By | October 24, 2022

Joe Biden sat down with trans influencer, Dylan Mulvaney and her ”Barbie pouch” to discuss the state of America. Three words: more genital mutilation. Biden also freaked out on one reporter and fell asleep on another, things that are totally normal for the President to do. Also, there sure is a lot of race fakery going on! #JoeBiden #DylanMulvaney #Biden

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Ah Horror movies don’t work with a Walther [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] You and your uh your honey your honey What would we call them honey Aficionado I don’t know he always comes in he’s Like I got this new honey that you have To try and you get so he gets all wound Up about it because Sugar Rush This Nicaraguan local what is it it’s Local local area it’s a local uh not Ecuador okay that’s enough of that but It is tasty thank you yeah he’s my Dealer uh hey before I move on to Anything else we’re gonna be talking About uh former Vice President Joe Biden Sitting down with the transgender tick Tocker and I don’t know when it’s no Longer a fringe as far as puberty Blockers for kids but I want you really Quickly name me something in recent Memory more ballsy than the UFC fighter Uh baniel Darius who by the way should Get a title shot he’s on a seven fight

Win streak promoting Christian I mean Almost actively trying to convert the Entire audience In Abu Dhabi Comment that below that just happened This week and I’m sitting there going oh Wow this is he’s like wait he’s in Abu Dhabi they’re gonna kill him That’s how did they ship ODI off too yes Well you know what though that’s how you That’s how you measure a man’s backbone When he has something to lose that’s one Thing to maybe do it in Kansas to do it In Abu Dhabi well I hope that guy was Armor helicoptered out uh so we’ll be Talking about uh that we’ll also be Talking pointed former Vice President Joe Biden have a really really bad Weekend also remember sashim Little Feather we did the whole segment on her Yeah yeah uh where she came out and she Was accepting the award for Marlon Brando never forgot his father yeah all Of that is complete horse crap she Wasn’t even one part native American Really yeah her sisters came out said None of what she said was true now that She’s dead they’re uh I think there was It called their dishing well also the Tear Native American guy yeah Italian Really true are you sure that’s here I’m Serious yeah which is funny because you Think we would have you ever been on a Native American reservation and you go

Like there’s a convenience store in Northern Michigan and you can clear yes You can clearly tell you’re like oh they Look there’s a very strong look and They’re yeah honestly a statue-esque People very much uh her I’m like that’s A white broad yeah part Mexican so There’s a certain power that they they Have that it looks like they have well We suspected in the segment we said I Don’t believe her turns out we were Correct it was just a hunch but now it’s The truth uh Gerald a how are you sir I’m doing well how are you great had a Fun weekend good weekend yeah watch the The fights and then uh it inspired a Segment here today because uh he’s he’s Still alive the Neil Darius good for him Well yeah so far as we know yes Yeah we haven’t heard much thoughts and Prayers I haven’t seen a ton on his Social media And then uh you know I’m 11 quickest man On his feet the fastest man to speak Quickest way in the west he and I are in Nashville November 12th Ryman Auditorium The rebels of the cause tour but there’s Only two shows left with tickets one of Them is the 9 30 the second show in Nashville out of Dave Landau How are you sir Ahoy good how about you I’m okay except for when we get to this Watch and react are we out of Baltimore Uh I don’t know I don’t know I don’t

Want to throw that in sorry we have no Idea I don’t know maybe there are Tickets maybe there aren’t by the way Scalpers who are buying them and selling For like four or 500 to 300 that’s not Us it is not us and I don’t know how to Control it uh I’ve even put links up When people have asked me on Instagram Where to find tickets you can go Ticketmaster yes in those places legit Places yeah go to don’t go to random Places no and it’s really unfortunate Because they’re making all this money And they’re ripping you off we don’t Want to do that okay so uh it turns out That uh Vladimir that uh Zielinski he’s not the only one capable Of playing the piano with his member now Here’s a twist The person here and this went viral this Weekend playing with their phallus uh is A beautiful and brave Woman [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wait for it Wait wait dong dong Laughs I remember that in big yes Well there were two of them yes Is she playing chop dicks yes oh not yet Yeah no she’s fine I think she’s playing Cochner

Uh I don’t know hey but you know what This beautiful and brave uh uh Marilyn Manson uh album cover uh here uh look This happened on television live TV Here’s the real I don’t use the word Offensive it’s the lack of talent is Offensive it’s mediocre it’s just Sitting there like hey I’m naked there Should be a Dance I mean have you seen Puppetry of the penis they turn that Into the Eiffel Tower like they’re Actually putting in some effort give it The old College try but this is Something now on television we’ve talked About this it’s the low the soft expect The bigotry of soft expectations and the Left does this with race the left does This with uh with with gender with sex With women obviously by lowering PT Standards the military and the police Force because they believe that women You’re not capable of meeting the same Standards by the way they are correct And now we see it where if this was Something that is straight white male Would do would be a sex crime just to See how far we’ve slipped forget the Term here do you remember the Janet Jackson controversy the nipple slip Let’s compare it let’s compare that with What we just saw here [Music] [Applause] And there was a pasty and I wanted to

See the nipples and yeah and nobody Minded well people did people did get Upset I should say nobody where I was at Right But comparing that to what we just see It’s like oh my gosh we saw a nipple Pasty there this this is not age Appropriate to mainstream Television Over there in in Europe a fallen a Fallen continent at this point uh a Transgender individual with breast Implants playing the piano with her Penis yeah tickling the ivories with her Soft penis yes well we couldn’t play The Black Keys we don’t want racism no no You can’t reach them I mean it really Really the size of that thing it’s like Well good good news you’re already Mostly a girl yes you’re partially there Yeah oh my gosh no you’re right I mean It’ll be a sex crime that person would Have been hauled off and cuffs had it Been a straight white male and should Have still male honestly I don’t know Either way we’re pretty close sir white Straight does that is that a woman still Attracted to is it a lesbian or is it is She a lesbian sorry I don’t know how to Navigate this the point is it’s it’s Pure degeneracy and we allow it just Because someone decides to slap on a Dress also look put in a little bit of Effort don’t blame us for being barely Passable it was like well it’s because

Society look it’s that’s a that looks it Looks like I’m not saying it is looks Like a man in clown makeup Well and why are you clapping in the Audience like yeah everybody’s like I Don’t know I don’t know anymore how to React to things I sooner bought the Laugh track and The Flintstones yes I believe it was a film from a live Studio audience I thought it was Every time it just hurt me a little it’s Just all of this is is fraudulent and it Really is right now we are in a society Where we’re racing to victim status and By the way hit the like button you know Share if you’re watching on YouTube it Helps with the algorithm uh it’s a live Show Monday through Thursday at 10 Eastern right you can go watch it on Rumble you can go on mug club or we’ll Be playing they don’t make them like They used to we’re not allowed to do This on YouTube and today we are hitting Some some third rails So third rails all the third rails with Her penis now yes sashim Little Feather Penis uh we did a segment on this not Too long ago right because it was the Anniversary and this was trending Because everyone was furious with John Wayne because he gave an interview in a Magazine that doesn’t exist anymore Um so it was a Sheen Little Feather Remember accepted the Academy Award for

