Trump-Appointed Judge Sends Mike Lindell Packing

By | November 8, 2022

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell stays taking Ls in federal court. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Where will you be election night I will Be at uh in Tennessee at our Studios for Frank's speech well this is what's going To happen if the I will say when they Try and steal we're watching from every Camera angle and they're going to do it And when they do it we're gonna on the Morning of the ninth Um if ones are counted ones another L For Mike Lindell and this time it comes In the hands of a trump appointed Federal judge welcome to tyt's overruled I'm your legal analyst Adrian Lawrence On Thursday a Minnesota federal court Sharply rejected Mike lindell's efforts To reclaim his fbic cell phone and also To access the affidavit justifying the Seizure U.S District Court Judge Eric Tostrand well he said the Department of Justice was justified in taking the my Pillow King cell phone in furtherance of Their investigation into a breach of Colorado's voting systems after the 2020 Election if you recall the FBI sees Lindell's phone back in what September While he was in a Hardee's drive-through This purple Politico Lindell has alleged That the seizure violated his Constitutional rights and that he was Entitled to review the FBI's Justification as well as to enjoin the Government from using it to further its Criminal probe but Tashan said Lindell Had fallen far short of providing any

Justification for taking the DraStic Steps rather he said if Lindell were Indicted he would then have an Opportunity to challenge legitimacy of The warrant or seizure not before Lindell however did not simply want his Phone back as I've noted he's also Seeking to get his hands on what the Reasoning for taking his phone was the Probable cause well the judge too shot Down that request describing the 80-page Affidavit is extensive and containing Identities of confidential informants And cooperating Witnesses the judge said The exposure of sensitive details in the Sealed submissions could interfere with The probe being conducted by Washington-based prosecutors and the FBI Premature disclosure of these materials Would significantly undermine the Government's ongoing criminal Investigation giving plaintiffs and Potentially other targets of the Investigation a window into the Government's investigation that could Compromise the investigation as a whole Tostron wrote in his 36-page order the Judge made the correct call here on both Matters although Lindell has yet to be Charged with anything that doesn't mean That he should be privy to information That could upset doj's investigation It'd just be foolish to think that Lindell with all of his crackpot

Theories and efforts to advance Donald Trump would somehow not compromise the Department of Justice's an ongoing Investigations it really simply would be Unwise the man is still advancing a big Lie and continues to advance lies about The midterms being stolen from Republicans and we'll be going yup There's still this one everybody wants You know instead of saying what votes Are in here they are look at this you Know I'm looking forward to it and then November 9th we have many many counties Where they're going to go in 10 pound under camera and no I can't Tell you which one that's the secret [Music] As far as I'm concerned Lindell should Lay low and lawyer up because I think There's a Time coming where he just may Become a Target himself but those are Just my thoughts you let me know yours In the comments below hit that like and Follow button and thanks for watching

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