TRUMP CRIMlNAL REFERRAL to Department of Justice! – What Happens Next? – Details…

By | December 19, 2022

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The top story today that the mainstream Media is going to have on repeat for six Months or actually I guess probably six Years is that the January 6 committee Made a criminal referral to the Department of Justice recommending that Donald Trump be indicted on numerous Crimes Insurrection obstruction of an Official Congressional proceeding and Conspiracy to defraud the United States This of course for the mostly peaceful Protest at the Capitol almost two years Ago now this was no surprise this was Their end game that they had in mind as Soon as they put together the kangaroo Commission so I'll break down what this Means what it doesn't mean and what the Odds are that mayor Garland who heads up The Department of Justice will actually Charge Donald Trump with the supposed Crimes first of all to give the false Impression that this was a nonpartisan Commission they included two fake Republicans Liz Cheney Darth Cheney's Daughter and Adam kinziger who is the Male version if you could even call him That of Taylor Lorenz soon to be former Congresswoman Liz Cheney was challenged By another Republican for her seat in a Primary and lost so she's out of Congress in just a matter of days and Adam kinsiger didn't even run for Reelection because he knew that he would Lose and wanted to avoid the

Embarrassments that's what the American People think of these two clowns and by The way just a friendly reminder Numerous Democrats tried to convince Vice President Joe Biden to reject Certifying the Electoral count votes Certifying Donald Trump's victory in January 2017 The same thing that they're now saying Is a crime because Donald Trump tried to Convince vice president Mike Pence to Not certify Old Joe's electoral count Votes you'll remember it was Joe Biden Who had to gavel them down objection Because 10 of the 29 electoral votes Cast by Florida were cast by electors Not lawfully certified I object to the Votes from the state of Wisconsin which Would not should not be legally Sentenced Mr President I object to the Certificate from the state of Georgia on The grounds that the electoral votes There's no debate objective certificate From the state of North Carolina I wish To ask Who will join me in this Gentlewoman will suspend And they spent the next four years Claiming that Donald Trump stole the 2016 presidential election actually I Guess it was three years every single Day remember then it culminated with the Big Mueller nothing burger and then they Shifted gears into covid and of course

Blamed that on Trump Democrats then Warned about hackers changing votes in Electronic voting machines as the 2020 Presidential election approached fearing That the Russians were going to do that For president Trump during Congressional Hearings I continue to think that our Voting machines are too vulnerable but Research is have repeatedly demonstrated That ballot recording machines and other Voting systems are susceptible to Tempering even hackers with limited Prior knowledge tools and resources are Able to breach voting machines in a Matter of minutes in 2018 electronic Voting machines in Georgia and Texas Deleted votes for certain candidates or Switch votes from one candidate to Another the biggest seller of voting Machines is doing something that Violates cyber security 101 directing That you install remote access software Which would make a machine like that you Know magnet for fraudsters and hackers These voting machines can be hacked Quite easily you could easily hack into Them it makes it seem like all these States are doing different things but in Fact three companies are controlling This it is the individual voting Machines that some pose that pose some Of the greatest risks there are a lot of States that are dealing with Antiquated Machines

Right which are vulnerable to being Hacked workers were able to easily hack Into electronic voting machine it was Possible to switch votes 43 percent of American voters use voting machines that Researchers have found have serious Security flaws including back doors we Know how vulnerable now our systems were We know I know that hackathon that took Place last year where virtually every Machine was broken into fairly quickly I Actually held a demonstration for my Colleagues here at the Capitol where we Brought in folks who before our eyes Hacked election machines those that are Not those that are being used in many States HBO even aired a new documentary Called kill chain demonstrating how Hackers were able to well let's just say Do certain things to electronic voting Machines that you're not supposed to Talk about now because that undermines Our democracy contrary to what the Liber Media portrays the problems at the Capitol that day started before Donald Trump's speech was even over long before He even said they were going to Peacefully and patriotically March to The Capitol and now most people's Suspicions have been confirmed that not Only were there a bunch of FBI Informants in the proud boys but the Number two in command of The Oath Keepers was also an FBI informant who