Marlon Brando and there’s some updates Here but for those of you who don’t Remember Let me refresh your memory of Clearly Native American Sasheen Little Feather the Oscar speech In 1973. that’s hello my name is sasheen Little Feather it’s not catchy you’re Not president of the national Native American affirmative image committee You’re not I’m representing Marlon Brando this evening and he has asked me To tell you in a very long speech which I cannot share with you presently Because of time but I will be glad to Share with the Press afterwards that he Very regretfully cannot accept this very Generous award he wrote on a Burger King Napkin and the reasons for this being The treatment of American Indians today By the film industry Excuse me [Music] Look at the fake victim taste television In movie reruns And also with recent happenings at Wounded Knee okay so why didn’t you Remember when people took over a town Yeah well the story that we come yeah Yes where they were executing they took Over it there was a guy who would uh it Was a cop killer yeah anyway we did a Whole segment on that she was actually Talking about Marlins Wounded Knee when He was running into Big Boy yes

They still offer quality food and Affordable prices fantastic so here’s What she had to say about her speech Also by the way and you may think it Seems self-aggrandizing Yes I spoke my heart not for me myself As an Indian woman but for we and us for All Indian people I had to speak the Truth whether or not it was accepted it Had to be spoken on behalf of native People well according to her biological Sisters Rosalind Cruz and Trudy Orlando None of that is true She’s not even native at all she’s not Native American at all so Orlando said It’s a lie and she also by the way let Me also preface this we don’t have that I don’t have this in front of me she Also claimed that her father was an Apache alcoholic this is what sort of Spurred them to speak out gotcha was she Was really throwing her family her Parents under the bus uh also by the way That’s incredibly racist because she Just picked a stereotype to make up a Story like yes yes my father’s an Apache Alcoholic he can’t handle his fire water Yeah which is redundant yes So Orlando said it’s a lie my father was Who he was his family came from Mexico My dad was born in Oxnard And uh assistant I mean you’re not going To be a Mexican-American princess you’re Going to be an American Indian princess

It was more prestigious to be an American Indian than it was to be Hispanic in her mind and Cruz the other Sister said it is a fraud it’s Disgusting to the heritage of the tribal People and it’s just insulting to my Parents Not only was her father not an Alcoholic or abusive her father didn’t Drink he didn’t smoke and he didn’t Suffer from mental illness the truth is That her grandfather abused her father So she stole that story wow sprinkled a Little bit of racism in there to claim He was an Apache alcoholic then claimed It as her own and no one vetted it so This is a couple of things here we’re Going to get into this is just another Example in a long line of fake Victimhood because there’s actually a Net benefit to claiming to be a victim At this point man to be marginalized in 2022 boy is it a leg up not only that But you used to say Well when the news Used to be in certain sort of Romanticization you know Nostalgia here It never was they never vetted anybody This woman when her whole life it took Her sisters after she died to come out And say none of that was true her dad Was a Native American her dad was an Alcoholic she has zero Parts Native American oh and by the way she said when We were young we didn’t we didn’t have a Running water they said we did have

Running water and we did have a toilet Every single thing that she said was Untrue and it would have been very Easily verifiable no one wanted to do it Yeah and I don’t really give her sisters A whole lot of credit for 40 something Years later coming out and being like Oh Yeah it was a lie yeah couldn’t you have Like helped us all back then right That’s why I can see it like yeah I Guess I can see hiding it out of Embarrassment because they just don’t Want anything to do with it right but Yeah they wanted to clear their parents Name is what they said they said because Their parents would run through the mud As abusive Native American and it just Wasn’t true it would have been better While they were alive you would think so Yeah but now they’ll never know right That’s yeah true they’ll always well I Don’t know if he’s native he believes in Reincarnation oh that’s right he’s not That Oh good I feel like Marlon probably did That on purpose he hated Hollywood he Was like she’s not Native American he’s Like yes it’s acting Elizabeth Warren’s Not ready yet And it’s like wait till you see the Future that brings us to this point Right we’ve talked about the Marginalization the oppression Olympics There’s this presumption that of course

It’s a huge leg up to be a straight White male okay before I go on to the List of fake victims here let me ask you This and I’d like for you to comment Below genuine question just a gut Feeling let’s say you go in for a job Interview and you’re a straight white Male and you have the exact same Qualifications as black female as trans Individual lesbian or even just a woman Heart of hearts right now who do you Think’s getting the job assuming all Other qualifications are the same You really think they’re going to pick The straight white male just because He’s a straight or they’re going to try And fill a quota One question I Or they’re gonna pass me over because I Don’t check any boxes I’m sorry the Trans card is just such a trump card now You could just just wait to the very end Ah Sarah we just don’t think you’re Qualified but But I’m trying for crying out loud Dave Took a leak on a tree and he’s on a Watch list I know yeah yes it was in Front of a playground and yes the school Was in session yes it was the eighth Time yes and it was same school same Tree you shouldn’t return to the scene Of the crime no but lesson learned This person does it on a national Broadcast ah you know okay I guess

That’s fine so it’s totally it’s totally Completely unacceptable and what do you Think would happen if just a straight White male who was running well you know What it would be Joe Biden who lied About everything I believe it was in 1988 they found out he plagiarized they Found out he didn’t finish in the top of His class like he claimed they found out He didn’t get they found out he didn’t Get three degrees like he claimed and Guess what that sunk his candidacy back Then he was a compulsive liar and so he Lost this woman is a compulsive she was A compulsive liar and it took her Passing her parents uh passing and Finally her sisters to come out 40 years Later for us to figure it out let’s go Through some other uh fake victims here Remember Sean King Yes yes thankfully enough he’s kind of Gone away he’s got Rachel dolezal you Have Kamala Harris who’s faked a lot of It when she’s talked about you know Black white sorry Indie Native American Sorry Indian sorry maybe Native American You have Elizabeth Warren who claimed That she was part native American that Was complete and total horse crap you Have Ariana Grande who is Italian like The Native American tear guy right she’s Tried to play up the ethnic card here’s Actually a side by side uh of her a few Years apart what

Yeah wow she’s white you have people who Fake and then so we have that there are A lot of examples of people who are Completely Hispanic it’s Italian oh That’s right okay She’s American Italian S do this a lot yeah they do it as a Half Italian I gotta say I’ve never uh Pretended to be a Native American well Because Italian really isn’t a whole lot At this point it doesn’t check any boxes You’re basically a white guy yeah oh Yeah of course you are and then racist And you yells stuff outside of bars yeah Minorities I mean once in Brooklyn and The Irish Bensonhurst yeah not fans and Both of them though they share a common Bond in their dislike of Jews yeah no Um back in the day so here’s the thing You have people who’ve completely Outright faked their identity okay again That would that would mean there’s an Incentive to do so but then you also Have people who are either biracial or Who do have a component of their Ancestry unlike Elizabeth Warren who has None And then of course they always try and Identify with the marginalized portion Of their identity of the ancestry and Again my only question is if it was such An advantage if it was such a walk in The park if life is easier when you’re a Straight white male or female why is it

