Tim Ryan Gets HUGE Reaction From Fox News Audience After Mentioning Progressive Policies

By | November 2, 2022

Tim Ryan won over a Fox News town hall audience by mentioning important progressive policies. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”Fox News Channel announced it will host a town hall with Ohio U.S. Senate candidates Tim Ryan and JD Vance next week.

The town hall will take place on Nov. 1 in Columbus from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will feature a live audience of bipartisan Ohio voters. Organizers say the event will focuse on key issues facing the swing state ahead of the election on Nov. 8.”*


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Attacks on oil companies profits are you For that Um I haven’t looked at exactly what he Wants to do I think the fact that oil Companies are making huge profits and Having stock BuyBacks right now while Average person here is paying nearly Four dollars a gallon I think that’s Wrong and I think we need to crack down We need to crack down on it You just heard a Fox News audience Applaud the only Progressive policy uh That I’ve really heard them applaud in Recent years now this is during a town Hall involving uh Tim Ryan who is Running for a senate seat in Ohio he’s Running against Republican JD Vance and Uh Tim Ryan got a lot of Applause Actually for his opposition or I’m sorry His position on other things including Marijuana legalization before we get to That though Emma I want to go to you because It doesn’t surprise me at all that even Conservatives would applaud some Progressives Progressive proposals Especially Progressive proposals dealing With corporate greed dealing with the Economy it’s just that they don’t really Get a lot of opportunities to hear what Progressives are actually proposing on These economic issues and so you know I Love that there’s an opportunity here For Tim Ryan to make it clear that hey

There is Corporate greed especially when It comes to the fossil fuel companies They know it the Republican voters know It and they want change it’s just that They’re never really allowed to focus on That I’m reminded and I was just checking uh My my phone to look it up to make sure That I was remembering it correctly and I think I am that uh Bernie Sanders During the last presidential election Did a similarly formatted town hall and Fox at Fox News when he asked the Audience if they would prefer a Transition to quote a government-run System or Bret there asked that on Behalf of him and a lot of hands and I Don’t remember the exact proportion but My recollection is that it was a Majority shot up and Bernie Sanders Really killed that town hall and Tim Ryan is not running a similar campaign To that of Bernie Sanders on the Presidential level But I love Tim Ryan’s campaign and I’m a Progressive I don’t Necessarily agree with the way that he’s Been framing some topics just like from A substantive level but we both have to Be principled in what we stand for and Also strategic and Tim Ryan totally Understands how to run a Statewide Campaign in Ohio or at the very least He’s been a multiple times re-elected

Member of the House in Ohio he has Connections with the Democratic party Infrastructural in Ohio Sherrod Brown Has given him a blueprint of how to run As like a more pro-labor pro-union kind Of like blue collar but more Conservative Democrat that’s also going Up against corporate greed at least Rhetorically and and and in many ways Substantively uh and and kind of staying Away from other issues to shave off more Apathetic Centrist or center-right Voters in Ohio and of the Democrats Running and I’m excluding fettermen from This because I think his health Challenges have presented a different Kind of quandary But I’ve loved his campaign other than That but of the other Democrats he has Run the best campaign against a Republican in the competitive Senate Races ahead of the midterms because of The way that he’s he’s just decided to Hammer certain points yeah I totally Agree with you and what you said about Tweaking the message in a strategic way That would have broader support is Important because I think oftentimes There’s this disconnect between what Progressive voters demand rhetorically Speaking of these candidates and what Actually works depending on which part Of the country and which race these Democratic politicians are running in

And I think you’re absolutely right uh Tim Ryan while I definitely have my Disagreements with him because he’s more Of an establishment Democrat He has been running a campaign that I Would have liked to see replicated uh With other Democrats uh running in these Congressional races now with that said Uh the statements about corporate greed And the fossil fuel companies wasn’t the Only area in which Tim Ryan got a round Of applause they also really liked his Position on marijuana legalization so Let’s take a look at that moment Well what I’m talking about here is Marijuana We need to legalize marijuana I think Well you said all non-violent criminals Out for sure I’m sorry you you said all Non-violent criminals I think the focus Is marijuana crimes in my mind So okay that last part was really Fascinating uh the follow-up question About all non-violent I mean I don’t Really understand why not like Non-violent individuals who are not a Threat to Public Safety need to be Locked up right unless you know we’re Talking about Wall Street Bankers who collapse the Economy and led to Countless Americans losing their homes And finding themselves an economic ruin I think in extreme examples in extreme

Cases you can make a case for Non-violent people spending some time uh Behind bars but overall I think Tim Ryan Is absolutely right I mean the idea that Anyone should serve any time behind bars For marijuana possession is insane and The country wants to move away from that Yeah I mean uh the you said non-violent You said non-violent like yeah I mean he Doesn’t need to own that but it’s just Hilarious that like that’s what the be In that Fox News anchors Bond and I Think that was that Dana Perino it’s Hard for me to tell but Um whatever it’s beside the point yeah I Mean that is really effective policy to Run on pretty much in every state I I’m kind of contradicting myself Because I was saying well actually I Don’t think that’s true I was saying Earlier that he has tailored his Approach to Ohio which is good but there Is there are very few one size fits-all Kind of uh perspectives that Democrats Can take in some of these races That’s pretty much one of them in my Opinion is cannabis and marijuana Legalization where all of these Candidates should be running on that for The most part unless you’re in a really Red uh State and you know it it doesn’t Need to be everybody but for the most Part some of these Democrats need to Have some Consultants come in and speak

