Trump SLIPS UP, Admits He Was NEVER Christian

By | January 19, 2023

Donald Trump says he’s gearing up for another run at president, but as his grip on the party loosens, we’re getting a glimpse into just how little he cares about his most rabid supporters when they hesitate to kneel. Jayar Jackson and Adrienne Lawrence break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“When a couple hundred major donors to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s inauguration arrived at a candlelight dinner to the sounds of a solo saxophonist the night before his swearing-in last week they found a pair of surprises waiting for them.

In a departure from the pedestrian fare found at most political banquets, DeSantis, a food-lover with Italian roots, flew in the crew from Carbone, the trendy, New York-founded restaurant chain that moved to Miami last year, to both make a point about companies relocating to Florida and to offer a treat to contributors who gave at least $25,000.”

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Some of these prominent Evangelical Leaders who backed you last time they're Not yet willing to commit like Robert Jeffress is not some others it seems Like many of them are waiting to see how The field takes shape before backing Anyone what is your message to them Well I don't really care look uh that's A sign of disloyalty there's great Disloyalty as the world of politics and That decided disloyalty because nobody As you know and you would know better Than anybody because you do such a great Job nobody has ever done more for right To life than Donald Trump I put three Supreme Court Justices who all voted and They got something that they've been Fighting for for 64 years or many many Years right and nobody thought they Could win it you know they they won uh Roe v Wade they won they finally won and You know I was a little disappointed Because uh I thought they could have Fought much harder during the election During the 22 election And see Donald Trump is trying to ramp Up his run for president again he's on The water cooler with Brody talking About how Evangelical leaders some of Them are thinking about uh maybe Withdrawing their support for Trump now And you see the way he said that who Cares and it also illustrates exactly What he thinks of these leaders these

Are Evangelical leaders who have the ear Of God himself that's why we Revere them So much I want to replay just that part To show you guys what he thinks of Evangelicals and their leaders what the Usefulness is of them Some of these prominent Evangelical Leaders who backed you last time they're Not yet willing to commit like Robert Jeffress is not some others well I don't Really care look uh that's a sign of Disloyalty there's great disloyalty as The world of politics and that decided Disloyalty He doesn't care about a large block of His voting base which I guess he Cultivated by holding up a Bible Backwards upside down saying he likes All the books of the Bible because he Doesn't know not effing one of them but Still he'll say who cares and also That's the disloyalty of politics are Evangelicals politicians or the Evangelicals are they Christians are They followers of God or are they Politicians are they working only to Overturn Roe versus Wade or are they About converting people to the light to Find Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior so they can be saved in the Afterlife to sit next to the throne in Heaven is that what they're about or are They about politics Donald Trump thinks About politics hey evangelicals he

Thinks you're just political figures You're just Pawns in this political game Do you like that He says it out loud all the time and he Says they don't care they're too stupid Matter of fact I got them I've got control of them Let's talk about how much they're losing He's losing a little bit of this control Though uh because as they're moving on He did notice though there is someone Who's going to be taking his spot we all Know who he is and finally he's speaking A little more vocally about how he has Nothing to do with Ron DeSantis let's Watch You think it would be a bad move for DeSantis to get into the 2024 race he's Going to do whatever he's going to do But are you working on an official Nickname for him if he gets in Well I said I have a lot of dick then so People that not necessarily an official Nickname but uh Ron called me and he Wanted support he was at three percent And the as you probably know the Agricultural commissioner his name was Adam Putnam Adam Putnam was at close to 40 percent Adam Putnam had 25 million Dollars run at nothing and Ron was going To drop out of the race and he asked me If I'd endorse him Adam Putnam had that That nomination locked up you know the Republican nomination for governor of

Florida he had it locked up it was done And when I uh as Adam Putnam said to me When I met him a year later I didn't Know him at all but I saw him he said it Was like a nuclear bomb went off a Nuclear weapon went off when you endorse Him and the race was over he said he Didn't even spend his money there was no Way he could have beaten him after I Endorsed him so you know now I hear he Might want to run against me so we'll Handle that the way I handle things Wow we'll handle him the way I handle Things the way we always do what does That mean sounds like some mobster stuff There uh he went on to disparage more Folks that he said he helped DeSantis uh Get by and everything but Adrian so all These points are being put on the table I don't think there's anything new as Far as what we know about Trump but he's Just saying it more vocally and open Again I think he's beginning to see that Grasp he had on the entire party start To loosen and he's like I need to find Something else or he's like I don't care About those folks if they're ready to Leave me oh big time uh he's realizing That he is on the out that they cannot Support him because he is not going to Win he has too many skeletons that have Waltzed out of the closet and so with The Evangelical base walking away from Him he is doing what he does uh best

Which is strike back in some way by Trying to tear them down Um and retaliate against them even if It's with his words and the thing is is The Evangelical base they are about Politics let's enjoy that tax break for Real that exemption that they've had Forever and also the ability to continue To bring in wealth and by way of Controlling people with a thought that You need to adhere toward our religious Principles in order to secure your place In Divine Heaven as long as you can go Ahead and give me that American Express Card number I will make sure you have a Seat and so Donald Trump is really Flexing on that notion and also too I Know he sees DeSantis very much as a Threat and feels the need to Um kind of just present this uh kind of Persona as the person who made DeSantis Possible like you know uh Trump walks so DeSantis can run and it just it's really Sad to watch this completely melt down But I think this is what we are going to See for the next several years until we Actually have a winner for 2024. uh I Want to repeat it but I I like it and Don't like it uh Donald Trump walked so Rhonda said this could run oh man it's Way too inspiring signing of a quote for The depressing uh depressing visual that Came to my head over that by the way I'm Gonna just run through really fast we'd

Have to run through the graphics but Rhonda Sanders Is trying to do something about his Likability issue which I didn't know was That prominent and known amongst Politicians because again yes of course Ron DeSantis is looking for a Presidential run but he had smoothing Events he's talked with some big time Rich donors and he's trying to figure Out a way to maybe uh actually interact With him that's somehow his biggest Problem Yo this is gonna get I thought it was an Easy walk into the spot type of thing But apparently still has a lot of work To do because the once the money Men Start talking about how they don't like Everything you do that's all that really Matters keep that in mind as we talk About evangelicals Uh the midwestern mom's vote all that Stuff that they talked about uh uh uh Schools all that stuff they talk about That means absolutely nothing it has to Do with what the money people say They'll ignore you unless you have the Cash