Tim Ryan DESTROYS HIMSELF During Ohio Senate Townhall W/ JD Vance!

By | November 2, 2022

Ohio Senate hopefuls Tim Ryan (D) and JD Vance (R) appeared at a Fox News Town Hall in Columbus, Ohio. The two candidates spent 30 minutes on stage each… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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They storm the capital on January 6th They beat up 140 police officers killed Killed one okay they killed what they Killed one [Applause] [Music] How’s everybody doing my name is Anthony Bryan Logan and today we’re going to Talk about the Fox News Town Hall Featuring Tim Ryan and JD Vance out There in Columbus Ohio now if you don’t Know these two guys are running for the Open senate seat that has been left by a Retiring Republican Um I think JD Vance the Republican is Going to win this seat but Tim Ryan is Right on his heels is not going to be a Slam dunk election in my humble opinion It could be but it might not be so if You live out there in Ohio or if you’re From Ohio you have Ohio registration Please please please go out there and Vote because your vote will matter now Before I get into all the details let’s Roll some clips of course these clips Will be in the description box if you Want to see and hear them without my Commentary but let’s start first things First we’ll get to the whole j6 thing in Just a moment first let’s start with Tim Ryan talking about pledging to defund Ice but then saying no I didn’t do that You’re imagining things it’s funding for The border wall you voted against

Funding for drug enforcement and you Called for defunding ice why oh I absolutely never called for defunding Ice not one time let’s pause there’s a Link right here of course like I said These clips will be in the description With the links and everything else Because I’ll just post to the Twitter Links on my website you see it right Here okay here’s a link and then the Actual hyperlink says Tim Ryan pledge in 2019 to defund ice support citizenship From millions of illegal immigrants and He wanted to reduce Isis attention Budget by 75 percent so already he’s Lying not one time now you could laugh All you want not one time okay never and I have voted to increase funding for Border security I think we need more border patrol not Less I have a resolution in the house so Yeah line already there’s evidence to Prove it now here’s what you’re talking About January 6. this was really Interesting the crowd was booned on Calling them a liar and everything else Let’s go ahead and roll this clip The guys who stormed the capital on January 6th they are the lead they are The leaders They are they they they’re the they’re The leaders this is what I’m saying they Storm the capital on January 6th they Beat up 140 police officers killed

Killed one okay they killed what they Killed one [Applause] We all we all we all watched we all Watched the we all watched the video we All watch a video and I okay you can Hear them in the background liar liar Liar you can’t you can’t unhear that you Know what’s going on he’s in he’s in Ohio in Columbus Ohio shout out to y’all I got a lot of family out there he’s in His state right now and he’s not doing Very well in front of his potential Constituents Let him finish please and I work I’m Happy to have this conversation I’m not Afraid to have this conversation these Are the conversations we need to have in This country I welcome you guys Okay so that’s that really interesting And then here’s another one talking About abortion this seems to be a pretty Big issue with some people although not Bigger than inflation things like gas Prices food prices and prescription Medication things of that nature I think Those things are much bigger than Abortion but to some abortion is still a Pretty big issue let’s go ahead and roll This as well before What is your limit I believe if it’s later in the term that There should not be an abortion unless There is a medical emergency

Let’s pause right here now while in Congress he voted For there to be no limits on abortion But this is so first term second term Third term thing doesn’t make a Difference and also that was some real Political language right there he says I Think there shouldn’t be but are you Going to put that into law though are You going to say there should not be Meaning or or there will not be part of Me there will not be millionaires Legislation behind it shouldn’t that Means oh well there shouldn’t but if you Want to do it go ahead although I don’t Agree with it those are two different Things let’s keep on going here like It’s at that point you know people are They have a nursery they have Binkies They have blankets they have names Picked out they’re ready to have a party If it happens late in term that’s Tragedy it’s absolute tragedy and so I Don’t so at what point in the pregnancy Does the binky and what not come about When do you buy the crib at what point In the pregnancy is there a federal Legislation for that or is it just Whenever their parents say they’re going To have a baby which could be at the Point of conception whenever whatever They think they’re pregnant whenever They get morning sickness or whatever Whenever that test comes back positive

Does that start the whole Binky process I’m kind of confused I don’t think we Should have abortions later in the term Unless there’s a medical emergency and What’s happening now and Ohio Brett is Sad because we see a story or two every Single week Of people women who are in this tragic Situation their life becomes at risk They have to go to Illinois now JD van Now I think I saw one story about Somebody leaving the state and going Somewhere else to have an abortion there Might have been Ohio I’m not really sure But I think I saw one story about that So I’m not really sure this is you know True or false what he’s talking about Here ants wants a National Abortion ban And these he wouldn’t be happy with These people going to Illinois he wants Them to have to get a passport and go to Canada he called rape inconvenience this Is after 15 weeks is what he’s talked About we’re going to ask all these Questions after 15 weeks so what’s your Number what’s the what you say you don’t Want it I think we go back to Roe v Wade Which Roe v Wade was in the third term I mean he’s just saying things that Sound good to Liberal people because They don’t understand really what’s Going on Roe v Wade does not say what You think he’s it doesn’t say what he Says that it’s saying not at all

