TRUMP RETURNS to TWITTER! Account REINSTATED by Elon! Liberals Melting Down!

By | November 20, 2022

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I apologize for another video about Twitter but this is big news and it's Going to be a lot of fun so stay tuned I'll let CNN break the news since this Is the most painful thing that they've Had to report since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election take it away Brian stelter and drag This just into CNN Donald Trump's Twitter account is back Elon Musk Reinstated the former president just Minutes ago this is President Trump's Twitter page here until tonight it had Said account suspended okay that's Enough out of you so the account is back All of the old tweets are back the Followers are not back the account Started at zero followers so everybody Is having to re-follow the account but Elon said that he's trying to fix that And is hoping to restore all of the old Followers as well and as you can imagine Everybody in the liberal media and the Twits on Twitter very upset about this Tell us how you feel over at Ms lgbtv I'm absolutely disgusted but what else Do we expect from very white privileged Sis hetero men protecting each other Because we always mistake wealth and Inheritance for genius so yay Elon Musk Gets what he wants his buddy back on the Air in order to finish burning down Democracy while he finishes Burning Down The Town Square yeah yes allowing free

Speech on the internet abiding with the Principles of the first amendment is Burning down democracy according to the Communists and shortly before the Account was reinstated CBS News Announced that they're going to be Leaving Twitter Sayonara in light of the uncertainty Around Twitter and out of an abundance Of caution CBS News is pausing its Activity on the social media site as it Continues to monitor the platform major Jonathan Vigliotti thank you yes thank You goodbye this also means that the Evidence exonerating president Trump From any wrongdoing on January 6 has Also been restored like this tweet where He said quote I am asking everyone at The U.S Capitol to remain peaceful no Violence remember we are the party of Law and Order respect the law and our Great men and women in blue thank you People are also coming through president Trump's old tweets to find some of their Favorites like this gem back in 2012 Where Donald Trump tweeted to Ariana Huffington the founder of the Huffington Compost which was later sold to I think America online for 400 million dollars But anyway he tweeted to her saying that She is unattractive both inside and out And that he can fully understand why her Husband left her for a man saying that He made a good decision but despite

Democrats fears that the tweets might Start flying again and they're already Freaked out that people are digging up And retweeting some of his old classics But he might not actually return to Twitter to tweet new tweets because he Has his own platform true social and not Only is Twitter a direct competitor but He might not actually be allowed to Because of the contracts with his Investors he might be exclusively only Allowed to tweet I'm sorry to tweet to Post on true social but he's already Said numerous times that if Elon were to Reinstate his account that he's not Coming back and he might not not even One tweet just to encourage people to Come over to True social which he should Do but he may just completely boycott it All together but that's not stopping the Twits from totally freaking out about His old tweets being reinstated and the Possibility that he could come back and Start the tweets flying any day now Jonathan Greenblatt over at the ADL says For Elon Musk that's the Anti-Defamation League the big uh cancel culture uh Non-profit to stop hate speech says that Elon allowing Donald Trump back on Twitter a stat sensibly after a brief Poll shows he is not remotely serious About safeguarding the platform from Hate harassment and misinformation he Tweeted an entire thread crying about it

Concluding that he is now demanding that Twitter be completely deleted from the Internet saying that elon's decisions Over the past month have been erratic And alarming but this decision is Dangerous and a threat to American Democracy yeah free speech is a threat To democracy so he says we need to ask Which is of course is coded language of A demand is it time for Twitter to go This is the same organization by the way That wants all schools to ban kids from Doing arts and crafts projects around Christmas time about anything having to Do with Christmas including mentioning The very word or even drawing pictures Of Santa Claus this is from one of their Online seminars even though this is Technically constitutional why Assignment like this is nonetheless Problematic it's problematic yeah Absolutely Um you know regardless of the Constitutionality you know when we're Thinking about a respectful School Environment I think there are a lot of Red flags that we see in the scenario Not everyone you know celebrates uh Christmas not everyone believes in uh You know a Santa Claus or Um uh has that sort of Celebration well Maybe you should try it sometimes Because it's a lot of fun and that's What we do in America sadly since Brian

Stelter has been fired from CNN we don't Have any video of him crying about it But the best that we could do is read One of his tweets the NAACP president Derek Johnson tweeted if Elon Musk Continues to run Twitter like this using Garbage polls that do not represent the American people and the needs of our Democracy God help us all this again Comes just 24 hours after the sad and Shocking news that Elon said he's not Going to allow Alex Jones back on in Quote too bad and that the new policy is That which is really just a continuation And admission of what the old policy is That they're going to be Shadow Banning Tweets that have supposed hate speech in Them and some people don't understand What Nuance is they're like but you were Just criticizing him yesterday and now You're celebrating him I just don't Understand it's called Nuance when Elon Does stupid things he's going to get Criticized by me and by everybody else Who's going to try to encourage him or Shame him into doing the right thing and When he does the right thing we're going To celebrate and especially when the Liberal lunatics are having a total Meltdown we're going to have a good time And again for those who say that you Hate Twitter and I hate Twitter too and You're not on Twitter and Twitter Doesn't matter unfortunately Twitter

Does matter because it's an engine That's driving the crazy train of the Culture War and the manipulation of the Trending list it impacts the news cycle And it's where all the journalists the Fake news journalists hang out it's Where the cancel culture mobs organized Because of the user interface it just Makes dog piling and coordinating very Easy so I totally understand if people Aren't on Twitter but it's an important Social media platform it's an evil Social media platform but it's important To Monitor and to really understand how It functions and what's going on over There and elon's scared to death that Twitter's going to get banned from the Apple and Android App Store so he has to Have these filters to suppress free Speech that they call hate speech just Like parlor getter true social all of The apps in the App Store have to have It this is from a post on parlor where Certain keywords get detected and then It's automatically censored so they Might ban them from the App Store Regardless just because he's ruffling so Many feathers so in the long run what He's going to have to do is the same Thing that Gab did he's gonna have to Make the website function by saving it Onto your home screen which you could do On an Apple device I'm sure on an Android device and then it functions

Just like an app but minus the push Notifications buckle up because things Are going to continue to get crazy in The United States for ever I'm sure Because we're in the midst of a Collapsing society and with the 2024 Election not around the corner kind of Distant in the future but now heating up With President Trump's announcement and The Department of Justice has announced That they have launched a special Counsel to investigate president Trump So they may very well indict him on Several trumped-up charges no pun Intended if that happens it's not going To happen until after the Georgia Senate Runoff election because they usually Don't do things like that around 60 days Before an election so who knows what's Going to happen after that election it Might not be until sometime next spring But you can't put anything past these People they've done anything that they Everything they can to destroy president Trump while he was in office to try to Prevent him from running again and They'll do everything they can to try to Stop him and it's going to get wild oh On a lighter note when President Trump's Twitter account was reinstated yesterday It also happened to be oh Old Joe's 80th Birthday Surprise something else that's back Online is my trump claw sweatshirt which

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