TikToker Predicts The Future Of American Politics

By | November 5, 2022

This TikToker makes a bold prediction about the future of American politics and how it might take a turn for the worst. Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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I don't know call me crazy but I think Some right-wing Nut Job attempting to Assassinate Nancy Pelosi and seriously Injuring her husband less than two weeks Before the election is something that We're gonna look back on one day and be Like oh that was like the beginning of Something Like The fact that that happened And the responses we're seeing from some People on the right like I think we're Gonna look back on this and be like hmm That that was probably the start Like It's crazy I don't see more people Talking about this like This is a big deal the FBI has Launched an investigation after a gunman Shot into the North Carolina home of Pat Harrigan's parents as he fights for an Open seat in the 14th congressional District which is famously liberal and What's being described as a contentious Race per Daily Mail UK the shooting Happened on October 18th in Hickory North Carolina with the bullet Landing Just feet away from where the Candidate's children had been sleeping The Republican congressional candidates Daughters aged three and five were Asleep in the bedroom directly above the Room where the shooting occurred with The bullet coming from a densely wooded

Area behind the house piercing a window But not waking the girls his opponent Meanwhile Democrat Jeff Jackson has been Forced to pull an ad filmed outside his Opponent's Lakeside home criticizing his Gun manufacturing business it then shows An image of harrigan's home which is not Far from that of his parents again the Home in the ad was not the home where The shooting occurred but the ad was Released on the same day of the the Shooting the shooting comes amid Heightened concerns for the security of Politicians ahead of next week's Midterms following Friday's attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 82 year old Husband at their San Francisco home in Addition to New Hampshire Senate Candidate Don baldich saying a suspect Tried to punch him before a debate on Wednesday night and the man tried to Stab New York gubernatorial candidate Lee zeldin on stage now cops and federal Agents have failed to make an arrest Until then of course we won't know the Motivation of the shooter but as this Tick tocker appropriately named Hannah Is over this said in the opening clip This could be the continuation of the Beginning of something and we saw the Rights response or black thereof to what Happened with Paul Pelosi with that said Harrigan has resorted to wearing a Bulletproof vest and his kids have been

Relocated out of state quote out of an Abundance of caution after the shooting As he's reportedly urging his parents to Leave town too and if it's proven that This shooting which is bad enough on his Own is politically motivated to Target Okay and if it's proven that this Shooting which is bad enough on its own Is politically motivated to Target the Opponent of Jeff Jackson then the libs And Dems and the left has to call this Out I'm not one to both sides anything Let alone when it comes to political Commentary but this is some bull don't Be like them I don't know why I hadn't Heard about this story but now that it's Out it needs to be condemned the Fox News of the World are preparing to take This mix it with a conspiracy theory Maybe say it was a false flag or antifa Dressed like them if it was proven that Conservatives did this because you know How they get down they want the left to Look more dangerous and violent than Them don't give them ammunition for Rebel HQ I'm Jeff Wiggins my Architect No Japanese for more from The Young Turks stay right here to see additional Content from yours truly click on the Jeff Wiggins hashtag you can also find Me on my YouTube channel we gonna be Alright thanks for watching

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