This Tattoo Studio Will Remove Your Kanye Tattoo for FREE

By | December 2, 2022

A tattoo studio in London is offering to remove tattoos on Kanye for free. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Do you have a Kanye West tattoo you now regret? A tattoo-removal studio in Britain is removing body art inspired by the rapper — and it won’t even charge you for it.

“We’ll remove your Kanye tattoos for free,” London-based Naama Studios announced on Instagram last month as Ye, the rapper and music mogul formerly known as Kanye West, was condemned over a string of antisemitic statements made publicly in recent month


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A London tattoo parlor is making sure That those who made the terrible Decision to get Kanye tattoos have the Option to remove said tattoos from their Person Now uh why would they want to do that For obvious reasons I mean Kanye Certainly had a different tone in the Beginning of his career and he also had Way better music in the beginning of his Career now he's going around spouting Anti-Semitic And vile garbage while rubbing shoulders Or is it rubbing elbows rubbing elbows With the likes of Alex Jones Nick Fuentes Milo yiannopoulos you get the Point so um he's rubbing it out is it Rub no it's not That's something else they probably are Though oh the Jews are now this tattoo Parlor is wonderful because removing Tattoos is very expensive and they're Offering this service for free So we'll remove your Kanye tattoos for Free london-based uh Nama Studios Announced on Instagram last month as yay Was uh condemned over a string of Anti-Semitic statements made publicly in Recent months so like how much does this Usually cost how much money are they Saving Um first let me just say the marketing Behind this is pretty genius uh in a Play on the rapper's name the tattoo

Parlor even came up with a slogan for Its service Easy Come Easy Go I love These guys Now that's an actual genius as opposed To cayenne and uh you know we've got Here's a video that shows them in action Like they're by the way they they use Lasers basically to remove the tattoo it Isn't easy come easy go Which is a play on Easy Come Easy Go Meaning that like this is a pain it's a Painful but like it's worth it in my Opinion right so go for it Um so why are they offering the service For free they explain we understand that Tattoos can be triggering for some People and not everyone can afford to Remove their tattoos when you have a Tattoo inspired by someone you admire And they start making headlines for all The wrong reasons it's not exactly Something you want to wear on your Sleeve So on average removing tattoos can cost Upward of two thousand four hundred Dollars it's a lot of money and so Offering this for free again is just an Incredibly kind thing to do also let's Keep it real it's it is good for Marketing it's a great way to get some Positive press as they're getting right Now as we talk about the story but how Many people have contacted them Honestly a shocking amount I can't

Believe this many people have gotten Kanye tattoos Um and remember this is in London so They have to be local right it seems There are a few former fans with tattoo Regret the company said three clients Have already started their tattoo Removal journey and 10 others have Booked consultations Wow I mean Look at your life look at your choice Like what but why yeah well I mean look You're scared a couple different things There because first I don't know why people are putting Pictures of tattoos of singers on their Bodies to begin with so I know sometimes You know Bob Marley I get it right like There's some singers that you love They're not just singers They're artists And they're sharing their soul so I get It but it's not for me like I don't have A tattoo of Madonna on my butt I I Wouldn't even think about it I don't Know why like so I don't know why any Why I would do that I get why some People are super into it but it's not For me let's put it that way but then uh But don't get me wrong I'm not judging You for having the Kanye tattoo because You didn't know okay and so now Can can we pause here to give me a Little bit of credit to be fair to me Hashtag Jank was right okay I mean how

Long have I been saying on The Young Turks what an idiot Kanye West yeah that Was definitely I get it I get it I Totally get what you're feeling right Now because when you know something you Know it in your soul and you know the Truth and you just like please just Trust me here's the evidence that and People are like no no no no no no no Everyone was like oh Jake it drives you Crazy it drives you crazy he's a genius Here I'm gonna have a tattoo I'm on my Balls okay all right how about it see How it turns out is that not even Possible do people get I hope that does I hope not I uh but you should erase Your Kanye tattoo and put hashtag Jank Was right in its place don't do that to Your balls keep your attention not not There not there please not there okay so Anyways uh but back to this story but if You did that tattoo and uh you know five Years ago three three years ten years Away it's not your fault it's like Imagine that Hitler was like a tennis Player and you really loved him for his Tennis and then he turned it in like ah Wait wait I meant the tennis player I Met the tennis player not the guy he Turned out to be so this is an actual Service that a lot of people need but Think about it imagine you were Jewish And you uh loved Kanye's music and had No idea you gotta get that tattoo off of

You I mean I would do anything to get That tattoo off of me Um I would do that whether I'm Jewish or Non-jewish so great service but I gotta Say these guys are marketing Geniuses And so let me say their names one more Time Nama okay Nama Studios great job Guys getting millions of dollars in Free Press so the the amount that it's gonna Cost them to take the tattoos off is Well worth it well played and by the way It's look there's tons of people do crap Like marketing good marketing but They're lying to you right and they're Frauds and I don't want to celebrate That this is good marketing and they're Actually giving you something positive Yeah right so that's great that's a Win-win and this isn't the first time They've done something kind Um and offered a service for free in Fact Nama says it runs a community LED Initiative called Second Chances other Tattoo parlors do something similar by The way that offers pro bono laser Removal treatment to people who need it Most including those with unwanted gang Tattoos reminders of radiotherapy or the Name of an ex-partner It described its offer to remove Kanye West tattoos as a natural extension of That project Yeah and look folks need it and a lot of Times they can't afford it I once use

The Moving Service editor were ex-cons I Wanted to make sure that I helped to do Something a little bit positive in the World and at the very end of the day I Told a story to members like a decade Ago when it when it happened uh we're in The elevator and it was hot and the guy Took off uh the long sleeve that he was Wearing and he had a swastika on his Tattoo uh on his arm right yeah so now He's reformed and he's part of this Ex-con program Does he still believe that or not I Don't know right and so that's why if You're reformed and you want to get that Thing off the 2400 you know a lot of Folks don't have that so that's why this Is actually a very valuable service Absolutely thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it another way To show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you gotta do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you