That people continually identify with What would be perceived as the Marginalized group if they’re biracial And I know what you’re going to say That’s because Society has already Decided if you’re for example biracial Half white half black but we’re not just Using those examples you just saw Ariana Grande Vin Diesel whose mother is Completely European right has an Adoptive black dad he calls himself Quote definitely a person of color Also that’s helpful the things I’m going To do for my country yeah like lie about My 23 and me yeah you know what I’m Gonna go with Vin Diesel that’s a good Name yes First name Vin like the car like a Carving yeah yeah it’s diesel I like Diesel like these trucks and they got Vince yeah diesel is like the gasoline Vintage like the car yeah because you Get more torque with diesel yeah I’m Very creative yes For proof see Fast and the Furious 84. Okay it’s really as great as the other One The Asians love it then you have Colin Kaepernick right on the other hand he Was raised by white parents only claims His black Heritage now I know that we Are going to say well that’s because People would identify look get rid of The get rid of the teased fro okay and

People like I don’t know Persian your Guess is as good as mine it kind of fit In a number of different categories These Abercrombie ethnic there you go Yes he’s ethnic enough but you know they Would put him on a billboard because it Doesn’t intimidate white people yeah He’s he’s just enough he’s just he also Identified as a good quarterback for a Little while that didn’t work out either Right and then you have Barack Obama he Never called himself the first Half-white president even though he you Know was largely raised by a white Grandmother I mean look he’s the least Black black guy who’s been in that Office let’s be honest Sarah Palin would Have dusted him on the basketball court For crying out loud well I’m pretty sure Clinton was the blackest at the time he Played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall Yeah yeah he’s definitely came off a Little more but this is this is a Genuine question something that cannot Be observed statistically so we’ll make All the references available at for the examples again It’s a question to is anyone still Buying this that it is such an advantage To be a straight white male at this Point how many people are rushing to Fake to be a straight white male how Many people out there are biracial how Many people out there uh who could and I

Guess more conveniently pick a portion Of their ancestry saying yeah I’m just Irish-american you never see it and I Know before you say oh but Society has Forced us to conform to no no that’s not True especially when you look at the Entertainment industry and you look at The representation in the media in the Entertainment industry and we’re not Just talking racially we’re talking Lgbtq right all of this there’s a higher Percentage of representation of all Minority groups in all of our media and I don’t have a problem with that if it’s A meritocracy but at this point why are People constantly rushing to lie to you If it is in fact so much more difficult To be a Native American so much more Difficult to be a black man Vin Diesel So much more difficult to be and what is Ariana claiming to be Italian No that’s what she is but she is Italian But she goes she’s really playing it up I guess I thought she was pretending to Be Hispanic is she I thought Grande was She the one who also pretended to change The genders saying I’m I’m uh gender Neutral and then went back was that Ariana Grande or is that the other one Who looks like Ariana Grande but isn’t Ariana Grande you know who I’m talking About there’s Ariana Grande and there’s The other one who’s not who am I talking About you guys know what I’m talking

About we need Gary to oh someone knows Demi Lovato Demi Lovato that’s it They’re the same person pretty much Have you ever seen them in the same room Together nope just saying One’s uh well Ariana’s I think a little Uh more appealing who’s the one who Licked the donuts and said I hate America that was Grande no that was Grande why did you know that so quickly Yeah we talked about on the show she Licked donuts oh that’s right chest as a Servant said I haven’t hate America I Don’t know you see Ariana Grande lick Donuts you never forget it yes oh geez That’s the kind of event that sticks With you so Bones right I’m standing up for Native Americans you’re not Native American I’m Standing up for people of color you’re Not a person of color Vin Diesel uh Let’s compare that to someone with Actual brass pendulous balls you may not Know this guy just go with me here for a Second there’s a fight on the UFC named By Neil darush now I know you’ll see him And you’ll think Hijacker But the irony here is He’s actually iranian-american he’s a Christian which again that and of itself In and of itself the Fleer on that Someone who has a family they had Something to risk they had something to Lose so he’s a Christian uh

Iranian-american okay and I watched this The fights this weekend which were Fantastic and we often have some friends Who are fighting if you’ve watched the Show we’ve had them on the show Um he gave a speech and there’s always You know a component of obviously a risk If you go out and you make a very uh I Should say on the nose Christian except In speech it’s not very accepted in the Entertainment industry they’re Significantly more forgiving in the UFC But then it dawned on me that he gave This speech in Abu Dhabi for context Watch this for the Winner’s decision [Music] [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen I’m here with Vanilla Darius vanille once again man You only step up the fight it does not Matter who how good does it feel to get A victory over young up and coming Fighter like Mateo’s gamrod Uh I’m sorry Daniel but I got to take a Minute I need to dedicate this fight My people in Iran I know you’re Struggling I know you’re fighting for Freedom I know it’s a tough struggle I Want you guys to know we’re praying for You and we love you let me tell you one More thing this might be the most Important thing you’ll ever hear there

Is true Freedom a freedom that no one Can take from you in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God don’t ever forget That if you remember one thing I say Remember that honestly that’s pretty Articulate considering his brain was Just scrambled and bounced off the mat Like a basketball but it’s pronounced Iran yes Iran Ariana Grande is Italian-American Italian so keep in mind Iran is 99 Muslim good for him though UAE is 76 Muslim that’s the crowd there And I don’t know if you know this uh Because I know we’ve talked about how Awful uh you know the Christian history As a Western Christian history Um Muslims and they have this thing Called Sharia law and in a lot of these Countries if uh you convert or if you’re Trying to convert from Islam then they Murder you mm-hmm yeah yeah yeah and if You try to convert anybody else and I’m Not sure they double murdered but Abu Dhabi is like throw you off a building If you’re gay Muslim but it’s very close Iran for sure is yeah well they still Have indentured servants and Abu Dhabi People don’t realize that that’s slavery Yes Excuse me it’s low-paid slavery yes it’s Low paid slavery it’s the people who Work the donut counter that Ariana licks Yes well they pay extra no a lot of People don’t realize this about UAE a

Lot of people don’t realize that the Laws that still apply often to women in UAE I had a friend who competed at Abu Dhabi in uh it’s this prestigious Grappling tournament and she had to walk Around the building I don’t know if this Is still the case today this would have Been maybe six seven years ago she had To walk behind all of the men because You weren’t allowed to walk in front of Them at that point it’s it’s it’s not Exactly what you think you go and you go Oh look they have a fake ski mountain oh Isn’t that no no hold on a second there Really is an underbelly there that is Still uh not only unfair to women but is Incredibly incredibly fascist in a lot Of ways and this exists and every single Majority Islamic country and it has Since The beginning of Islam just to be clear It’s not the same thing because there is A system of laws by the way that require Punishment for those who don’t know this Is when Ben Carson got in a lot of Trouble he said I believe that Sharia Law is incompatible or the Quran is Incompatible with the Constitution Because unlike the Bible there’s a System of laws that are prescribed which Is it not just hey convert or you’ll go To hell in the afterlife it’s convert or You die if you are Islamic and you Convert if you’re Muslim and you convert

To Christianity you die if you try and Convert anywhere else you die if you Don’t convert to Islam if you were Someone who happens to have already been A Christian for example in the native Land you are subject to dimitude which Means you have a curfew which means you Have to pay a poll tax it’s a second Class citizenship there’s a system of Laws that exist in the Islamic world and By the way with banil Darius a name like That and a face like that tell me that You didn’t expect that voice Did not at all and by the way if that’s The only thing that he had ever said About the subject he’s never going back To Iran that’s enough for Iran to put Out a fatwa against him basically you Know the thing that Pakistan did against You I think it’s still active by the way We’ll have to see if we thanks for Bringing that up and drawing attention To it to renew it or not uh 10-year Renewals on those things no but I mean It literally is a regular travel agency It’s debt for him and death potentially For his family at the very least they Would be social outcasts in the Community so I mean it was a huge people Were like oh whatever he said no no no No that’s life-changing yes life Changing for him and his family Potentially and not to mention as far as Popularity right there is some influence

