These Right-Wingers And Leftists Take To The Streets And FIGHT

By | January 25, 2023

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All right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Guys [Applause] [Applause] Thank you Thank you Why you won't even look at me Nobody can California A bunch of angry Nazis and other uh White supremacist groups there out Protesting a drag show I think this is In Texas a drag event uh that was for All ages but you know they were Interested and they were a little bit Curious so they decided to come out and Act like they were mad about the whole Thing so they're protesting and of Course they have their weapons but they Were met by armed leftists as it was Described to confront him in a Connor Connor protest to the protest uh because Folks are going out to have fun and they Have nothing else to do with their lives Here's some details the rally at the Texas Trust CU theater was organized by Protect Texas kids in response to Murray And Peter present a drag queen Christmas It's a holiday theme Show featuring Performances by alumni from RuPaul's Drag Race the stop in Grand Prairie was Part of a nationwide tour which also

Included shows in San Antonio Austin and Corpus Christi they're heading over the Whole damn State here's some of those Rat Wing groups that I point out Including those Nazis protect Texas kids It was founded by University of North Texas alumni uh Kelly needed and she Seeks to ban children from viewing these Performances you know over the last six Months the organization has staged Protests outside drag shows in Dallas Arlington and Roanoke they were joined At Saturday's protest by two religious Organizations the Christian nationalist New new Columbia movement and the Neo-fascist American nationalist Initiative what is it about white Supremacy and Nazis and these militia Groups that feel they have to take over This mantle of calling folks groomers And pedophiles when obviously many of Them are but still doesn't matter Somehow that's their mantle to take Just to hide the fact that they're Engulfing it themselves either way girls Here's those Connor Connor protesters The rat ring groups were opposed by a Coalition of Connor protesters including The party for socialism and Liberation And heavily armed members of the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club bro you gotta Shorten that name uh who are openly Carrying rifles that they were that they Said were intended to protect the show

And those in attendance now both sides Started rallying on the sidewalk in Front of the theater two and a half Hours before the show's 8 P.M start and Those leftists dressed in black block Style clothing blared Christmas music And Sirens over loudspeakers to draw out These chants from those uh hateful Nazis Hello hello [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Does the love is seen it but see Tech Airport over the weekend where obviously A Nazi is losing his mind to know of a Bunch of passengers trying to get on an Airplane uh if you notice everyone's Kind of looking like man did they lose His baggage what happened is it delayed But he's definitely losing his mind uh That guy's 31 year old Nicholas let me He was arrested shortly after good job Police officers uh but it turns out There's more to this guy probably thinks You could you could expect but there's More than what we already saw there Court records for the Seattle area so That let me was arrested in 2019 for Domestic assault but the case was Dropped without prejudice by reason of

Incompetency a mental health evaluation Of let me was sealed by the court Know why but it was there's more though Because let me was also arrested in 2016 Before that on suspicion of indecent Assault but that case was also dropped By a reason of incompetency wow this is Consistency in that case though a police Report noted that lightning was shouting About the Cold War at the time of his Arrest just mad about something else so It's obvious there's something going on With the ceiling of these court records Jess or at least his mental health Evaluations but then also In fact these cases keep getting Dismissed because maybe there's some Level of incompetency from the folks That are trying to prosecute him they Didn't have enough evidence something Was done I'm not a lawyer my name is not Adrian Lawrence but uh something allows This guy to continue to get off the hook I just hope that hook doesn't oscillate Some getting his hands on some weapons Because I'm sure that's the next step