This Is Your Brain On MAGA (And Probably Coke)

By | January 8, 2023

Don Jr has become a walking PSA ad warning against the dangers of long term MAGA consumption. This is your brain on MAGA and it isn’t pretty.

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I'm actually going to take this one Pretty personally because uh I did 50 Hours 50 hours of testimony before the Senate intelligence committee the house Intelligence committee the house Judiciary Committee Um about nonsense some of the most Powerful people in government uh you Know Adam Schiff the chairman of the Intelligence committee Uh said publicly numerous times that I Had committed treason Treason just so we understand treason is A crime punishable by death you know for Me these days that's like ah Minor Details it's like a Tuesday just another Day hey everybody Maz giobrani here you Just saw Don Jr upset because the hunter Biden laptop story is not getting the Attention it should be getting did not Get the attention it should be getting And all conservatives are up in arms Because with all the other stuff that's Going on in the world Hunter binds Laptop is the most important thing what We call uh with that we call it Deflection we call it gaslighting we Call it trying to get your attention Over here while his father dines with Nazis while his father tries to get away With trying to overthrow the government January 6th while his father his company Has been uh convicted of tax fraud a lot Of stuff going on in the Trump family

But Don Jr wants you to focus on Hunter Biden's laptop because that's the real Story dude your father tried to end Democracy your father said let's get rid Of the Constitution you're involved with This Administration your whole family is A bunch of grifters your sister your Brother-in-law all of you guys would not Be anywhere without your criminal father And you're all covering for him so stop It they just get to hide under the cloak Of we're doing journalism we won't cover The biggest worry we won't cover that Like 30 or 50 of the biggest Intelligence people in the world all Signed on to a letter again this is Obviously Russian disinformation when it Clearly wasn't when our director of your National Intelligence uh you know came Out and said you know John Radcliffe Literally came out and said there's Nothing here that says this this would Be Russian this or it doesn't matter We're here to deliver a message and We're going to get what we want out There and when we find out and get Caught doesn't matter because we got What we wanted therefore it's old news There you go don Jr is upset about a lot Of things more of the hunter Biden's Story listen someone should take away His camera the worst thing that's Happened to this guy is they gave him a Phone with a camera and you can just

Ramble total nonsensical rambling you Know how when somebody drinks you take Away their keys they should just take Don's camera away and get him to get Some writers with research and and maybe Then put him in front of a camera but in General they shouldn't put him in front Of a camera because he looks horrible And he's just all over the place and his Whole complaint about the hunter Biden Story he's saying that members of the Intelligence Community had said that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian Disinformation now the hunter Biden Laptop might have some interesting Information in there but the level of Importance that the Republicans want to Give the hunter Biden laptop is a lot More than it deserves because the truth Is these guys tried to first of all his Own father Don Jr's father tried to get Vladimir zielinski to investigate Biden To investigate his opponent as we all Remember the first impeachment that's What it was about try to get the Ukrainians to investigate Biden he was Going to hold back money military money From the ukrainians to get them to Investigate his opposition and then when That didn't happen then they brought out The hunter Biden laptop they're going The laptop is going to reveal something Huge meanwhile Don Jr Eric the Ivanka The whole family is a bunch of grifters

Now we want to get to this breaking news A CNN exclusive two days after the 2020 Presidential election as votes were Still being tallied CNN is learning that Donald Trump's oldest son texted then White house chief of staff Mark Meadows Some ideas for overturning the election Here's my problem The cool kid okay I don't know that he Does cocaine but I will tell you that Long ago I was an addict I did cocaine And he sure looks like someone who does Cocaine or maybe his gums are really Tasty and he likes chewing them Donald Trump Jr the plot no Ivanka Trump yeah I Believe that if you said Ivanka Trump Was involved Ivanka Trump was sending Texts right after the election about how To overthrow the election results Absolutely I could buy that Donald Trump Jr Donald Trump Jr is somewhere sitting In a bunker with a bunch of guns Tweeting out videos dreaming of being a Proud boy in on the plan let me tell you Something he's too dumb to come up with A plan and they're too smart to trust Him with the plan sorry I ain't buying It I'll just give you an example of some Of the things that Donald Trump Jr Suggested that they should pursue Creating an alternate slate of fake Electors he also talked about pushing The vote back to the state legislatures We also know this was a legal theory

That Trump and his allies were Attempting pursuit to pursue and he also Talked about forcing a scenario where Neither candidate had enough electoral Votes to win leaving it to the house to Vote by state delegation to elect the President so they're trying to claim and Forgive me this is funny but they're Trying to claim that that any legal Strategies any operative strategies came From Donald Trump Jr like uh using fake Electors if they had fake electors they Wouldn't tell Donald Trump Jr because he Would brag about it to a date okay Pushing back the vote to state Legislators Donald Trump Jr doesn't Understand the difference between Federal government and state governments No saying that there weren't enough to Electoral votes for either candidate to Win and then it would be up to the House Of Representatives which at the time was Run by the Republicans the theory being That Dad stop it stop it you think he Understands how that works do you think Listen there there are people who are Brilliant who don't understand the Electoral College or why we still have An electoral college you think Donald Trump Jr is going to come up with a plan To manipulate the electoral votes really No stop it Donald Trump Jr was not he Sent the text yeah he sent the text but That's about it he didn't come up with

This this wasn't his idea now it's Important to point out Donald Trump Jr's Lawyer has told us that he believes that This was just an idea that Donald Trump Jr was passing along to Mark Meadows That he isn't actually the original Author of this text but is still Significant Victor and Allison given Everything we know about the Trump Campaign that he was passing this Information along to the white house Chief of staff just two days after the Election and before all the votes were Tallied you know why I believe he only Passed along the idea didn't come up With the idea because that's what his Lawyer said his lawyer said that he only Passed along the text or it did not come Up with the text exactly listen when Your lawyer tells us you're too dumb to Have come up with it we got to believe That it's it's like Tucker Carlson right What did Tucker Carlson's lawyers say That a reasonable person would not Believe Tucker Carlson it's the only Truth to come out of it their lawyers Tell the truth and Donald Trump Jr Sawyer told the truth when he said yeah He may have passed it along but he Didn't come up with it I don't even Think he was supposed to pass it along See that's the thing I think somehow he Got the text and they said don't tell Anyone and he was like Meadows hey look

Look what I'm not supposed to tell Anyone read this text and now Meadows is Like oh great now this is in my phone Now this is in my record