Trans Starbucks Barista MELTS DOWN Over THIS Simple Thing…

By | October 31, 2022

An unnamed trans Starbucks barista posted a video of themselves melting down in the break room over a simple thing. Well, there were at least two things… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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I don’t think things are as bad as what This person makes them out to be How’s everybody doing my name is Anthony Bryan Logan and today we got to talk About a trans Starbucks Barista who Melted down in the video that they Posted themselves onto the social media About a couple of things I think the First thing was about the work being too Much eight hours at Starbucks oh the Horror the horror how can this person Survive then there’s also the issue of Misgendering now you got to understand This person is a biological XX woman I Suppose now for longer let me know in The comments below and they now identify As a man But you gotta pardon some people they May not be to understand what you’re Going through they may still see your Previous self they might not really be Able to recognize the new you and before I get too far into it let’s roll the Clip If you want to see the clip in full Without my commentary at the link as Always will be in the description and a Disclaimer I’m not here to just make fun Of this person I will crack jokes so That’s what I do I enjoy cracking jokes About anybody including my own self so It’s not like I’m targeting this person But I’m going to give some advice here Uncle APO time in a minute let’s roll

The clip first and see what’s happening From this person’s perspective People wonder why we need a union at Starbucks and I Am literally about to quit like I I Don’t know if I’m gonna do it but like I Really want to I almost walked out today And I’m crying in the back room right Now and I must cut on the floor it’s Just I like against science I’m like a Full-time student I get scheduled for 25 Hours a week and then on weekends they Schedule me the entire day open to close Up on the schedule for eight and a half Hours Both Saturday and Sunday let’s let’s Pause right there okay Now I was in this person’s shoes when I Was a young man in college 18 18 20 21 I was a full-time student at TCC then ODU and Norfolk Virginia and then I Worked to Old Country Buffet basically Full time I think at the end of me Working the Old Country Buffet I was Like what 21 I did almost 38 hours a Week At eight dollars an hour back then And I loved it you know I used to do the Whole open and close on the weekend like Yeah that’s fine I’m off of school I Don’t have any class so yeah let me go Ahead and get it I’ll do open and close And then I’ll go out after work go to a

Party hang out with some girls It’s it was fine to me I’m I’m 18 19. I’m not gonna be like a 80 year old man Trying to struggle to walk around I’m Energetic you know what I mean and I’m Getting money what’s the problem and I’m Living home with my mom at the time Because I’m 18 19 20 I’m in college so What’s the problem and if I had to live On campus I’d do that But I saved money and lived at the house I’m paying a little bit of rent at the House too it was no big deal I enjoyed The work because I enjoyed being able to Get money and I’m energetic so I don’t See what the problem is I’m like three And a half hours into my shift there’s So many customers and we have four People on the floor all day Only five people were put on the Schedule now I’m gonna say this maybe They’re understaffed that could be a Problem right there maybe they’ll Understand because that’s a problem Right now that’s a new pandemic right Not being able to stash people so I Could be sympathetic to this person and Their plight however however however if This person identified more as a Biological woman I’m not gonna lie to You I’d be more able to be able to Sympathize with them because with women Of course you know when girls start Crying everybody wouldn’t stop doing

What they’re doing but when that guy Starts crying don’t nobody care so That’s some advice for you right there a Man’s tears mean nothing a woman’s tears Sometimes can mean everything somebody Had to call out and there were four People running the whole store and There’s so many customers and there’s Possibly scheduled five people We only have 13 people employed at this Store and there’s so many customers There’s nothing like a We don’t have Fair scheduling managers Don’t care about us our manager was Supposed to come in this weekend and he Took himself off the schedule so we Wouldn’t be able to be held accountable For calling out he just literally poured On the schedule that he was scheduled on And put up a new schedule where he was On the schedule also he couldn’t have Even seen that he was scheduled in the First place because he didn’t want to be Held accountable for not wanting to come In If they they will do that because you Know they might they can just they could Just do stuff like that they do do that But you know what You worked there so at a certain point If your job isn’t treating you right you Have the option to go to other places You know you can’t do that you could Demand certain things and it’s like look

If maybe you want some more money you Want more pay you want better scheduling You got to be able to use Whatever leverage you have to negotiate Are you a good worker are you there all The time are you needed are you an Essential employee of this particular Establishment they’re already light on Staff so if you say you know what give Me some more money give me better hours They might be able to you know they Might actually Bend to your will but you Got to be strong you got to put on your Big boy pants and get out there and ask For what you want right They don’t want to help us We need a union because this can’t Happen this can’t happen we need Fair Scheduling we need managers to hold Themselves accountable for helping their Workers they refuse to turn mobile Orders off we need the Liberty to be Able to do that because there’s so many Mobile orders and I need to get through All of them and then people are yelling At me because I don’t have their orders Ready So A customer was misgendering me today Like really badly I didn’t have their Order ready and so they were just like Totally talking on each other and They’re like she’s clearly incompetent I Have a full 1000 beard

