Trans People Are SACRED Say Activists

By | November 1, 2022

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The opening monologue for the controversial play I, Joan declared that trans people are divine. And while that may seem like a strange sentiment, the belief that trans people are sacred is gaining surprisingly common among the progressive left…

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Are trans people sacred that is the Question we’re going to be asking Ourselves today not our trans people Worthy of human dignity our trans people Actually the gender they identify as no No are trans people sacred because According to an increasing number of Leftist activists the answer is yes if You go online you will find no shortage Of merch from t-shirts to coasters uh Laptop covers you name it all affirming That yes trans people are in fact sacred And in fact this motto is becoming so Common now we’ve actually seen entire Billboards dedicated to telling the Public trans people are sacred we’ve Seen these in Detroit and also Atlanta One artist behind a trans people are Sacred billboard who also incidentally Has a give your tithes to black Trans Woman billboard explains that his work Her work I don’t even know what what Gender or sex this person is claiming to Be I don’t care to find out but the Artist says it centers on Liberation Love and the beauty of black bodies Those that are fat and ones that exist Outside the binary the artist also says That my biggest lesson of 2020 is that I Truly recognize the importance of mutual Aid and resources of low income folks And black marginalized people people Need to show pay and protect black Trans People I don’t claim to know all the

Answers as to how to improve the lives Of you know people in the black Community but I’m pretty sure that Putting up Billboards saying trans People are sacred I mean it’s it’s not one of those steps And you see the thing with trans people Is that it used to be we all agreed that Yes uh being trans is is a mental Disorder you’re not actually the gender You believe you are but still you you Deserve to live comfortably and if you Want to socially transition that should Be your right to do so and then we moved On from that to saying hey you know what Actually trans women are women there’s No difference at all between them and And real women they’re the same as Everyone else well now we’ve evolved Even further from that saying that Actually you know what trans people they Are sacred they are of the Divine they Are Godly and I think this is exactly What happens sadly when you have an Entire ideology an entire movement that Is fed by narcissism and insecurity Unfortunately we have a lot more Examples to go through of trans people Being declared sacred but first I do Want to say a big thank you to today’s Sponsor The Epic Times if you’re Interested in breaking us and world news Then you need to be subscribed to The Epic Times and not only that but they

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First times that I ever heard that trans People are sacred was from this clip Which is a monologue taken from the Theater production I Jones People are sacred we are the Divine We’re practicing our Divinity by Expressing authenticity by enjoying our Multiplicity elevating our Humanity Finding the Unity hidden inside Community remembering our Collective Connectivity feels courageous creativity Unlocking The Blessed spirituality that We all seek yeah Spiritual dear Progressive gobbledygook Trying to masquerade as something Profound by the way if you’re not Familiar with the story of I Joan it is Actually the play that a while back ago Garnered a lot of criticism and Controversy for portraying Joan of Arc The saint as actually a non-binary trans Person and I feel like that is so Perfectly representative of how modern Feminism actually hates women like You’re going to take one of the most Famous historical female characters and Just change her gender because that’s What being Progressive is all about Nowadays the Erasure of women and it’s Interesting because in their review of I Joan the guardian uh which by the way Loved the play gave it 4 out of 5 Stars They explained that this Joan is code Driven by a god characterized as a deep

Internal Instinct rather than a deific Force so to clear up aggressives don’t Believe in God okay they don’t or if They do they think God is just whatever Desires they happen to have it seems That the only part of religion they Actually do like is the concept of Worship and in this case they want that Worship to be directed did to trans People it’s sick and disgusting but far From the only example of trans activists Trying to worm their way into religion Because you see there are actually Entire religious organizations that are All focused on centering trans people One group called trans Faith writes that We believe the experiences spiritual Vitality and Leadership of people of Transgender experience make our Communities stronger and more vibrant And they explain that their mission Statement is to affirm Empower and Engage transgender and gender Non-conforming people and that in this World quote people of diverse gender Experiences contribute to our Communities in vibrant ways and engage In our particular spiritual work with Vigor look if you want to have an Organization dedicated to furthering Trans rights go ahead there’s about a Billion of those that exist already but Trying to tie it in to religion that That that’s weird that’s creepy and to

Really illustrate how we have crossed The line from activism to full-on Blasphemy and idolatry we also have the Organization Ministries Beyond welcome They run something called the trans Formation Proclamation project where They explain that they seek to form Spaces of proclamation reflection prayer Worship and Faith Community Gathering by Centering trans and gender Non-conforming persons of Faith their Partners and families within communities Of Faith to create transcompetent trans Welcoming and trans affirming spaces a Spiritually enriching experiences it’s a Cult I mean I know we say that about the Left a lot but when it comes to this Trans ideology it’s it really is a Literal cult right now if during your Religious practices or in your religious Journey you demand that trans people be Centered That’s your religion being trans is your Religion and what’s really gross if you Ask me is the fact that yes this stuff Has begun to bleed into Christianity I Want to be clear uh anything to do with Like gender non-conforming whatever this Is not Christianity this is not what Christianity is about but sadly the fox Is in the hen house the adversary has Planted himself among Christians and is Trying to pollute the word of God and Here I’m speaking specifically about

This person named Liam Hooper who is Actually trying to argue that Adam was Either transgender fluid or some sort of Hermaphrodite I’m not even sure but I Know I know it’s not biblical when you See what gets translated as Adam It’s actually ha Adam or ETA Adam right So in Hebrew ET is like a signal it says to you the Word the definite article V or the is Coming up but what this story has been Read to me about is the creation of Gender and God’s ordaining one kind of Gender males and females That’s not what the text says we know That right Adam only becomes Adam in verse 20 after God has begun this relational work I Will create a Helper and so what God Does is the first like sort of gender Assignment surgery not reassignment Right this is the first like Cosmic Creation of of Bodiedness that is differentiated right And individuated not necessarily gender He’s literally trying to argue that all Of humanity stem from a trans person That God’s first created person Was trans it doesn’t get any more culty Than that and I know you might be Thinking Lauren these are just a few Examples of crazy French people this Doesn’t mean that Christianity is being Infiltrated to that though I will point

You to the Church of England and I know Any Catholic viewers of mine what you’re Thinking the Church of England has been Corrupted for literally centuries at This point but still this is bad even For them check this out from Paul brand From the spring he writes some of the UK’s most senior religious leaders Including former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams have written To the PM urging him to ban trans as Well as gay conversion therapy and I Know that in and of itself doesn’t mean You fall into trans rhetoric but check Out the letter they sent in this letter These Christian leaders write to be Trans is to enter a sacred journey of Becoming whole precious honored and Loved by yourself by others and by God I’m not a Christian scholar but if There’s one thing I know Christianity is Not about it is not about loving Yourself and certainly not about Becoming whole through anything other Than Jesus Christ I think this whole Attempt to deify trans people it so Perfectly encapsulates how when it comes To post-modernism the progressive left There is the need to break down all Barriers to go against all long-held Societal Norms oh something in history Used to be frowned upon well not only Should we no longer frown upon it but Now we actually need to raise it up as

Something that is aspirational and Divine that’s pretty much all I have to Say for now though and as always if you Enjoyed this video please be sure to Like share and subscribe it helps me out So so much until next

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