These MAGA Loyalists Just Got Important Seats on Powerful House Committees

By | January 18, 2023

Key members of Congress who held out during the votes to elect Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House have found themselves appointed to important committees. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona have been given committee assignments for the new Congress, after being booted from their committees by Democrats and some Republicans for their incendiary remarks, sources told CNN.

The House GOP Steering Committee on Tuesday agreed to place Greene on the House Homeland Security Committee, which has jurisdiction over the border and will likely play a role in potentially impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

And Gosar got a seat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, where he previously served.

Both decisions were made unanimously by the steering panel, sources told CNN, which is stocked with members who are close to and a part of House GOP leadership. The committee rosters will still need to be ratified by the entire House GOP, but typically the conference approves whatever the Steering Committee recommends.


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Turns out that Kevin McCarthy made good On his promise to some of the most rabid Right-wingers in the House of Representatives because Lauren bobert Paul gosar and Marjorie Taylor green Will be serving on the very powerful House oversight committee which of Course is gearing up to launch all sorts Of Investigations on Democrats including Hunter Biden Joe Biden's son now green And gosar were initially stripped of Their committee assignments this Happened last year thanks to their Incredibly violent rhetoric in February Of 2021 a vote in the house stripped Green of her assignments including her Assignment on the education committee For quote endorsing conspiracy theories Racist dogma and violence against Democratic politicians that was reported By the hill by the way green who has Also pushed multiple conspiracy theories Including claiming that the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting was a hoax will also Serve on oh goody the homeland security Committee As far as gosar goes he lost his Committees in November of 2021 after the House voted to censure him for posting An anime clip on Twitter that made it Look like he was attacking President Joe Biden and killing representative Alexandria ocasio-cortez I'm gonna just take a pause for a second

I mean I'm not really shocked to be Honest with you Emma especially when you Consider how Aggressively Marjorie green was Supporting Kevin McCarthy in his bid for House Speaker this is this is what she Got in return Absolutely I mean people were Speculating like what could it be behind The scenes that's causing all of this And I mean really these far-right Members were holding out for committee Assignments and I'd imagine that McCarthy has to Wrangle a lot of things As the leader of the Republicans in the House and Par I'm sure part of him Doesn't necessarily want uh these insane People at front facing on committees Where Democrats are going to get a lot Of sound bites but he had to agree to it And it was clear to me that that initial Split between Marjorie Taylor green and Um Lauren bobert was all over the fact That essentially Marjory Taylor green Has become a fundraising Juggernaut for The Republican she's one of the top Fundraisers in the house for their party And she does it not through traditional Means she does it through uh small Dollar donations which Um she kind of is there the foil to Alexandria ocasio-cortez in that in that Way which is terrifying but uh that's The reality and so Democrats have taken

Her off committees and now they're going To play the same game this is going to Be uh the future of political gaming Which is that Republicans will have more And more crazies in the house and They'll have to be taken off committees When Democrats are in control because They're lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Green or Paul gosar uh and then now uh For political purposes Kevin McCarthy's Gonna take Adam Schiff Off his committee assignments uh ilhan Omar because she's Muslim basically uh And they're bigoted and and that's That's the that's the future of this Yeah you know you mentioned the fight Between Marjorie green and Lauren bobert Over this whole McCarthy situation we're Actually getting some more reporting on That Um and I wanted to kind of dive into That now so Marjorie green and Lauren Bobert apparently fought like Mean Girls Uh in the bathroom on the first day of Congress this year and that's according To a new report the fight was apparently Sparked by the fact that they disagreed On Kevin McCarthy becoming house Speaker Let me back up for a second because Lord Bobert for her it wasn't really an Ideological difference it was the fact That she nearly lost her re-election bid And she felt like she didn't get enough Support from the Republican

Establishment she felt that she was Neglected abandoned and so everything That she had to say in response to McCarthy seeking that leadership Position wasn't really about again Ideological differences or concessions She was speak uh seeking from McCarthy It was really about the fact that she Was salty and felt like she was Abandoned now Marjorie green through Full support behind McCarthy bobert Didn't and according to multiple sources The two women were nearly in a screaming Match in the speaker's Lobby ladies room Uh just off the house floor according to The Daily Beast green questioned Bobert's loyalty to McCarthy this is so Ridiculous and after a few words were Exchanged bobert stormed out Emma Stormed out she just could not take it According to another source familiar While in the bathroom green ass bober Quote You were okay taking millions of dollars From McCarthy but you refused to vote For him for speaker Lauren I mean yeah of course she was Comfortable taking the money But I mean inherent in Marjorie Green's Argument there is you take the money you Better play ball All right it's amazing how Marjorie just Completely bends the knee to The Establishment when it suits her because

She wants to get back on those juicy Committees right right uh she she'll be A loyal Soldier for the Republican Establishment I thought trumpies were Mad Kevin McCarthy because he dared to Question for a moment that Trump had uh Had won the 20 2020 election but I mean Honestly one I I don't really love the Framing by The Daily Beast there I mean Sometimes they're just so salacious and Ridiculous about this kind of stuff like I just I doubt that they would write About uh male members this way but I Will say that you know we're in Workplaces Anna where you know uh Sometimes among like our very Niche Profession female solidarity can be hard To find Um but and we're on the left right Um what's admirable about the squad is That they choose to actually Stand Together on things and and you can see How that kind of solidarity is a bit It's a bit easier for the left to do Um and they understand that they're Stronger together and on the right uh They have a a penchant for pitting women Against each other let's just say that And of course these women kind of fall Victim to that and they're creatures of That that's who they are yeah I mean That is a good point and look it's easy To pit people against each other Including you know women people in the

Same gender When they will tear each other down for Power right that's what this was about So it's not that Marjorie green and Lauren bobert have this major Ideological difference No they are the same they are literally The same when it comes to their Political values their political beliefs It's just personal for Lord bobert in in Regard to Kevin McCarthy and whether she Wanted to support him for that Leadership role and it's also personal For Marjorie green because she wanted to Be on that house oversight committee and She got exactly what she wanted it's About power and so solidarity I mean What name so they don't care about Solidarity at all they don't care about Supporting other women at all they don't Care about making an incredibly sexist Environment on Capitol Hill more Welcoming to women at all when they have To choose in their minds between their Own aspirations their own political Goals and that solidarity that I think a Lot of women desperately do need in These types of environments so I like That you differentiated between you know Progressive members of Congress and uh These women because these women again Are looking out for themselves and that Should tell voters something not only Are they looking out for themselves that

Also means that they don't care about Their And it's so depressing to see Marjorie Greene raise small dollar donations like That knowing full well that she's in it For her she's not in it for her Constituents and maybe one day they'll Realize that but for now They're shelling out cash