let's talk about the 140 Officers that he left behind how did he

Fair according to your report card Mr This majority I'm sorry what was that Mitch McConnell Got an F according to your report card The majority leader in the U.S Senate is That right It's the same Mitch McConnell we're Talking about here Say Mitch McConnell so and we we wanted To be very clear that when we were doing This report card it wasn't about parties That we're not about parties and Politics we're about truth and Representation of the facts and the Facts are that Mitch McConnell voted Against the American values and the Constitutional principles and the Financial stability more than he voted For it and so he's going to be called Out regardless of what party they are I Feel like people have been saying this For years but right now it really does Appear that the Republican party as we Once knew it is totally dead and Maga is Here to stay as this mother points out The far right is absolutely turning on Mitch McConnell someone we all thought Was the kingmaker the master Puppeteer The genius behind the GOP for so long And it's not just voters this cratering Of support for the Senate minority Leader is happening within Congress as Well look at him openly disparaging Senator Lindsey Graham's handling of his

Federal abortion ban announcement will You put this on the floor of the senate For a vote or will you commit to Leading This issue entirely to the states Well with regard to his bill you'll have To ask him about it in terms of Scheduling I think most of the members of my Conference prefer that this be dealt With at the state level For contacts Graham announced this after McConnell made it very clear he wants Abortion legislation sent back to the States Graham and McConnell were both Shrewd calculating vicious politicians Who initially rode the waves of maga-ism Into Washington DC and now it seems McConnell is getting totally Left Behind There's even more damning evidence to This growing Rift here's Donald Trump Himself saying that Mitch is officially On his bad list and you know I was never A big fan but he turned out bad to make A statement like that so I endorsed him And he ended up going up and he won Easily once I endorsed him if I didn't Endorse them you wouldn't happen to be Wasting your time talking about Uh he's not uh he's not good and we're Going to go through him and then we'll Have to do something later on we'll have To do something with him he's we have to Put up with him for a period of time but Eventually he'll be gone he'll be gone

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