Trump Organization GUILTY On 17 Counts Of Tax Fraud

By | December 8, 2022

Guilty as charged. But don’t get your hopes up…of course, there will be absolutely zero repercussions for Trump. Jayar Jackson and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Two subsidiaries of the Trump Organization were convicted Tuesday by a jury in New York City of multiple crimes, including tax fraud, falsifying business records and conspiracy.

The guilty verdicts on all 17 charged counts come three weeks after the company’s owner, Republican former President Donald Trump, declared his candidacy for the White House in the 2024 election.”

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Guilty on all counts a Manhattan jury Tonight convicting two of former President Trump's family businesses on 17 counts including conspiracy and Criminal tax fraud after fewer than 11 Hours of deliberation the case against The Trump organization reaching back More than a decade this was the case About lying and cheating False documents to the end of a meeting Taxes Individuals and the corporations They've now been held Trump organization guilty of tax fraud Now if you think this means Donald Trump The name and the guy is guilty of tax Fraud not yet hopefully but definitely Not here some details the Trump Organization was charged with the scheme To defraud conspiracy criminal tax fraud And falsifying business records Trump Has not been charged with any wrongdoing Though the details of this we've heard Though but now they've gotten to this Point here's more of those he was not Personally a defendant in this case uh Which related to a scheme by his company Since 2005 bruh to avoid taxes on Compensation in the form of perks Including free Apartments luxury cars And then Chief Financial Officer Alan Weisselberg and other Executives now ask Yourself this question Even if you say you're a supervisor for

Your company a manager do you get perks Luxury cars Apartments free tuition for Your kids to go to private schools and Stuff you know that whole thing about The land of opportunity and how we're Living so well Given to certain people in certain Situations illegally and we just now got To this point since 2005 more Trump was Not charged though but he knew exactly What was going on that's what a Prosecutor said in closing arguments Last week now no one's also going to Face any jail time for this please They're rich people the real estate Hospitality and golf resort operation Headquartered at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue faces the possibility of a 1.6 Million dollar fine and and this is had A sentencing this scheduled on January 13th so New York Supreme Court jurors They began deliberations on Monday for That whole thing 1.6 million dollar fine Because that's really going to hit them That's going to make sure they don't do Stuff like this anymore I wonder how Much money was exchanged or saved or Kept from government uh knowledge in Order to get to this point but 1.6 Million dollar fine that's all cool good Job Um now by the way uh there's more about This because uh in a separate lawsuit From New York attorney general Natisha

James she's looking for something else Here because let's keep it real that's Just not much but Trump his uh three of His adult children and the Trump Organization still face this pending Civil lawsuit by Leticia James and that Alleges widespread a widespread fraud Involving years of false financial Statements that's related to the company There's more of course James is seeking At least 250 million dollars in Damages In that case crazy uh maybe something That's will actually uh come forward Here and um in those questions when it Comes to the Trump organization what's Been found guilty of all these things Donald Trump not when he was asked about It though don't forget more than 400 Times he evoked the Fifth Amendment so He wouldn't incriminate himself uh it's Weird that he did that because there's This guy his name is Donald Trump and he Had thoughts about people who evoke the Uh the Fifth Amendment when they're Trying to avoid criminal uh Consequences watch that Fifth Amendment Bomb the mob takes the fifth if you're Innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment Fifth Amendment horrible Horrible he pleaded the fifth and that Was the end we never heard about him Again this is like Watergate Only it's worse Only it's worse Jess uh yeah this was a

Financial scheme but the thing is how Does this lead to something more is this Gonna at least be I think they're hoping Maybe politically no one will vote for Him anymore now They did the first time we already knew This stuff Yeah you know who pleads the fifth is Totally innocent dudes every time Definitely dudes who have never Committed any crimes and if the Punishment is a fine we know that means It's only illegal for people who don't Have enough money to pay that fine I Mean the criminal system in the United States is an absolute joke we all know What crimes Donald Trump is guilty of I Mean number one inciting an Insurrection But instead he's allowed to launch a bid For the presidency in 2024 when we have People like Donovan Lewis in Columbus Ohio who gets shot by the police no jury No trial just executed by the police for Reaching for his Vape after they broke Into his home for warrant for arrest so We really have two realities when it Comes to how criminal behavior is Determined and handled in the United States and it's just disgusting that the People who are hoarding the wealth that Keep other people hungry and homeless Are the ones who don't get pun for their Criminal Behavior so this is just Highlighting that and seriously I mean

Merrick Garland had more than enough Time to persecute Donald Trump and now He's like well now it would be political If I did it because he's running for Breakfast it's the most cowardly move in The history of American politics that Will be his legacy when you think about The way people skirt uh these Consequences and responsibilities to the Things they've done once they've had This level of power their politicians in General always put yourself in a similar Position put yourself in a lesser number Of crimes you could have possibly Committed that they found proof of and Wonder if prosecutors and people this Hired would be like yeah but you know His name is Joe Smith let him go back to Work at Subway like no it's just not Gonna it's not gonna be the case your Ass is gonna be arrested your ass is Going to get the to the fullest extent Of the law you're going to be prosecuted There's signs up to say stuff like that For petty crimes but not stuff like this