In the UFC when you look at Abu Dhabi Right they have this deal with fight Island and this guy’s on I believe a Seven fight winning streak it’s either Seven or eight he was a hot and cold Fighter and right now he just broke into The top five he’s unbelievable if you Haven’t watched him and it is criminal That he’s not getting a title shot I Don’t mean actually criminal I mean Figuratively so comment below if you Were familiar with it and if you uh you Know you some support I’m sure we can Find his social media handles by the way Just kind of as a briefing here you know In Iran right now people they’re Currently engaging these massive Protests against this you know Dictatorship of the Ayatollah and I Believe the Ayatollah is still on Twitter Facebook can we get you guys to Confirm that they removed Donald Trump While he was President Um protest started by the way after a 22 Year old her name was a Masa amini uh Died while she was in the custody of Iran’s morality police that’s an actual Thing and she was reportedly arrested For breaking hijab rules they claimed Something else it hasn’t been entirely Consistent but it shouldn’t matter no One should be arrested by the morality Of police ever we usually use it as a Figurative thing here like oh who are

You the morality police yes Exactly what morals do you have to Enforce oh they’re not very moral no no Only their morality we can do whatever We want and get away with it but if a Woman goes without a head covering Ah That’s a Line in the Sand buddy well Here’s something we have a clip uh Coming up here really oh still on Twitter lovely just not wanting to see a Woman’s body is weird to me sorry I’m Gonna say well it’s it’s immodest they Say I can’t be trusted I see a little Bit of ankle it’s off to the racist no What happens if I see the nape of her Neck oh boy I’m going to be playing The Black Keys I can reach now it gets my Nine-year-old driver boy so I can rape Him yes exactly no homosexuality no no It’s just a power move right right yes It’s a power move I give never take it’s Okay I find that offensive look into it Yes look into it remember they claim Remember when Ahmadinejad and the guy Who looks like Jake Gyllenhaal with a Terrorist beard he claimed that they Didn’t have any homosexuals in Iran yeah None yeah because you all do it in Secret or you kill them yeah yeah yes It’s a self-solving problem yes So all the people of Iran when people Today say hey if I would have gone back In time and I look at what happened with Slavery you know I would have done

Something there’s more slavery right now On Earth than ever throughout human History 40 something million slaves We’ve talked about that but when people Say oh you know what I would have done Something to protect the Mars right now You want to act like that person on Channel 4 playing the piano with her Penis is marginalized but there are People right now dying today and I don’t Mean freedom of speech just here like in What what you mean the freedom to say Offensive things I mean freedom of Speech simply to wear clothes simply to Speak uh as a non-muslim that’s the Baseline where talk talking about Protesters in Iran have been burning Hijabs have been cutting their hair and By the way these people again The measure of a man or a woman is what Do they do when they stand to lose Something and these people stand to pay With their lives [Applause] Everybody [Applause] Good for them yeah they’re standing up All over the place against this stuff But there was there was an Iranian Climber who was called up to climb early This was going around I think two weeks Ago something like that and she wasn’t Ready and so she didn’t have her head Covering on it so she had to climb in a

Competition without it and was Immediately met at the airport when she Got home into her home country gift Basket ah no I think it was the same Morality people a greeting committing a Gift casket yes uh exactly I mean Beating women who don’t have head Coverings at the very least that’s what Happened to this woman who was in Custody and then complications arose From that I don’t know the whole story But it’s it’s entirely likely that they Just you know went way way way too far Beating her and she was not able to take It right died because of the injuries Yep you should I mean I understand Cultural differences I get it you want To enforce a rule that this is your Culture fine I disagree with it that’s Why I don’t live there and I’m never Going to go there but beating people for That reason wasn’t she a child like she Was a teenager right yeah 22 23 years Yeah very young okay and she was young But here’s the thing Iran has always had This kind of running through this desire For Freedom it has always been there Especially amongst the young people that Want to protest all the United States Needs to do is to stand up and say we Support you that’s it yeah and right now I mean I know politicians have said we Stand with people who are in in Iran no No no no

Ayatollah Khomeini you’re off Twitter You think you should be able to wipe out The entire country of Israel and Jews Should be pushed into the sea your words Not mine and you guys have no right to Tell women that they can’t do that no Right whatsoever the United States Stands behind you right there there you Go Mass protests erupt in Iran problem Solved isn’t it kind of interesting that We you know we talked about Ukraine and Russia where it’s just one corrupt crap Hole versus another corrupt crap hole And obviously my heart goes out to the People the innocent people who are Affected by this but then we’re dealing With people who are actually you know Creating an uprising against what is Unilaterally agreed upon us a corrupt Government a government that is you know I mean government the loses sense of the Word you’re talking about a place where Human rights don’t exist and we’re not Sending dozens or now maybe hundreds of Billions of dollars depending on how you Do the Creative Accounting to help any Of these people we’re not really doing Anything yeah and every time Israel Launches airstrikes to make sure that They can’t develop nuclear weapons to Set them back in their development for That we kind of stand on the sidelines And maybe wag our finger a little bit or Stay silent it’s like no no no be like

Yeah hell yeah we sent them in there we Told them like look we’ve got the Intelligence go every single time why Are we playing around with these guys Well that’s also again why this guy you Know benildarius have all the respect in The world from form and this is actually The biggest controversy since I don’t Know if you guys remember this but There’s a guy named Joel Romero Terrifying built like a he’s one of Those guys he won a medal in the Olympics he’s from Cuba no one actually Knows how old he is yeah And he doesn’t really speak English and He he tested positive but to be fair it Was a tainted supplement but he looks Like an action figure and this was after Uh Ireland had the gay marriage ruling Or whatever happened there but I don’t Know if it was a referendum exactly and He went up into this heavy accident he Caught all this Flack because he said he Said what happened to your USA no for The gay hey Noah foreign Gay Jesus not not gay Jesus he was Trying to say don’t forget Jesus uh I Think oh wait do we we have we have a Clip but tell me we have a clip okay Let’s roll this clip hey Hey USC hi Miami hi Florida Listen people listen listen [Applause] What happened to you USA what happened

To you What’s going on you forget for the Depression the best of the world the Name is Jesus Christ what happened to You wake up you were saying go go back For you go go for Jesus not forget Jesus People that’s it Don’t forget Jesus you should keep your Politics at home he’s like no I’m not Saying for a guy I say no forget Jesus Okay you’re saying that not for gay Jesus no USA I say no for gay no forget Jesus yes that’s what we’re hearing no Fruit no a UFC he’s doing colleges now Who’s gay Jesus hey hey Are those the only two you know hey hey How do you understand Terrible every night you know he’s Praying like I didn’t mean to say you’re Okay Jesus [Laughter] And then the most terrifying thing he Was fight that guy’s built right oh yeah And he was about to fight Michael Bisping he was terrifying he was on a Tear and Michael Bisping in the balcony And he’s motioning like yeah giving him The finger let’s fight and it’s even Scarier because he just turns him he Goes hey Michael Bisping I love you You’re like oh my God why’d you say that We’re about to witness a sex crime I know you’re mine you seem to have two Very different stances this is much more

