Trump Supporter DEBUNKS His Own Jan 6th Conspiracy Theory In Real-Time

By | November 4, 2022

Trump supporters believe a lot of conspiracy theories about January 6th. Watch as this guy debunks his own theory about how anti-fa we’re the only ones trying to break in, but then called Ashli Babbitt a Trump supporter. Michael Shure reporting on the scene for The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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Mastriana is a good choice I believe Does it bother you that mastriano was uh At the January 6th events at all is that Does that does that play into your thing What uh I don't know any of the Incidentals on that I don't know if he Was in the in the facility or just that Scene there's a lot of people at the Scene will be making criminals I don't think so Right and and what and being there a lot Of these people who I believe got lead In there too you know they were coerced And led into the property they had to Open the magnetic doors to get in How did we get through there The guys on the inside were looking at The camera saying open the door so They didn't smash windows and climb Through Windows they walked in the front Door how's that an insurrection [Music] Foreign If a candidate like mastriano or any Other candidate had been part of it on The outside clearly wouldn't bother you If they were on the inside would have Bothered you You know no not none of it really Bothers me because I don't think there Was any malice involved other than the People that were doing the coercion oh No I don't care it was a guided tour Anyway I mean I mean when someone

Somebody texted me the day that uh that On January 6 and said oh the protesters Have breached the Capitol and the first Thought I had is my God how did they Climb over all the bodies The Secret Service run out of bullets I Mean it's only one of the most heavily Guarded places in the world so there's No way that that was anything but a Guided tour I mean we saw the footage of The police moving aside and waving People in the doors themselves weigh 20 000 pounds and are on magnets and can Only be electronically open from the Inside so there's no way that they Breached the capital by Smashing Through The Windows and it's all nonsense I must Have seen different video because the Ones I saw saw them beating the cops Pushing back on them who are trying to Keep them out breaking windows and doors And forcing themselves into the capitol Those were not Trump supporters those Were antifa members they were they were Bussed in we saw the buses coming in and They were they even had I mean they even Put out uh flyers on and were on Facebook saying this here's how you Recognize this we'll have Trump hats on Backwards and this and that and and There were a lot of people in the who Were Trump supporters in the crowd Saying that's antifa those are or those Are feds or what have you so they were

Calling them out that day I mean the Whole thing is a big manufactured crisis I mean to call that an Insurrection is a Joke I mean it's been in the military That is not an Insurrection how do you Show up to an Insurrection against the Government without guns I mean that's For start some of them were some of them Were where who who the people that were Breaching the Gap the only person that Got shot was Ashley Babbitt and she was A trump supporter so I mean if if it was She wasn't antifa she was a trump Supporter trying to push her way on I Don't really know that much about her But I'm just saying in terms of how many People were shot it was only one person It was Ashley Babbitt was she the only Trump supporter there were there I don't Know of course there were tons of trump Supporters there oh yeah no I was when You said it was antifa I wasn't sure I'm Saying that the people that were Creating the Havoc were antifa Um and we saw the we saw them come in They were brought in on buses what do You think should be done to the January 6th leave them alone home let them have Oh the ones that are in prison right now Yeah the ones that are in prison and the Ones that are are under indictment for I Think we should compare the January 6 People to all the antifa people that Burn down cities that got nothing

I think we should remember the standard And see the despair Of the two January 6 people are being held without Any any real crimes and they're in a Prison they've been in a prison for two Years BLM literally burned down cities And nobody went to jail I think first of all the American people Don't know what happened at January 6 Because the media is so such a lying Bunch they are presenting total false Narratives so people don't know what Happened at January 6. so if they knew Truly what happened at January 6 they Might have a different opinion did you Support a bipartisan committee to look Into January 6th no but I don't think Anybody should be looking into people Celebrating and standing up for their First amendment no I just meant the what People allege to be a breach of the Capital that you know you you just said We don't know what happened on January 6th the committee they tried to do a Committee to look into what happened They did but it wasn't as bipartisan as People don't think they looked into what The breach of police stations County Buildings with BLM there was no Committee for that well I'm talking About January 6th though I know and I'm Saying it's a double standard and when We get rid of the two-tier justice

System then there will be an ability to Have justice but right now the January 6 Is isolated and weaponized to divide us That was all contrived in my opinion There's more than enough proof out there For me to believe that nefarious people Actually did the breach to begin with While he was speaking by the way before He said to go there Etc and this coming Committee right now that is being Um you know as far as I'm concerned it Has absolutely no merit whatsoever for The American people and definitely not For me okay it has one goal and I just Take one man down well there's more of Us than just that one man if there's one Thing that Donald J Trump gave to every One of us He truly when is in the direction of we The people instead of we the government And that is truly what I feel blessed From that man and the movement okay but The point is Um You know right now we're at a Crossroads Okay we're in a civil war whether we Like it or not well I don't view January 6th as the great Insurrection that the Media and the government want us to Believe it is what do you see it as I See it as expressing ourselves I see it You know uh and again If you look into the information that The people who are presenting

Information here have for you then you Can clearly see that there's Infiltration from many different aspects Of the government itself I mean if you Watch if you watch the trials where they Were asking Um a member of the FBI uh do you can you Say uh if you had informants there or if You had agent provocateurs there they Couldn't answer they refused to answer Right what does that say now I have to Worry about my own government Sabotaging me when I'm just in a place Uh You know Expressing my First Amendment right and That's what I view January 6 as President Trump asked for there to be uh For the National Guard to be there And Pelosi vetoed it So I I really don't understand how then They could turn around and say that this Is Trump right I'm not sure the speaker Has the power of veto over sending the National Guard as a matter of fact I Know she doesn't

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