To them about just generally how popular Cannabis legalization is because it’s on Certain ballots and as ballot Initiatives I think Democrats see it as A way to kind of uh beat back a lot of The uh Republican turnout that they’re Expecting in a midterm election when There’s a Democratic president which is Natural and I think that’s good strategy But that needs to also be reflected in The uh campaigns of these Democrats not Just on the ballot so that it can be a a A dual track approach where there’s Coordination between Federal candidates And also State candidate kids and about Initiatives on that front definitely and Uh real quick because I wasn’t sure Either but uh the woman that we heard From in the video was Martha McCollum Sorry um yeah no no we’re confused no Worries at all Um I do want to go to the next one Because that wasn’t the only area Believe it or not the Tim Ryan uh was Popular on during this town hall in fact In the next clip he addresses the Reversal of Roe v Wade Now JD Vance wants a National Abortion Ban and these he wouldn’t be happy with These people going to Illinois he wants Them to have to get a passport and go to Canada he called rape inconvenience this Is after 15 weeks is what he’s talked About we’re going to ask all these

Questions after 15 weeks so what’s your Number what’s the what you say you don’t Want it afterwards I think we go back to Roe v Wade which Roe v Wade was in the Third term And the third In the third term No that that was The best answer it really was Because what Roe v Wade did was Essentially legalize Like abortion and Reproductive Rights up To the point of viability And then after that point States get to Decide what their rules and regulations Are viability means The ability for the fetus to survive Outside the womb and I think that Standard is the right standard okay uh This obsession with like no tell us What’s the cut off what do you think the Cutoff should be I don’t know he’s a Dude and he has really no business Involving himself in a decision between A woman and her doctor period So like these insane like This is the this is the red line is Crazy because there are different Situations different circumstances and I Think the person best suited to make That decision is the woman whose body is Being impacted and life is being Impacted by this pregnancy it’s her Decision along with her doctor that’s it

Medical Freedom baby medical Freedom um But also I mean the he’s when you answer Things like that and um Mark Kelly did Uh something like answered uh that Question similarly in the debate in Arizona when you don’t give into the Framing you are actually benefiting Yourself by not getting into the Specifics there because when you engage With a rape or incest exemption just Like think about this practically for a Second a woman is not going to be able To get an abortion in the time that rape Or incest is proved or a girl who is the Victim of incest and rape for example so You know that is or a person who can get Pregnant I should say so that that is Gonna it is a fig leaf for their Brutality they want you to be engaging In the details of abortion because the Reality of the situation is that ninety Percent of abortions happen in that uh Early week I think 10-week window eight Week window 12-week window whatever it Is a normal kind of like period after You figure out that you’re pregnant and It just it’s something that’s stand Standard that people kind of associate With abortion when the 10 happen after That that is because a woman is having a Medical emergency more more times than Not and that is when that is a decision Between her and her doctor and so Everything else is just gobbledygook it

Is just a pedantry to kind of soft pedal The brutality that they’re trying to Impose on women so you just skirt that Framing and just say Roe v Wade because There’s a whole generation of people That grew up with Roe v Wade being the Standard and they understood that it Wasn’t Anarchy and babies getting killed In Mass they know that this is the that Was the law of the land and that’s what We need to return to obviously I totally Agree with you on that Um now if some of you are wondering Whether the audience actually consists Of right-wing voters and Trump Supporters well I think this next video Will clarify that for you They stormed the capital on January 6th They beat up 140 police officers killed Killed one okay they killed what they Killed one [Music] [Applause] We all we all we all watched we all Watched the we all watched the video we All watch a video and I okay Let them finish please So to me that video is important because It shows that while the audience Applauded for things that are typically Referred to as Progressive policy Proposals Clearly this is a conservative audience Because of the way that they’ve reacted

To the truth about January 6th in the Statements that uh Tim Ryan made there But again like it kind of goes back to Something that I say a lot on the show Emma which is everything that we hear in Media everything that we see in terms of Framing on the issues It’s all meant to kind of like highlight The divisions among the electorate when In reality there are some similarities That I think were intentionally Distracted from focusing on Well the similarities are as you say It’s a great point the similarities are Often economic policies that are broadly Helpful to people like Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid and you Know Medicare for all I mean there there Was a reason that Nancy Pelosi was Uninterested in the must much cheaper Um and uh less bureaucratic uh way to Expand Health Care to people during Covet which was just a temporary Expansion of Medicare they said we’re Going to do Cobra subsidies instead it Made things so difficult so bureaucratic Because they were terrified that if they Cracked that door open then people would Go well why not have Medicare for all And so that is a that’s a great Point by You

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