Intimidating I have split personality USA I don’t want to gay Jesus but I like gay Me and you yes I no forget Jesus but put in the class When I’m with with Mike I love you Fifty Shades and no forget Jesus Black forfeits the match Mike would like to uh go uh ghee yes Again my question to you is what have You done this is n’t of a conversation What have you done when you’ve had Something to risk you can comment that Below when have you we get these chats All the time on mug like oh man I might Get in trouble in my job I think it’s It’s time for everyone to start taking Some risks because that guy out there is Facing life or death consequences and The fact that you might get called to HR You know because you have a study Bible In your desk really doesn’t mean all That much to the guy upstairs so uh We’re gonna move on here too Boy landlord this show really feels like The Titanic because it’s a sinking Tragedy no because all the women and Children have clearly long since left I haven’t seen such a sausage fest since The Folsom Street Fair only they had Better physiques And jokes have you heard the one about The wholesome Street Fair who Confused the birth control for the prep

Pill no what happened well the good news He didn’t get pregnant Test pill that helped you Gerald yeah Okay all right all right that’s okay I Don’t know why we give him the balcony I thought we took that down but I did I Did realize it’s still there no it’s Still there by then I think you know Exactly what he’s insinuating I think You know what he meant no photo I’m not You imagine if that guy saw the Folsom Street Fair I was just like hey Just gay Jesus eight guys turn around No if I want to have sex on flow yeah Okay So USA he says we can have sex and poop In the streets no I say hey no oh He says let’s go he’s just the most Misunderstood man in America I haven’t seen its bone chillingly scary All right hey uh we just had so many Segments we wanted to hit from this Weekend former Vice President Joe Biden He’s kind of giving us more father Father Oh boy he’s giving us more he’s Not he’s not until it comes to shower Time yes uh oh former Vice President Biden is now on the campaign he’s on the Campaign Trail uh and he’s trying to Help candidates I’m like that’s okay Stay home and so he’s on the road quite A bit and of course the more you see

Former Vice President Joe Biden just the Worse it is for him so that brings us to This week invite wait if you have a Problem figuring out whether you’re for Me or Trump then you ain’t black I have Not made that formal decision but it’s My intention my intention to run again And we have time to make that decision Uh Dr Biden is for it Mr President oh Dr Biden thinks that uh My wife thinks that uh That I That were that were doing something very Important I think the best way to make The judgment is to uh to you know watch Me you know am I slowing up am I don’t Have the same Pace in it or you know uh And that old joke you know uh Um everybody talks about the you know The new 70s 50s and all that stuff you Know I you know it could be I’m a great Respecter of faith I could get a disease Tomorrow I could you know drop dead Tomorrow and will people who have Privately held loans will they at some Point become eligible for this Forgiveness because they no longer are We are working on Pathways there to Support those but we’re moving as Quickly as possible to provide relief as Many people as possible At all Yes Read it man you’re a good educated how

Would you say your mental focus is Oh it’s focused I said I think it’s I I haven’t look I have trouble even mentioning even Saying to myself my own head the number Of years I know more think of myself as Being as old as I am than fly I mean it’s just not uh I haven’t observed anything in terms of There’s not things I don’t do now that I Did before whether it’s physical or Mental or anything else wait if you have A problem figuring out whether you’re For me or Trump and you ain’t black We’re all gonna die yes yeah I think He’s on what adrenochrome and Xanax yes As in cocaine for uppers yeah yeah like I just don’t understand he’s like you Know you’re saying the 50s the new 70. That’s great thank you I was worried for A second yeah Terrified it’s also not relevant because You’re 90. yeah it’s also not an old Saying yeah but it’s not even a new Saying yeah one could argue it’s not a Saying please tell me you’re not the one Negotiating to keep a nuclear bomb from Going off in uh Ukraine right now please Tell me just as body language honestly My heart does go out to the former vice President by someone who has had people In the family who’ve suffered memory Loss and I’m not a doctor I’m not Diagnosing them but I do see the same

Kind of signs that I’ve seen with Alzheimer’s in my family yeah uh could Be dementia I mean I had a relative who Would just ran people with shopping Carts this guy was a professor this guy Is just fun yeah but then when he was Always with it it was a totally Different person and he laughed his ass Off he was back to his childlike State And Where’s his family though who I’m angry With his family people who are supposed To be looking out for him he’d be better Off growing his nails and pissing in Jars in his home theater oh yeah yeah He’s he’s like the old guy at like your Old relative at a family reunion where Two minutes into the conversation you’re Like great to see you Uncle Joe yeah I’m Gonna go because this is making me Uncomfortable right you’d be slightly Uncomfortable except you’re angry for The fact that he’s so handsy yes well I Love I love it could you just let go of My daughter so I can go food That’s a doll Joe stop sniffing the doll Okay he’s trying to bring it back to Life like Annabelle yeah no I love in That interview where he’s like well just You know I understand he was saying that Criticisms of somebody that maybe is Getting older and starting to lose a Step they’re fine it’s fine to criticize That because but just look at me look at

What am I am I uh have I lost a step yes And then we played like all these clips And it’s like yes you should never have Said just look at what I’m doing because What you’re doing tells us You might be 25th amendment but I’ve had People say you know like well I just Feel bad for them you know like I really I just think that we shouldn’t be like Shaming him for that for getting older And it’s like he’s the president yes I’m Not sure that’s the problem you should Be able to talk about if he was anyone Else fine we shouldn’t have to put Cheerios in the bowl for when the President pisses no it’s uh Perfect aim I gotta hit those little Lows just for breakfast you can’t do That the doctor gave me Cheerios squash Banana Kamala can’t do that I know for Sure oh SpaghettiOs what what did you say Applejacks they don’t taste like apples Oh boy what we like and cut wow okay Yeah he’s the leader he’s a former vice President yeah leader of the Free World If you can’t shame someone for being Wholly incapable of doing their job and I mean by the way when did criticism Become equated with shame this is the Brilliant Ploy right shame is bad no one Should feel shame some people should Feel ashamed yes plenty of people should Feel shame and then criticism is not the

Same as shaming somebody we’re not Shaming former Vice President Joe Biden Because he is maybe suffering from Memory loss or clearly he’s lost a step We are saying he is Holy and capable of Doing the job that he was fairly and Freely elected to uh and uh you can be Compassionate but also be furious with The current state of affairs his Handlers the party the platform that has Thrust him there and his uh family who Are just Hangers On who are not looking Out who’s looking out for Dad for Husband for a grant for Grant none of Them are going to come out and tell the Truth that’s how that’s an evil evil Family could you sit back and watch if Your dad was going through that never Could you sit back and watch and say Yeah give him a power saw I would no but If I was if I was his family member and He was running for president I would Come out and torpedo his campaign like There’s I’m sorry I would come out and Be like look he’s he’s lost a step it’s Okay he was the vice president of the United States it’s a great achievement You’re in politics your entire life you Suckled at the government maybe not the Best achievement in the world but you Did it right off into the sunset as a Quote-unquote powerful vice president Who told the Ukrainian people they Weren’t getting money unless they got

