“They Are Making Fun Of Us” – Yes We Are! 😂

By | January 6, 2023

As you can see, the liberal propaganda isn’t working as well as Democrats had hoped. Perhaps because they sound like a broken record, most Americans simply don’t list. Post this video link on your social media accounts to spread the word, and subscribe if you’re new!

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Does the date January 6th ring a bell Um it does not actually it does not no Something happened something really big A lot of people won't stop complaining About it don't send me your are you Still talking about the interaction yes And we're going to continue to talk About it Um you never heard about it I have not Okay well good for you you're lucky that Way I'm gonna get a headache gotta keep Hearing about it so much they are making Fun of these remembrances they are Pretending like we are all hysterical Certain dates Echo throughout history Including dates that instantly remind All who have lived through them Where they were And what they were doing goodbye now I Don't know no have you heard that date Being talked about at all not at all not At all December 7th 1941 September 11th 2001. And January 6 2021 No something I guess kind of big Happened What's up I'm gonna keep talking about it we're Just seeing if the mainstream media is Propaganda is actually having an effect And and thankfully it's not as effective As they would they would help I'm gonna Keep talking about it stay tuned because

There's plenty more to come in this Video but real quick subscribe to the Channel if you're new here and check Back on a regular basis what happened on January 6th I don't know no something something Happened to people some people won't Stop complaining about it just getting People I couldn't tell you about it and We're just getting people's opinions on I don't know what January 6th there's Never been a bigger or more important Story in American history than this this Is the most important story in the History of the Republic these January Six hearings are remarkable they are Riveting the hearings last night they Were searing they were Vivid it was Compelling it was chilling the videos Were chilling and it was it I think it's Going to be historic this was a historic Compelling hearing this is very Compelling uh television because it's a Very compelling gearing and it's Compelling it's must see TV what Happened on January 6th no idea what What happened on January 6th It was a mostly peaceful protest and Some people got a little carried away And caused some trouble and you know the Fake news won't stop complaining about It or is this like This is in Washington DC At the Capitol

Uh Uh yeah this is treason This is treason This insurrection This is rebellion Period I don't know I think a lot of Those things are staged uh do you guys Know about like false flag events oh Yeah ancient provocateurs yeah so the FBI has been like caught a lot Um basically like they will infiltrate Or they will start something and then Get people to join them in some cases They was just revealed that like it was I think it was like Gretchen yeah We got someone who can see 12 out of the 14 people were FBI agents there are People out here who have a brain yeah They do exist yeah speaking of noise I Keep hearing noise about January 6th People won't stop complaining about it Boa January 6th what about it something Happened and people won't stop Complaining about it have you heard that No I've been texting with a number of Sources I was texting people live during The hearing um the words that I was Hearing from them were stomach turning Riveting compelling one Senator told me That he had a lump in his throat as he Was watching the video if you haven't Heard of like the big it was like a a Huge you know event that happened Horrifying really scary thing made a lot

Of people cry Yeah I guess it hasn't gotten to me I'm In there for you okay we're talking About January 6 today okay tell me about It well from what I saw Um Got might have got a little bit Rowdy But all in all uh I wouldn't have been Scared to be there even if I was on the Inside and had a badge on my chest A lot of people haven't even heard of it Oh really yeah we're just testing the Effectiveness of The Flipper propaganda To see because they're trying to turn it Into the new 911. 911 is nothing Compared to January 6th Walter gate is a Walk in the park next to the January 6 Attack on American democracy this is the Most important and disturbing uh Incident that's ever happened in the 246 Years of the American constitutional Republic this is so much worse than Something like Watergate what happened On January 6th is so much worse than Watergate really it really is by a Hundred degrees orders of magnitude Worse than Watergate January 6th I don't Know huge Monumental day in history About it every single day because it was Such a big deal tell me what happened on That day uh you got to give me some Background I mean I'll let you know it's A lot of history in my head it's a lot Of history give me like a there was uh

It was in Washington DC uh uh yeah tell Me about it Wrong guy nobody will stop talking about January 6th what does that mean to you Absolutely nothing you want to know why Yeah Because it's all a lie What is the liberal media say happen on January 6th well they're claiming Insurrection but I yet to see someone Get charged with Insurrection so why are They calling Insurrection come on now Sir people were waving American flags Well yeah I think they're a little upset Because uh well the election was I can't say that on YouTube I'm gonna Have to edit that out when free speech's Not allowed on this platform I think We're living a very dangerous time right Now and I think people need to wake the Hell up you know right that is a Violation of time service students Saying that there's a Marxist takeover Underway will be violation in terms of But I do agree with you sir people won't Stop talking about January 6th Okay what are your thoughts It was January 6th uh it was January it Was uh and what do you think about that What do you think about January 6th I hate the winter The winter the winter yeah January 6th Yeah that was a day it's cold day it's Cold cold and rainy day yeah

AC wasn't working no wouldn't help any Other events happen maybe of note on That day I think I can think of I can't Stop hearing about January 6th so tell Me what you think Well The president gave a rally and told People to go over and peacefully protest And have their voices heard yep a bunch Of people went there there were some Agitators amongst them And they went into the capitol many of Them were shoot in by the Capitol Police We got someone here who can think Since that time the Democrats have been Making more of this Than they should Particularly Nancy Pelosi she never said One word about all the protests that Killed police officers In the nine months prior to that they Cheered it they had Funds built up to let people out of jail But if you protest in Washington DC then They put you in solitary confinement for Six months it's a disgrace Someone who should be arrested however Is Dr fauci and if you agree order my New arrest Dr fauci shirt from my online Store at markdice.com I like all of my Designs it's available in a t-shirt long Sleeve and a hoodie and a whole bunch of Different colors as well so head on over To marketplace.com or click the

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