Kept the FBI in the loop in the two Months leading up to the event but You're not supposed to wonder out loud If they weren't just informants but age Of provocateurs in a modern day version Of cointelpro and admitted FBI program That they were doing back in the 1960s Where undercover agents and their assets Would literally commit crimes and try to Frame those crimes on political Activists during the Civil Rights Movement in order to try to derail it All the big Tech platforms Twitter Facebook and YouTube censored a video That President Trump posted that Afternoon after things got out of hand Telling the protesters to literally go Home but he also mentioned an offhanded Remark about a certain thing that you're Not supposed to talk about in communist Countries regard starting what is said To be the outcome of an election oh and Another thing about President Trump Wanting Mike Pence to reject certifying The electoral votes and send the Decision back to the state legislatures Before the 2020 presidential election CNN's van Jones gave a TED Talk Outlining that exact scenario because he Was worried that Donald Trump may do That if he was declared the loser and Van Jones said that it was perfectly Legal and perfectly constitutional the January 6 King group committee the

Marxist Democrats and the liberal media Industrial complex are all claiming that Donald Trump's Attorney John Eastman who Came up with that legal strategy just Came up with it out of thin air and it Was a crazy cockamammy idea but like I Said van Jones who is an attorney said That it was a legal loophole then the Democrats quietly amended the Electoral Count act changing the language so that It wasn't so ambiguous so that nobody Could make that argument again in the Future most legal Scholars and experts Agree that if Mike Pence did reject Certifying the Electoral con vote try to Send it back to the state legislatures Of course the Democrats would have sued It would have went to the Supreme Court And they would have ruled then that's Not what the language says even though It's ambiguous they would have issued Their ruling and then directed Mike Pence to certify the votes anyway so It's not that this was an attempted coup This was a legal strategy that both Republicans and Democrats had seen as a Possibility by reading the Electoral Count act now for the big question will Merrick Garland the head of the Department of Justice actually agree With the January 6 criminal referral and Indict Donald Trump highly unlikely but In the spring or in the summer he'll Hold a live press conference and

Announce that he's looked over all the Evidence and he's convinced that Donald Trump has committed all these terrible Crimes but it's the Justice Department's Policy that they don't actually indict Unless there's a high probability that They can convict and then he's going to Go on to say that there's going to be at Least one or several Trump supporters on The jury jury who won't agree with the Evidence and won't give it a fair trial And Trump's a mob boss who's infiltrated The jury you know because of his uh cult Of personality and so they probably Won't actually indict now I could be Wrong but even Adam Schiff who is a Former prosecutor himself basically Agrees do you think the evidence is There that Donald Trump committed any of The crimes I just mentioned and that the Cases are prosecutable you could get a Conviction I think that the evidence is There that Donald Trump committed Criminal offenses in connection with his Efforts to overturn the election and Viewing it as a former prosecutor I Think there's sufficient evidence to to Charge the president Now well I don't know what the justice Department has I do know what's in the Public record the evidence seems pretty Plain to me but I would want to see the Full body of evidence if I were in the Prosecutor's shoes to make a decision so

They got nothing it's a dog and pony Show it's law fair they're just trying To tarnish his reputation so bad they're Hoping that he wouldn't run again in 2024 but now that he is they're still Just hoping to damage him so much that Republicans will turn their back on him Then there's Jack Smith who's heading up The special counsel and another Battalion that they're using to try to Get at him from another angle and so That's going to be a whole other circus So the country is going to be in chaos For the next well probably forever we're In a collapsing Empire at this point the Only thing that can maybe be saved are Republican states if not then definitely Republican districts local communities Families and friends Democrats are Always trying to bring us down so don't Let this overshadow your Christmas and I'm working on a couple of the videos For later this week and a special Brian Stelter tribute for next week so at Least we have him to cheer us up Hmm [Music]