Rid of a prosecutor going after your Son’s business right right but still Yeah if you were in the family you would I think you would come out I probably Yeah you wouldn’t say all the horrible Stuff he did yeah but you just go look It’s a different part of the the brain Like my grandfather my dad said he had a Stroke yeah he could he couldn’t speak At all but he could sing happy birthday Right it’s the same with former Vice President Joe Biden he can still do Corrupt things yes He can still collect money and know the Exact to the penny we’re supposed to get The underage shower massages yeah it’s a Totally different but it’s not the Frontal lobe yeah but then they have to Remind him not to eat an ice cream come Upside down yeah The only guy who gets brain freeze Before he is What is this he fell asleep during a Live interview guys and you know you Know they gave him that interview at Like 9 00 a.m or something right because He’s the leader of the Free World from 5 A.m to 1 pm but after that he’s no good To anyone 1pm is dinner time but that’s True bedtime 153. and here’s how you know he’s a Puppet because if you look at what Former Vice President Joe Biden said I Mean Not only was he racist but you look

At how he was actually kind of more Traditional as it related to the Lgbtqaip when he was trying to uh Portray himself as a practicing Catholic That’s completely out the window so this Brings us to this other story here Um where former Vice President Joe Biden Sat down this was going everywhere uh Viral everywhere for all the wrong Reasons uh a transgender Tick-Tock Activist say that three times fast and Then try not to throw up Dylan Mulvaney Not to be confused with uh Dermot Mulrooney or Dylan McDermott and I still Think they’re the same person yeah they Are have you ever seen him in the same Room that’s the truth I’ve always Thought the same thing I don’t know one Was in Four Weddings and a funeral one Was in the practice in American Horror Story which one has more talent and Range I don’t think either exactly so It’s the same dude Tick Tock activist Dylan Mulvaney I’m mad about it and the Former vice president sat down to Discuss the term now is gender affirming Care let me be really clear as to what This means gender affirming care means Transitioning young children which we Were told was a fringe Theory and I’ll Get to that in a second so former Vice President Joe Biden with everything Going on right now in the world said oh It’s really important to sit down with a

Tick tock influencer to push the idea of Transitioning children during an Exclusive interview here’s a clip Foreign Joe Biden with uh Dermot mulrooney and It it feels like Republicans have turned Trans and non-binary people into this Thing to blame society’s downfall on in Some ways and this narrative is not only Dangerous to our mental health but also Our physical safety and particularly Trans women of color are being murdered At an alarming rate more than any other Group of people thank you how can Democratic leaders be more effective in Advocating for us trans people and our Families and our lives and our Opportunities I’m not being facetious when I say this Being seen with people like you Know I mean it I genuinely mean it and No one’s cutting you off people fear What they don’t know He’s a reading prompter and when people Realize individuals realize oh This is what they’re telling me to be Frightened up this is the problem this Is I mean people change their minds do You think States should have a right to Ban gender affirming health care I don’t Think any state or anybody should have The right to do that As a moral question as a legal question I just think it’s wrong well look first

Off when they say oh Society blames Their downfall they’re afraid of us People fear what they don’t know I will Tell you right there I’m a little bit Scared that the former vice president Sitting down with the bent neck lady I Do think that it’s not necessarily the Best Raving psycho And And you know that story right where I Fell asleep to the Christmas yule log on Netflix in a dark room in a dark room And then it decided to auto play Haunting of Hill House and that’s what You woke up my pulse has never been Higher until I saw that interview and Don’t think it’s lost on me your brains They had to pre-tape it we’re live right Now just so you know nothing up my Sleeve let’s go to CNN really quickly Just just show them what it is right now So you can see the clock we are live Right now we do this without a net so That you can see this happening in real Time they had to make sure they Pre-taped that and cut it and cut it and Cut it and sanitize it yeah and even Then it still doesn’t make sense no no I Mean it let me finish and she’s saying I Don’t know what who’s not letting you Finish let me stop hey She has a video that she put out before Too where she’s like I’m wearing the

Color of a trans flag and she’s going Out and you’re like you’re doing a Stereotype of a girl yes exactly it’s a Little like it’s a kind of offensive I Think to women but used to remember they Made Barbie fat because like these are Offensive stereotypes yeah and then they Decide of course when you’re talking About take Caitlyn Jenner take this Individual as an example it’s let’s Perpetuate The Stereotype of what a Woman should be well now We’re Off to The Races and by the way just for a Little more backstory who is this person The Germany Dylan McDonough I know That’s not the name but that’s what’s Called the popping in my head yeah uh Who was interviewed by the former vice President Hot girl summer hot girl summer day 75 Of being a girl and I’ve been carrying Around tampons and pads for the past two Months but I’ve actually went up so Let’s do it For a small medium and large based on The size of your Barbie pouch but after A Google I found out it’s actually the Level of your flow I thought Barbie was Toxic my crotch doesn’t look like other Women’s crotches sometimes because mine Does all the time little Barbie pockets Okay we all just normalize women having Bulges sometimes because we’re coming up On bikini season baby and you might see

A bulge or two so normalize the Bulge we Are normalizing the Bulge women can’t Have bulges and that’s okay wow it’s Like an incredibly Disturbed Jack Black Betty girls yeah I know what you’re Thinking anything girls shouldn’t have a Boat no and a girl can have a bulge and A girl can have a poach they’ll have a Bowling balls They let that in the White House yes It’s just it is absolutely normalize the Bulge for women why don’t you just let Somebody with the road flares tape to Him into the way yeah exactly I mean Look take away the the the trans Identity thing if a person had made Videos like that I’d be like yeah you’re On a watch list for not coming to the White House or anywhere near where the President is ever going to be yes yes And they’re like no no you do the Interview the only time it might be Appropriate to say normalize the bows is If you’re speaking to a bunch of women Who’ve grown up next to a radiation Plant well in the tampon video she Actually takes the tampon and puts it in Water which I actually did as a kid and It filled the whole glass because I Found one my friend and I we were in Canada and it was out of a vending Machine we were like why would it fill The whole glass but I don’t know she does it and she pulls

It out and she’s like oh it’s for a Smaller flow it looks like a beautiful Butterfly I’m like what this person’s Not well Barbie pouch where you go gonna You’ve been carrying around tampons how Many stories have we covered where they Want to get rid of Barbie the left Because I think it’s toxic it’s a Negative female stereotype it’s this Transgender individual Dylan whatever Name his she’s I’m not trying to use the Right or wrong pronouns okay I want I See the picture in front of me and my Brain can’t compute it so it messes me Up just to be clear before you accuse me Of a hate crime that looks like a man it Looks to most people like a man in uh in Makeup and leather pants oh if Trump Said instead of I grab them by the you Know if he would have said I like to Grab him by the Barbie pouch he wouldn’t Have been president no That’s how creepy that term is and look Frankly I’m open to oh I’m fine with I Like a good bulge in the ladies Barbie Who does it like a good bulge I’ve never Look come what cabal no Bells your big Bulge Hillary would have won in a Landslide well Hillary is probably one Who wants to normalize the Bulge And Mike Obama I think you can’t say that what somebody Else says on the other side is wrong and Evil when it’s like they say that and

