Trump Loses Appeal to Shield His Taxes from the Democrats, The Don is NOT Worried at all!

By | October 27, 2022

The Democrats prematurely celebrate an appeals court victory on Trump’s tax returns.
Trump is not worried because the incoming chairman, Rep. Kevin Brady, doesn’t care about Trump’s taxes. Rep. Kevin Brady will chair the house’s ways and means committee, which is responsible for Tax law and Tax investigations.

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Hello Patriots thank you so much for Joining us here at The Newsroom and Today I have a breaking news update and This one has to do with President Trump And his taxes you heard right folks the Democrats are still after Trump’s taxes Even though he’s not in office And um nobody really cares about them But the Democrats definitely do so President Trump loses his latest bid to Shield his tax returns from the house Committee President Trump in reality is not even That worried because he knows that the Republicans are going to retake control Of the house now This comes courtesy of golden again that’s and it says a Federal court cleared the way Thursday For the democrat-led house committee to Review president Trump’s taxes and his Tax returns although the Supreme Court Could still block the action So the Supreme Court Still has to decide whether they’re Going to take up that that uh that case Or not They were waiting for the lower courts To figure out what was happening and What their decision was going to be but Now that the decision has come in now The Supreme Court can actually look into The matter it says judges on the DC

Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Ruling that courts won’t stand in the Way of The house’s chief tax committee Seeing Trump’s financial documents Denying a petition by the president to Reconsider the previous ruling Democrats On the committee were quick to show Their approval of the ruling now Again This quote unquote Victory which is not It’s only to throw a bone to the Democrat supporters that’s all it is Just for show it has nothing to do With the actual case Nothing will come from this Because once the Republicans retake the House The committee the Wayne’s and Means Committee Will not Have any interest In this matter now The person The ranking member right now the Republican ranking member For the Wayne’s and Means Committee Which overlooks tax policy and the IRS And everything else is Kevin Brady So that is who the next chair is going To be for the Republican side if the Republicans indeed retake the house and Become the majority So the next chairman is going to be Kevin Brady Now Kevin Brady doesn’t

Really care about Trump’s taxes If in fact The ways it means committee Gets a hold of those taxes They will just keep them I guess I don’t Know what they will do with them at that Time or maybe they’ll just cancel that Lawsuit And stop that investigation That was started over Years Ago by The Democrats It goes on to say That Wayne’s and Means Committee Oversight subcommittee chairman Representative Bill parxwell said Trump’s tax records should be seen by The public Richard Neal Democrat of Massachusetts Said quote the law has always been on Our side It says Trump has tried to delay the Inevitable but once again the court has Affirmed the strength of our position We’ve we have waited long enough says The Democrats we must begin our Oversight of the IRS mandatory Presidential audit program as soon as Possible now auditing the president In a way that’s a very good idea right We need to audit the reason why Biden before he ran for office had a net Worth of 396 306 000 and now he has a

Personal wealth Of over 12 million dollars How did Biden get 12 million dollars Should that be should that be audited Too we should ask the Democrats that Another Democrat Said on Twitter it’s been 1 303 days Since the since the Democrats made their Legal demand for Trump’s tax returns Pretty much since he got into office Even before he got into office back in 2016. It says that the case to obtain Trump’s Tax returns is one of several Long-standing lawsuits in which Democrat-led house committees are trying To obtain records related to Trump Including his tax returns But once again The person that’s going to be in charge Of the committee that wanes and Means Committee is going to be Kevin Brady and Kevin Brady can care less about Trump’s Taxes he can care less about this whole Investigation the Democrats have been Wanting for a very very long time But let us know what you guys think in The comment section below should Trump Be worried about this If in fact The Republicans retake the house And they’re most definitely going to Retake the Senate So Trump in reality he’s not worried

About this now if in fact he does have To fight about this he was going to take It all the way to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court is going to side with Trump Executive executive privilege Or presidential privilege I’m sorry Is going to rule and he’s not going to Have to release his taxes because There’s no reason for him to release him Now when it comes to what’s happening in New York With the district attorney and also the Attorney General suing Trump and his Business practice Then maybe at that point they’re going To have to release him but when it comes To these Democrat committees attempting To get Trump’s tax returns and financial Information there’s no need There’s no need at all They’re pretty much harassing him or They have been harassing him Up to this point so let us know what you Guys think is going to happen regarding This whole situation Trump is not Worried at all He’s not worried at all regarding this Situation but the Democrats Are going out on Twitter and saying oh What a victory for the American people And all this but in reality they’re just Throwing a bone to their to their voters Because they have done absolutely

Nothing The whole time that they’ve been in Power And have been in control of the house And the Senate They have done absolutely nothing since Biden got into office and they Controlled the house the Senate and the White House they have done absolutely Nothing for the American people they Haven’t even done anything for their own Voters you know let alone the American People as a whole so Let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comment Section below don’t forget to click the Thumbs Up Button if you found this Report informative share it on social Media click the Thumbs Up Button And Subscribe if you are new Visit our website For breaking headlines and I hope to see You on the next report but until then my Name is Jen I’m from Golden State times Have a blessed rest of your day God Bless every single one of you guys and I’ll see you soon peace

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