This new Ad CRUSHES Top Dem’s LIES on Crime, Inflation, Open Border Policies

By | November 3, 2022

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Breitbart reports, In an ad released on Monday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and Republican candidate General Don Bolduc attacked President Joe Biden and Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) for soaring inflation, high crime, and illegal immigration.

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This new ad crushes top Democrats lies On crime inflation and open borders it Is a must-see in New Hampshire where the GOP slams Maggie Hasen for her poor Record on crime inflation and the Border Fight fake news with the truth every day Arm yourself tap subscribe enable Notifications and fight back with Next News Network I am Ivory hacker filling In from my YouTube search Ivory Hecker On YouTube before I get to that friends American farmers recently warned about Coming food shortages they’re not going To be able to grow enough food this year Because of an off the charts fertilizer Shortage that means you need to Stockpile emergency food if you don’t Have some right now you can save 150 off A three-month emergency food kit from my Patriot Supply the nation’s largest Preparedness company proudly offering Ready hour Brand Products this kit Provides breakfast lunches dinners Drinks snacks totaling over 2 000 Calories a day okay you can get yours by Going to and get Your 150 savings on their three-month Emergency food kit you will not regret It now back to the news all right wait Until you see the gop’s latest offensive Against Maggie Hassan uh she’s been a Disaster for the state and this ad Really emphasizes her shortcomings Breitbart reports in an ad released on

Monday the national Republican Senatorial committee and Republican Candidate General Don Baldock attacked President Joe Biden and Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan for soaring inflation high Crime and illegal immigration take a Look Joe Biden Maggie Hassan and the Washington radicals are destroying America rampant crime open borders Skyrocketing inflation and New Hampshire Is paying the price don’t believe the Desperate Democrat lies to hold power Here’s the deal I won’t change New Hampshire’s abortion law or cut Social Security and Medicare for older Americans I’m Don waldick and I approve This message because I spent my life Fighting for this country and I’m not Going to stop now So baldock’s campaign and the nrsc Announced a one million dollar Partnership uh mid-october after McConnell backed funds pulled 5.6 Million dollars from his campaign Effectively abandoning him In spite of being tied with Hassan in The polls balduck has gained momentum And Real Clear Politics flipped the race To a toss-up according to Real Clear Politics New Hampshire is one of seven Senate races that are too close to call The states include Arizona Nevada Washington Georgia Pennsylvania and

Wisconsin Republicans need to win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and either Arizona Nevada Washington state New Hampshire or Georgia as well in order to Regain a one-seat majority in the Senate Good Luck winning something like Washington State but maybe one of the Other ones look it is time for Maggie Hassan to be swept away in the Red Wave The new GOP ad exposing her failures on Crime inflation and borders proves that She is unfit to represent New Hampshire Her votes for felons to receive Coronavirus stimulus stimulus checks and Against efforts to restrict illegal Immigration and show where her Priorities lie not with hard-working Taxpayers or or Safety and Security it Is time for her time in office to come To an end the ad brilliantly highlights Her shortcomings and Garner’s support For a change in leadership we can’t Afford any more of Hassan’s Reckless Decision making it is time for her time In office to be over she must be voted Out and replaced by someone who will Actually serve the people of New Hampshire let’s bring about the end of Maggie Hassan’s time as governor and Make way for a leader who will put the State first but let me know what you Think let’s continue this conversation In the comments below and be sure to Follow my independent reporting on my

YouTube search Ivory Hecker on YouTube For Next News Network I’m Ivory Hecker Let’s continue that conversation now About the coming food shortage that American farmers are warning about Because they’re not going to be able to Grow enough food because of the off the Charts fertilizer shortage that means That you need to stockpile emergency Food if you don’t have some I have and Right now you can save 150 off a Three-month emergency food kit from at my Patriot Supply They’re the nation’s largest Preparedness company probably offering Ready hour Brand Products you will not Go hunger you when you have this food This kit provides breakfast lunch Dinners drinks and snacks totaling over 2 000 calories a day get yours right now Do not delay go to And get your 150 savings on their Three-month emergency food kit and we’ll see you at the Next report for the next News Network I’m Gary franchi Possess the power to impact the global Narrative please share this report and To get more videos like this become a Next News subscriber by clicking the Link below thank you for watching the Next News Network Foreign

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