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By | November 18, 2022

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Candace Cameron beer played DJ on Full House back in the 1990s and later became The face of the Hallmark Channel Starring in over two dozen different Films and shows over the years but will No longer work with the network because They've gone woke and now she's the Creative director of a Christian Network Called the Great American Family Channel And in an interview with the Wall Street Journal she was asked what her fans can Expect what the kind of different Content is over there and she said that The Great American Family Channel will Focus only on traditional marriage which Is an extremely politically correct way To say that there's not going to be any Gay romantic dramas over there like There are now on the Hallmark Channel And so of course she's being attacked as A homophone [Applause] Earlier this year the Hallmark Channel Announced and the liberal media Industrial complex sung praise when they Revealed uh this Christmas they're going To be airing their first gay Christmas Special but of course that's not enough Well 2022 have more It's never enough You give them an inch they demand a mile And so the liver media are Furious that There aren't going to be any gay Christmas specials over on the Great American Family Channel the gays have

Been banned from Christmas movies Complains The Daily Beast they say the Queen of bad holiday movies Candace Cameron beer now has her own network and Has vowed not to feature same-sex Couples in her movies it's so dumb we're Angry anyway the heterophobia in America Is getting almost as bad as the Anti-whiteism and I wouldn't be Surprised if in the near future the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and all Online dictionaries delete the Definition of heterophobia which of Course is an irrational fear of in a Version two or discrimination against Heterosexual people the leftist lobbying And activist organization glad gays and Lesbians against defamation when which Actually I guess they don't even call Themselves that anymore they just call Themselves glad because that's not Inclusive enough because it doesn't Include all of the other 57 different Genders and sexual orientations but Anyway they're a very powerful activist And lobbying organization that works Behind the scenes in order to Lobby Writers and producers to insert LGBT Characters and story lines into projects And every year they put out a report Called the responsibility index Studio Responsibility index where they complain That there's not enough of their kinds Of people in movies and TV shows and

They systematically track and log how Many shows and how many stars and the Gender identity and sexual orientation Of all of the main characters and they Put together this report in order to use It to try to pressure Hollywood in order To make it even more gay but I'm sure That the Great American Family channel Is going to get sued by all kinds of Leftist activists organize organizations Who are going to cry discrimination Because they don't want to buy scripts Or green light projects about gay Romantic comedies because God forbid There'd be a network that you can go to Without being inundated with such Content all they wanted was the right to Get married they said but now they want To make you watch gay movies and if you Don't want to then you're homophobic it And probably a Nazi too back in the 1990s an 89 year old wheelchair-bound Billionaire married a 26 year old former Playboy Playmate model named Anna Nicole Smith Shocking the nation causing pretty much Everybody to say that it was not just a Typical Gold Digger with a 20 or 30 year Old age difference But disgusting and weird and abnormal And just taking a look at the two of Them together evokes a reaction of Disgust but if you have that same view About other consenting adults in other

Kinds of relationships you're not Allowed to dare say it out loud Otherwise you'll get mega canceled which Is why I think five years ago now I did This man on the street episode where I Let liberals paint themselves into a Corner by saying that there was nothing Strange unusual or wrong with gay Marriage or gay couples they're two Consenting adults nothing weird about That at all and then I asked them well So then you endorse incestuous couples And incest marriage and of course they All agreed at the rate society's going At this point that'll probably be the Subject of next year's Hallmark Christmas special it's interesting how Most major networks these days won't Allow a show on air that has an All-white all straight cast and as I've Covered in the past hit shows from Decades ago like friends are all under Attack because of the lack of diversity Because they had an all-white star and Cast but it's perfectly fine to have Shows with an all black cast and of Course it is no white people are Complaining that and black family stars In the show and there's not enough white People in this series but God forbid There'd be a series about a group of White friends oh and by the way the Mormon church has officially endorsed Gay marriage the Democrats are trying to

Codify it they're trying to pass a law In Congress to prevent the Supreme Court From dissolving what should have never Been legalized in the first place and so Now the official governing body of the Mormon church Has endorsed it I don't even want to get Started on them but it is interesting to Note that every time I've ever been Approached by a Mormon in a parking lot Of a grocery store when they're trying To win over new converts they never Actually have the Bible with them they Never have the gospel with them it's Always the Book of Mormon I'm sorry but the South Park episode was Correct become a Christian become a Protestant Martin Luther was correct and Speaking of strange things this person Who identifies as a transgender woman And by the way I guarantee in the future They're going to get upset if you just Call them transgender woman or a Transgender man they're gonna start Demanding that you just call them a man Or a woman I guarantee it but this Transgender person uh won a beauty Pageant in New Hampshire a local beauty Pageant and is now going on to compete In the state's Miss New Hampshire beauty Pageant 10 years ago well I guess Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny For 25 years 25 years ago this would Have been a Saturday Night Live skit but

This is reality now in the collapsing Society that we call the United States Of America also in a sane Society this Would be considered a joke but they Expect us to take them seriously Microsoft posted their new rendition of The LGBT plus pride flag That represents the 40 Lgbtqia plus communities Speaking of great designs however Trump Clause is back in my online store at in a sweatshirt hoodie T-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt also Available in green red or black so head On over to or click the Link in the description below and check It out [Music]

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