It’s like that’s a weird thing to say Just Barbie pouch right and normalize Women’s bulges and her penis I’m sorry I’m still stuck on that it’s summered With boobs than a penis I’m just like I Don’t know okay it’s summer so some Women have bulges yet what ones that are Wrecked Excuse me it’s a man okay well seriously This is some this is a perfect example Of them hijacking women please comment Below and hit the like button if you’re I know a lot of you watching listening Right now are women this person has now Decided they speak for you lots of lots Of women have bulges no you have a bulge Lots of women can get erections yes no You can get an erection let’s be clear Lots of women I speak for women women Look women do have their own issues of Course women have issues that are unique To them I understand that just like men Do and some can argue women have more uh Going into bikini system bikini uh Season With a giant penis in your bikini is not Chief amongst them for most women It’s almost like it’s not designed for That it’s almost like yeah it’s been Hijacked almost so and by the way what’s Important about this is you have the Former Vice President of the United States sitting down discussing gender Affirming care and this is necessary

Because we’ve discussed this Virginia Law right states have to protect parents Because we’ve talked about this too with Same-sex marriage okay when we went back I never supported same-sex gay marriage Not because I don’t of course civil Union all the same property sharing Rights whatever the problem is when you Declare marriage a fundamental human Right you’ve now declared that men and Women are fundamentally interchangeable That children do not need both a mother And a father or that it’s not ideal Because that’s why marriage laws exist In this country so when I went back and I discussed this look there is an issue Here you’re going to open up Pandora’s Box with the same sex marriage as Opposed to having civil unions which by The way many gay people run you look at Elton John and Rush Limbaugh agreed on That no one was trying to write goaltend Reject gay people putting each other in The will Now we’re here with they said hey what’s What what you’re just saying that adults Can’t make their own decisions no one’s Talking about children no one’s talking About transgender children well look Once you declare Merit a fundamental Right you’ve had in Canada for example Pastors who’ve been jailed for saying They won’t be involved with it because It violates their conscience it violates

Their their principles of their religion What do you think is going to happen if You declare as former vice president Just said there that no one should have A say if it’s a fundamental human right For a child to transition oh now a Parent not allowing their child on Puberty blockers is violating their Fundamental human rights it’s tantamount To abuse and Child Protective Services Can come and take your kids away which By the way has already started happening Depending on the state Look behind you there’s a slippery slope But you’ve been gaslit we’re members of The media and members of the Entertainment industry have claimed time And time again that the LGBT agenda that This normalizing with kids at home You’re just crazy it’s no no that’s That’s just that’s a fringe point of View you don’t need to worry about it Here you go here’s proof so-called Because opponents of gay marriage got Nothing and they tried everything Starting with a good old classic Slippery children sometimes make a Slippery slope argument if we allow Same-sex couples to marry then why not Polygamy why not incest why not Bestiality but conservatives such as Justice Antonin Scalia warned for Decades that the most basic rights for Gay and Lesbian Americans would put us

On a slippery slope to legalize polygamy Along with and I quote adult incest Prostitution masturbation adultery Beastiality and obscenity those are the Bits that Elizabeth warned you about Because no one back then predicted Children on puberty blockers you should Legalize prostitution you should tax it And test the girls to keep them safe That’s where I stand Dave for 2024. [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] Wait no wait no wait let me let me no I’m serious This way Hunter can stop having him Trafficked directly to his house that’s A joke Just brings them in a giant cake every Time like under siege like you don’t Have to do that every time or just a big Cartoonish Acme crate that he opens People know what you’re doing it’s more Fun this way yeah there’s eight alive Ones and two dead ones oh just trying to Keep it’s it’s the spice of life you Have to keep it a surprise so here’s the Thing they said oh slippery slope now You have Jon Stewart saying that it’s Abuse to not allow children transition You have John Oliver I’m willing to bet That every single person in that video Supports transitioning children to some

Degree and we know that every single Member of the platform the DNC right now In this Administration does if if anyone Doesn’t we haven’t heard them speak out It’s not a fringe point of view He thinks it’s just wrong for parents to Protect their children from gender Affirming care as they call it and that Means doctors coming in that means Surgeons coming in that means social Workers coming in saying oh this isn’t a Tomboy this girl is actually a boy and You need to acknowledge their Fundamental human right to exist well Sure I acknowledge the right to exist And that means thousands of dollars in Surgery and in hormonal care so here Yeah go ahead so what I’m going to say Is you know how they they actually Avoided saying the word children or kids Because if you’re over age you can you Can go get this Care on your own right There’s I don’t believe that there are Any restrictions maybe some states have Some kind of random miscellaneous rules But they said gender affirming care not Wanting you to think oh they’re talking About a 12 year old they’re talking About somebody who has to have mom and Dad’s permission they’re trying to like Sneak this thing in under gender Affirming care in general no no no They’re talking about kids yeah and just Won’t say it let me ask you this can a

12 year old and by the way we’re talking About kids as low as four five six yeah Showing you I was trying to be generous Yes but let’s say can a 12 year old uh Consent to sex no Okay what does does cutting off your Penis or does sewing up your vagina does It affect your sex life For the remainder of your life yes we Know that absolutely does in some cases They can’t climb extra the rest of their Life uh okay can a 12 year old Would a 12 year old be allowed to get Silicone breast implants it was just a Girl who said other girls have bigger Boobs than I do would that be considered Good parenting no of course not what About a young boy who wanted to get Plastic surgery because he didn’t like You know at nine years old didn’t like The way his face looked felt Self-conscious Would you allow a 12 year old boy would You allow a 12 year old Italian boy to Get electrolysis on his trapezoids Probably not you’d probably say it’s age And appropriate when they say yeah no But actually I’m a girl oh okay 250 000 in a hormonal replacement and of Course in surgical care which is Completely elective and unnecessary and By the way we have the stats on this We know that about 80 anywhere as low as 87 and there are older studies that are

As high as 95. Call it 87 that’s the lowest that we Have of children they completely grow Out of they completely grow out of Thinking that they are trans if you just Do nothing the moment you give them Puberty blockers Zero percent grow out of it so we go From 87 percent of kids growing out of It to zero percent by the way that eight That uh that remain that 100 in the case Of kids with puberty Pluckers they’re Now in a statistical Pool a reality a 42 percent attempted Suicide rate If there is if if any other scenario Whether it’s living their true self Whether it’s bulimia whether it’s Anorexia whether it’s someone with body Dysmorphia if they were on the road to To something that we know beyond any Shadow of a doubt increases their risk Of suicidal ideation and actually Carrying out suicidal action to 42 Percent Wouldn’t you do everything as a parent That you could to stop them but now the Government wants to stop you That is the most perverse Uh encroachment of government that I can Think of between the relationship Getting themselves between a parent and A child yeah it’s also not true self of Course yeah