Let’s pause okay the whole mustache and Beer thing that’s so heteronormative Ain’t it that’s so binary ain’t it to Use their language I’m not I don’t talk Like that in my real life don’t nobody Say that it was like hetera huh what’s That mean anyway I’ve seen Lunch Ladies when I was a Little kid who were just regular ladies Not trying to be gender bending with More impressive mustache and beard Combinations okay and as a matter of Fact you’re talking about some new stuff People that are intentionally kind of Doing some gender bending stuff I saw a A guy like a biological male with some a Toyota Han car marks I’m talking about Some super impressive bearded mustache I Was like hey I want myself to be like that I I envied This guy’s mustache this guy did not Identify as other gender he was gender Fluid so it’s like I’m a I’m a male a Female a barista uh a a CIS bro you know He didn’t identify as anything so if you Were to say Um sir or ma’am or whatever it wouldn’t Even apply so the same thing to you I’m Not going to assume nothing really Oh I’m gonna assume it makes the most Sense all right and I’m seeing you Crying here and I’m hearing your voice And I’m feeling the emotion You are a biological woman you can

Identify something else and that’s That’s cool that’s your prerogative to Do so but I know what I see at the end Of the day I’m not a fool What the [ __ ] I don’t get accommodations for being Neurodivergent I don’t So neurodivergent that’s like like Autism or something or some kind of You’re not you’re different you’re Differently able mentally and if that’s Incorrect y’all let me know in the Comments I’m not saying he has to have Autism or she has to have autism or Whatever this person’s pronouns are I’m Just saying that could be a thing that’s Listed under the umbrella of Neurodivergence Like I can’t use like people get out of Me it’s in my sick time I don’t even Know what to do anymore I only got my Woods done with this job I really am Time to quit bro it’s time to equipment If you don’t like it go do something Else you know what I’m saying you you’re Probably a young man young girl whatever It is it’s time to quit it’s time to go Ahead and figure something else out and I’m gonna come back here so you can see Me clearly now I have a couple questions Just like questions my question would be What do you want to be in the future Because if it’s right here Starbucks is

Too much for you what are you trying to Do next are you trying to be in a Serious professional career in Corporate America something like that because that Right there where stress you clean Smooths out because not only are you Dealing with the pressure of the job Being able to perform you’re also Dealing with interpersonal politics in The in the office oh that’s that’s a Whole different animal right there Sexual harassment and stuff like that oh It gets real okay the brown knows in and The kiss-ups and all that trying to get To the top people girls that do Different things that sleep to the top Yeah Kamala harrises of the world you Competing with them too it’s a whole Crazy Minefield out there Incorporated America I’m not saying that always Happens but it is present You’re not going to do any kind of Physical labor job are you I don’t I Don’t presume so because most biological Women don’t it don’t really matter how You identify it’s just like you see a Bunch of biological males competing Against women in sports You know in on their teams as women but You don’t see it the other way around Really you don’t see biological women go Trying to compete against men it’d be The same thing in the workforce you see What I’m saying so at a certain point

Regardless of how you identify serve man Whatever your pronouns are you didn’t Really say that if I’m not mistaken Because you could have any kind of you Make up your own pronounselves or Whatever I think at the end of the day you’re Gonna still revert back to your nature As women and that’s fine that’s totally If I’m not trying to attack you for your Nature I have my nature as a man you Have horses a woman it don’t matter my My my race or identify whatever it is at The end of the day I’m still a human Being as are you and once you are able To really tap into that and understand That and embrace that you’ll be a lot Better off mentally because right now I’m seeing somebody that’s distressed And I think a part of that is them being Confused in the mind about who they are Every day okay you’re trying to go out Here and pay back as a man but you’re Not really equipped for that because you Aren’t that But I think I’ll leave that right there For now and what said you how do you Feel about this Barista do you feel Their pain you sympathize with them like What’s going on whatever your thoughts Are y’all let me know in the comments Below you guys should pretty much know Where I’m at at a certain point this Person uh just kind of stretched out not

Really feeling their job too much and I Think this really kind of underlines the Whole gender pay Gap thing if there is One you see if it’s a man right there It’s like look I’m gonna do the job Where I’m not gonna do it I’m not gonna Sit here and cry about it If I’m trying to get more money if I’m Trying to do something else I’ll do that I I do that or I’m gonna just roll out That’s pretty much what it is an Important crying about it you have Options you’re not forced to do it this Ain’t the only job in the in the world I Suppose maybe you live in nowhere USA But I doubt it if everybody has so much Money to be overwhelming you you could Go to other places they go to as well And work there and have a more Stress-free environment you can do a lot Of different things but I think one of The main things you should do is Understand who you are and your nature And not try to fight it with whatever You got going on with the hormones or Whatever you’re doing to yourself but Whatever your thoughts are please let me Know in the comments below and that’s All I got to say for this video if you Like what you heard please comment rate Share And subscribe Peace

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