Trump Offers RARE Praise of FOX Host that Just Broke Ratings History

By | November 4, 2022

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According to FORBES, With 2.494 million total viewers and 396,000 in the key demographic group of adults 25-54, Gutfeld! beat not just other cable late-night shows, but also high-profile broadcast networks’ late-night shows.

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Donald Trump offering some rare Praise Of a fox host that just broke ratings History A lot of people might not know this but Fox gupfeld's Show recently hit 2.5 Million viewers and became the highest Rated show in history and Donald Trump Has taken notice I'm Gary franchi and News breaks fast make sure you catch it When it does tap subscribe enable Notifications and never miss a report Before we get to that we're only just Discovering the anti-aging power of Collagen myself and thousands of others For example have already experienced These Powers firsthand but there is a Secret I don't take typical collagen I Use Health with Gary my skin looks and Feels younger I have more energy now Than I've had in years so take Health With Gary today your wrinkles will thank You take advantage of the Black Friday Deal by going to or Click the link below to get up to 51 off Of your order now back to the news President Trump has offered praise to a Fox News host who's become the ratings King of late night television according To Forbes with 2.494 million total viewers and 396 000 in the key demographic group of Adults of 25 through 54 Gutfeld beat not Just other cable late night shows but Also high profile broadcast networks

Late night shows Mark Joella of Forbes asked guffville's Executive producer Tom O'Connor in September what he thought was attracting An audience to Fox News in late night O'Connor responded that part of the Reason for that is the audience has Really connected with some of the new Guests that we've introduced them to but Also they've gotten to see some Fox News Stars let them Let their hair down for an hour Other late night shows followed his lead With 2.1 million viewers and 375 000 Viewers in the key demo CBS Late Show With Stephen Colbert was a close second Following them where NBC's The Tonight Show with 1.289 million and 318 in that Demo 318 000 in that demo ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live 1.285 million and 287 000 in The demo in comparison Gutfeld dominated Late night cable news with the MSNBC 11th hour with Stephanie rule coming in In second place with 953 000 total Viewers and 94 000 in the viewer key Demo CNN tonight Drew just 412 000 viewers Overall but beat MSNBC in the demo with 101 000 viewers The Daily Show had a total audience of 443 000 viewers and a key demo audience Of 182 000 viewers Trump wrote on Truth social great going Greg beating the highly overpaid not

Funny slime Balls by a lot Gut Phelps simply reacted to the ratings By tweeting bam Gutfel was not the only Fox News show to Dominate ratings for the seventh Straight month the five was the most Watched cable news show with 3.4 million Viewers the Roundtable discussion Program in which Greg guffeld also Co-hosts has finished first in cable News for the last 10 out of 11 months Wow congratulations It's no surprise that people are tuning In to Gutfeld and droves after all it's A refreshing change from the typical Late night lineup filled with liberal Hate and stale jokes instead viewers are Treated to a hilarious hour of levity And irreverent humor and with its mix of New guests and familiar Fox News faces There's something for everyone to enjoy It's clear the audience has found a new Late night favorite and president Trump Is right to offer praise for his success Keep It Coming Greg we can't get enough Let's continue the conversation in the Comments below for the next News Network I'm Gary franchi Thank you for watching that report yes We're only just discovering the Anti-aging power of collagen myself and Thousands of others for example have Already experienced these Powers Firsthand but there is a secret I don't

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