They’re Completely Clueless 😂 #shorts

By | November 12, 2022

Talking with Millennials. #shorts

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Who won the Civil War we did who won the Civil War I don’t know are you an American yeah Okay it was a big big popular uh Historical event hold on a second gotta Be ruin it for us okay Civil War okay who won the Civil War I have no idea are you an American yes I Am okay it was this big historical event That happened in America’s history and It was a big war it started Veterans Day Um Can you tell me anything about it Um can you give me a choice It would be the South or the North The North You’re just guessing yeah if you’re not Sure I’m not sure God damn I’m gonna be On some show and I’m gonna look like a idiot hey watch your mouth oh I’m sorry probably now for more and Finally on YouTube

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