Trump Breaks His Silence on Musk’s Purchase of Twitter! | When Will he be back? | Musk gives Update!

By | October 28, 2022

President Trump breaks his silence on Elon Musk’s purchase of twitter (for reals this time) and Elon musk gives update on Trump being reinstated

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Hello folks my name is Jenna from Golden State times welcome back to The Newsroom And today I have a breaking news story This one comes courtesy of again that’s and we have a New report regarding president Trump and Twitter now as you guys saw the previous Report that we did A bunch of right-wing commentators were Sharing A Press release that turned out to be fake About President Trump Talking about how Trump how Trump’s Twitter account was going to get Reinstated next Monday and all of these Other things that turned out to be false Yet these right-wing commentators did Not care they just shared it like crazy Just sending out fake information all Over the place Well Trump did actually break his Silence on Twitter today you heard it Right folks so this comes courtesy of Golden if you’d like to Get breaking news headlines all you have To do is Scan that QR code that you see on your Screen take out your phone open up your Camera and point it at the QR screen and You’ll go directly to Golden for full coverage of this Report and many just like it so it says

President Trump said Friday that he’s Glad that Twitter is now in Elon musk’s Sane hands but didn’t mention any Prospect of returning to the platform as He touted his own social media Networking app truth social so on true Social president Trump said the Following true social has become Somewhat of a phenomena last week it had Bigger numbers than any of the other Platforms including Tech talk Twitter Facebook and the rest It also looks and works better to the Eye It says I am very happy that Twitter is Now insane hands and will no longer be Run by radical left lunatics and many Maniacs that truly hate our country Twitter must not work hard to get rid to Rid itself of all of the Bots and fake Accounts that have heard it so badly it Will be much smaller but better I love Truth So that is what he said obviously he’s Going to pick his own company over Twitter But what he can’t Admit pretty much Is that he’s going to need Twitter If he plans to run for president back in Uh now in 2024. so if he plans to run For president he’s definitely going to Need the reach that only Twitter can Give him

Two social is just extremely extremely Small compared to Twitter Facebook and others when it Comes to outreach Last month true social got 15 million Clicks 15. It got a fraction of that of downloads So it does not have the reach it’s too Young it’s still a baby true social Literally is still a baby it’s only what Eight months old It won’t get the Outreach that that he Needs in order to re to run for President once again But he says that he’s happy that Twitter Is now insane hands As you guys remember president Trump was Banned from Twitter After the attack on the capitol on January 6 But musk has previously vowed to Reinstate president Trump’s account On Friday afternoon Musk tweeted that Twitter will be Forming a Content moderation council With widely diverse viewpoints adding That no major content decisions or Account reinstatements will happen Before that Council convenes So again Elon Musk will not reinstate Trump instantly He did that with Kanye he reinstated Kanye instantly as soon as As Elon Musk signed on the DOT

He reinstated Kanye instantly but he’s Not going to do that with Trump Because Elon Musk does not like Trump he Doesn’t like him at all Just a few weeks ago Elon Musk was making fun of Truth social Saying that Trump should have called it Trumpet Instead of Truth social that true social Sounds dumb Trumpet would have sound a lot better And according to Elon Musk it would have Done a lot better if Trump would have Would have called his app trumpet Which I find that hilarious It says must close the 44 billion dollar Deal to buy Twitter Thursday and Immediately fired tweet you know Twitter Executives Along with Lawyers from Twitter It says that Elon Musk named himself CEO And reportedly pledged to lift all Lifetime bans according to reports But Trump On his release said that Twitter must Now work hard to rid itself of all the Bots and fake accounts now if that Happens A lot of right-wing commentators a lot Of left-wing commentators are going to Get very angry Because those that have a lot of a lot Of followers are going to be cut by half

If they had a hundred thousand now They’re gonna have 50 if they had a Million now they’re gonna have probably 250 000 or 500 000 followers and they’re Gonna be very angry Because a lot of these people especially Commentators have a lot of fake accounts That follow them either bot Or somehow harvested To make themselves look like they had a Bunch of followers when it wasn’t even True President Trump says that he loves truth And he’s going to stay with truth As he plugged his own social media Network It says it is unclear which numbers Trump was referring to When he was talking about how true Social was doing better than tick tock Twitter Facebook and all others last Week Because According to Social flow and all of these other Companies That measure Clicks downloads and traffic on websites And apps they’re saying that truth Social gets around 500 000 daily users Five hundred thousand Now we looked to see how much traffic True social got last month the month of

September And they got 15.5 million the whole Month Now we won’t know how much traffic truth Social got in October That President Trump is claiming That the numbers exploded until November The 10th 9 or 10th one of those two so We’ll update you guys to see if there is A big jump in traffic to truth social During that time like Trump is claiming But at the end of the day if Trump wants To run for president in 2024 He is going to need Twitter whether he Likes it or not whether he attempts to Stay on Truth social and do all of that Stuff in order to promote his company But if he wants to re-run for president If he wants to actually make a campaign A strong campaign he’s going to need Facebook he’s going to need Twitter He’s going to need to he’s going to need YouTube in order to get the Outreach That he got in 2016 and in 2020. He can’t fight it and he can’t evade it It’s just the way that it is but let’s See what happens Elon Musk is not reinstating Trump Anytime soon So for those that are claiming that Trump is back on Twitter or he’s going To be back on Twitter very soon that’s Not true That’s all fake news

But let us know what you guys think in The comment section below Don’t forget to click the Thumbs Up Button if you found this report Informative we’re not here to lie to you We’re not here to give you false hope or False promises We’re just here to report the news and Report the truth So let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comments Section below Also don’t forget to visit our website all you have to do Is take out your phone turn on your Camera point it at the QR code and it’ll Take you to Golden for Full coverage of this report All the Trump lawsuits All the breaking news of the day And everything else in between politics Breaking news scoops polit and and Breaking news from all over the country All are on our website thank you so much Folks and I’ll see you guys on the next One but until then my name is Jen I’m From Golden State times don’t forget to Subscribe click the thumbs up button and Share this video on social media and I’ll see you soon God bless peace

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