This Teacher Was Shot By Her 6-Year-Old Student In Class

By | January 11, 2023

A 6-year-old boy took a gun purchased by his mother and shot his teacher. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“The gun allegedly used by a 6-year-old boy to shoot his teacher at a Newport News, Virginia, school was legally purchased by the child’s mother, officials said.

The boy took the firearm from his home to school in his backpack Friday, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said Monday.

The teacher was “providing class instruction when the 6-year-old child displayed a firearm, pointed it at her and fired one round,” Drew said at a news conference. “There was no physical struggle or fight.”


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Uh police believe Um the six-year-old boy got the gun from His home the gun was legally purchased By his mother we don't know what efforts Were made to secure that gun but Apparently allegedly the kid got the gun The morning up put it in his backpack Brought it to school and then pulled it Out during the lesson pointed it at his Teacher and fired police say We've learned new details about a tragic Shooting that took place in Virginia Last Friday involving a six-year-old boy Who shot his teacher in class now before You feel any Panic luckily the teacher Is in stable condition is expected to Make a recovery but the event in my Opinion demonstrates that in the bare Minimum States need to pass laws that hold Parents accountable for not securing Their guns we'll get to that in a moment But first some details on the story According to Newport News police police Chiefs Steve Drew he says the teacher Was providing class instruction when the Six-year-old child displayed a firearm Pointed it at her meaning the teacher And fired one round there was no Physical struggle or fight and as you Can imagine since this involves a minor It's a little different from stories Involving adults where you get a lot More detail about how the incident

Occurred miners have a lot more privacy And protection for good reason but we do Know some other details the teacher Raised her hand and was shot through her Hand and into her chest The police department received a call Informing them that a teacher had been Shot when police officers arrived to the Classroom where the shooting happened Five minutes later they saw the boy was Being physically restrained by a School Employee now the six-year-old was Reportedly combative and struck the Employee who was trying to restrain him Officers took control escorting the Six-year-old out of the building and Into a police car according to police The shooting was not accidental and was Intentional in fact here's a description From Abby uh Werner who is the Incredible 25 year old teacher And what she did after this after she Was shot Even after she was wounded she evacuated To the class in fact that was one of the Things that the the local police chief Here praised her for called her a hero She evacuated the other students she's Seen on security camera the chief says Walking down a hallway making sure she Was the last one out of the classroom And as she's walking down the hallway Wounded she turns around and goes back To make sure everybody all of the kids

Were out of the class she then went to The office where she sought Aid and Collapsed a paramedics rushed to the Scene here So the student has been taken into Custody he's a six-year-old so obviously And for good reason he is not going to Be charged as an adult and uh I don't Think he's going to be charged as a Juvenile either I so I mean the cops are saying that it Was intentional but still it's a Six-year-old Um so he cannot be placed in a juvenile Detention center based on Virginia law He could however be criminal Char Criminally charged anyway now as for his Mother I think that is where we should Be focusing the conversation because She's the one who purchased the nine Millimeter handgun that was used in the Shooting it was not clear whether I mean Actually no I'm not going to play this Game it is clear she did not secure the Gun safely and the six-year-old was able To obtain it and take it to school okay But the problem with Virginia is that Should she be prosecuted for this the Worst that could happen to her is a Misdemeanor okay she would only be Liable for a Class one misdemeanor Because we don't have serious laws in This country that we should have in Place to prevent kids from getting their

Hands on their parents guns Yeah Um I think that we should pass laws It'll never happen because the gun lobby And because all of our policies are Corrupt but uh but I think a huge Percentage of Americans would agree with Me past law is saying that if uh your Child a minor under the age of 18 Commits a crime with a gun you bought And did not secure you're going to be Charged for that crime Why not I mean where were they going to Get the gun you gift wrapped it for them So look I I have kids and I remember When they were six don't charge that kid Six-year-olds don't know what they're Doing yeah he might have intended to Shoot her I get it yes they can have Intent right but does he know what he's Doing no do you see have the same state Of mind as an adult no way okay but we Live in a culture where guns are super Celebrated yeah everybody have guns they Have guns everywhere guns are the most Wonderful thing in the world they Protect you no they kill you and so they They kill people that's what they're Literally designed to do and so and tons And tons Millions upon millions of Americans have guns in their house and They do not keep them safe and Responsibly they just don't like every Once in a while you see people on TV oh

No no well you could have responsible Gun owners yeah maybe you're a Responsible gun owner and I'm not sure I'm buying that either but even if you Are it doesn't mean that everybody is There's no question that there are Literally millions that do are not at All responsible with it and so I think That Mom should be charged as high as You could possibly charge or a Misdemeanor is a joke if that teacher Had died I'd charge her with murder Considering the state laws they have in Virginia pertaining to the you know lack Of security like the lack of effort in Securing the gun so kids don't get their Hands on it I don't think the mom is Really going to face real consequences For this and that's what's so incredibly Depressing about this story