In the third turn Of Roe v Wade you could only do it if There was some kind of medical emergency We don’t want JD Vance and Ted Cruz and All these guys in the doctor’s office You think that the Democratic bills to Codify a so-called codify Roe v Wade Have some sort of limit in them because We haven’t seen it the one that was in The house did not have a limit you have A limit my personal view as we go back To Roe v Wade we move away from this Chaos that we’re in now so basically you Win a federal realize abortion rather Than having the states Having their say in it so the things That you’re talking about if it was not Popular on the federal level it couldn’t Happen but if you were the senator or if You had some kind of say-so in your Local law making then you can make that Happen in Ohio but you wanted to be a Federal thing pretty interesting we’re Talking about running it for Senator Running for president because remember He didn’t he did try to become the President back I think what 2019 2020 But anyway let’s go continue here this Is JD Vince talking about his viewing Abortion and remember this is a town Hall so it’s not a debate because in That on the same platform at the same Time they take turns he’ll be on stage And then the other guy will be on stage

Or vice versa would make that a reality Because this is what Tim Ryan brought up As well with regard to abortion he said You want to ban abortion in Ohio and Across this country is that true look I’m pro-life I I am pro-life uh the bill That I’ve Now look There’s a very very important question About whether this should happen at the Federal level or at the state level and I happen to think it should be a little Bit of a mix in other words ninety Percent of abortion policy is going to Be made by the state of Ohio and I think That’s absolutely the right way it Should be Ohio is going to want to have A different abortion policy from California and I think every person in Ohio whether you’re pro-choice or Pro-life like I am absolutely should be Able to make that decision now there is A federal piece of legislation moving Through the Senate right now and here’s What it does very simply it provides Reasonable exceptions but it also sets a Minimum National Standard and I think That that’s a good idea we should not in This country be aborting babies who can Feel pain who are fully formed that’s my View and I’m certainly willing to Support legislation that would make that A reality now my question would be what Is this limit

Because when I hear that I’m thinking About a certain number of weeks I think Lindsey Graham was talking about 20 Weeks that’s way too much because most Abortions happen before 20 weeks like 95 Percent of abortion people before 20 Weeks so I think maybe there should be Some kind of heartbeat build type Situation where it’s like five to six Weeks now if you were to ask me I would Say no abortion period Outlaw abortion Altogether if I could be thinking of Just rule by Fiat and do that but I Would settle for a heartbeat Bill five To six weeks but I’m not quite sure what Mr Vance was speaking about right there Specifically let’s keep on going here Talking about elections right now uh I Do believe in the Integrity of Ohio’s Elections I think we have great Elections in the state of Ohio I think Frankly our secretary of state if I can Put a little plug-in for Frank Larose Does a great job of administering our Elections in the state of Ohio Shout out to him and that’s something That is pretty important if people think That oh my vote won’t matter they’re Going to steal it anyway your vote Matters because of what your state does It’s not really a federal issue your State needs to have tighter voter Security better voter Integrity they did That in Georgia and now you have record

Turnout not only record turnout but also Record security from what I’m able to Gather All right so you need to have that in Your state where you live if you have Kind of raggedy stuff going on that’s The State issue not a federal issue Now they’re talking about inflation and Stuff right there there’s more clips of Course but I’ll link to all those in the Box for time’s sake and also so you can See them without my commentary and share Them with family and friends if you’re Living in Ohio be like hey man watch That watch that who are you going to Vote for but what but I’m gonna go ahead And wrap it up right here Um I thought that was a pretty decent Town Hall again it wasn’t a debate Because they were on at the different Times they’d be with the moderators Talking just between the JD Vance and Then also Tim Ryan they were on stage Separate times so I thought it was Pretty good overall a lot of good points Were made but if you were to ask me I Think JD Vance the Republican did the Best he did very well here at clear and Concise straightforward answers and it Made sense the crowd resonated so I Think it’d be able to do a very good job In this upcoming election in Ohio to Become a next Senator replacing the Republican was also who was the

Incumbent and Tim Ryan I don’t know he’s Just kind of hanging around I’m not sure that he really wants to win Maybe he won’t try to become the President again I don’t know trying to You know do something else in Ohio I Have no idea but he might be able to Come pretty close to JD Vince Unfortunately but I think ultimately JD Vance will win and I think I’ll leave That right there for now and what said You what’s your opinion about this town Hall between Tim Ryan the Democrat and JD Vance the Republican who do you think Is going to win out there in Ohio to Become a next Senator whatever your Thoughts are let me know in the comments Below you guys should know where I’m at I think JD Vance did a very good job Here and I think Tim Ryan destroyed Himself all right JD Vance did a good Job answering questions every button and Whatnot but Tim Ryan I mean that whole J16 that was a dumpster fire a lot of His responses or what they say in DC you Know in inside the Beltway closer to Capital but once you leave DC once you Go to Middle America Ohio where you’re Trying to become the next Senator those Same same answers and that same attitude Does not apply it doesn’t really work it Works inside that place this kind of a Wall Garden but once you’re out here in The real world those things you do in

That wall Garden don’t translate at all But whatever your thoughts are please Let me know in the comments below and That’s all I gotta say for this video if You like what you heard please comment Rate share And subscribe Peace Foreign

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