Yeah no that we all have to when we live Our true self we all have to get to you Know half a million dollars in surgery To look like what we were meant to look Like yeah because God doesn’t make Mistakes but God made me looking like This and my uh my my Plumbing operates Like this so I’m going to correct all of God’s mistakes well yeah and the thing That makes you suicidal and hate Yourself that’s definitely your true Self that’s your truth when I go deeper And try to you know find peace you want To the thing that makes you die you want To glorify it no no it’s society that Makes them suicidal even though it’s Higher than Jews and Auschwitz and American slaves Something something Target bathroom and It doesn’t change after they transition It doesn’t change it doesn’t get any Better no there’s actually been a lot of Um Um people that have transitioned and Gone back that I’ve actually talked to Online a couple times and uh you know For numbers and sex and um but no Honestly like they’ve reached out Because of our show and they’ve said you Know like I had this my and I had this At 16 I was allowed to have this and now At 17 you know like a year later and now They’re you know 25 30 years old and They’re they’re Advocates against it but

It’s because it was a year later they Changed their mind and they had a Mastectomy right you know stuff like That and it’s it’s kind of sad because I Think that both those those voices need To be heard right not and not shun like They’re saying something bad it’s like This person lived in and experienced it They should be allowed to say like you Can draw your own opinion sure that’s The part I don’t get so why silence the Voice of somebody who’s experienced it Firsthand right well and I I’m kind of I’m putting this together in my head I’m Thinking through okay what if my son has Issues when he’s 10 12. God forbid if Don’t you put that evil on your Offspring you don’t know if he’s a son Yet well Thanks for hey you got a penis you’re a Son oh boy I hit my doctor Square in the Bottom yeah right But walking through that process yes Parents I understand that that’s a very Difficult situation to be in but parents Have gotten to the point where they Never want to tell their kids no they Never want to actually parent their Children but it’s part of the process That you have to go through and you have To make sure If you are neutral on this at the very Least you should make sure they get to a Point where they can make good decisions

In life I don’t know like buy a beer Vote Rent A Car those age ranges Something like that where you can Actually go okay this wasn’t a fad but Here’s the thing I’m really not Understanding right now This day and age in school where it’s Promoted to explore your sexuality to Explore your gender identity is this Really that big of a thing for kids Right now is this really the the hateful Environment that they’re making it out To be where they quote numbers like Trans female murder rate for people of Color is higher than any other people Group period I would like to do some Research into that and see how they got That number is it really it’s a niche Sampling size School you go do whatever you want yeah Well that’s the thing it’s like hey I Would like to buy this beer I’m sorry You’re a can of age but there’s a fake attached to it right right this way Would you like I’m sorry Blue Ribbon it Sucks too and by the way this is a big Part of it too is you know feminist I Was just watching the show The Watcher Uh I think that’s what yeah the Watcher I think uh I think it was on Netflix Because we were going to review it so They talk about their daughter and the Dad says hey you’re not even 16 you Shouldn’t be wearing lipstick or hey I

Can see your bra strap you know be Careful the message you’re sending out To young men and uh the mom says you Know we were never going to be like this We said we were going to raise young Girls who own their sexuality here’s Something that I wanted to bring up come On is when they say own their sexuality This is from feminists right his own Their sexuality largely meant being as Promiscuous as men and obviously it’s Backfired and obviously that is the Start of the blurring of gender lines That men and women are the same but let Me ask you this women if you’re watching Right now How does this pass a sniff test yes I’m Owning my sexuality I’m owning my value By giving it away let’s just look at Supply and demand let’s look at basic Economics the concept of scarcity is There any other example that you can Think of where you increase the value of Something by making it more readily Available and a greater Supply In other words how is it that women Believe they increased their value by Owning their sexuality which meant Giving it away well I’m in charge of it Well hold on a second unless you’re Talking about rape you’ve always been in Charge with it and by the way we’re all Against rape but the idea of free love And free sex where else would that

Increase the value of anything by giving It away for free yes let more men have One-night stands with you that’ll Empower you say anything think about Anything if if it doesn’t make sense if Oil was given away for free Red Bulls Right if you ever see the red Red Bull Girls that come up they have their Backpack they go man I’m dragging oh Thank God the Red Bull’s gonna give it Away for free now you’re not gonna buy a Red Bull They were trying to seed the market and Get you to try before you buy well yeah They also throw in some Fentanyl and That’s a problem yeah that is a problem That’s a labeling issue you said it was Cigarettes In bars to get you hooked and Captain Morgan would do that remember Captain Morgan were coming to bars they would Give stuff away for free yeah they give You shots and stuff but just a little Just a little bit but then they charge a Premium like and if you’d like more you Have to purchase it here but I always Did you’ve never increased the value of Anything by giving it away for free We’ve said this right now is a wrong Message to young men and to young women And it all started by deliberately Delivering the wrong message to young Women and now we said women can act like Men

And that’s one of the greatest by the Way turns of reverse psychology that I’ve ever seen men were like don’t do That don’t have sex freely with everyone You’ll be Totally valuable Skunked again don’t be just like us Here’s some cab fare and we have all We’ve gone through all this right by the Way increased estrogen levels in men That increases the risk of cancer also In women when we’ve talked about Hormonal replacement therapy in kids it Can increase brain swelling vision loss Right there are all kinds of problems You can go check out the references at Live with but now it’s being Echoed by England’s national Health Service uh and there’s someone from There who just released a statement the English National Health Service they’re Saying that most children who think they Are transgender are quote just going Through a phase so the NHS plans to ban Puberty blockers yeah no and the NHS Will now be banned for saying yes from All social media because they know Better than the NHS outside of very very Specific clinical trials are going to Ban puberty blockers for minors they Also the NHS warned doctors to not Encourage children to change their names Or pronouns here’s a quote social Transition such as changing a young

Person’s name and pronouns or the way That they dress is not a quote neutral Act doing so could have signed Significant effects in terms of their Psychological functioning in a case by The way you needed any more evidence of The slippery slope Microsoft has gotten In on that action with their new lgbtq Plus logo called the banner of pride Well I what you know they turned off the Comments on that so somebody throws some Soup on it that’s Windows 90. take a Guess that’s the I don’t know how many Genders there are flags so we’ll just go With you know all the colors yeah Exactly let’s just toss it all in there How could that be any less relevant to Computer software it’s a kaleidoscope Yes that’s all it is it’s what Harry was Looking through when he was robbing the House So this is the NHS what happened to Trust the science yeah this is why I Don’t say just trust this scientist they Appeal to Authority fallacies incredibly Uh it’s incredibly subversive because People go oh yeah okay Dr fauci I don’t Know you assume that you’re an idiot so You assume the people in power know but What do you do when the people in power The actual doctors are saying you really Shouldn’t do this this is bad and again This isn’t science like Dr fauci when You’re talking about the NHS where

They’re trying to make a prediction in The absence of information they are now Issuing prescriptions in the face of a Preponderance of evidence now All of the evidence that we have points To the fact that it is not only bad for Children But it is deadly for children who Decided to ignore all of the science That we have available again it’s not a Hypothesis it’s already been it’s Already been tested The former Vice President of the United States he’s decided to take it upon Himself to fly in the face of Science And say and I’m not kidding it’s the Most emotional no State should have any Right to stop parents from telling you You can’t be on puberty blockers hey Oh that’s a slippery slope way way off In the distance like Wilson in Castaway That’s where you are Share if share the show if you can hit The like button we have to go to mug Club I realize we’re kind of running Late a little bit today we’re going to Play they don’t make them like they used To and uh by the way Walther sponsor We’re doing a series of commercials here All this week going up to Halloween Spooky I don’t really need to there’s I don’t Really need a plug I’m just go to your Local gun range uh and try it just ask

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