These Election Officials Share Their Traumatic Experiences

By | December 8, 2022

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My neighbor just shot my dad do you guys Have problems with your neighbor yes He's come over multiple times making Statements does anyone else in the Household with you no just you too stay Inside the house keep the doors locked I Know that's hard for you to accept right Now but I need to make sure you two are Safe I was letting my dog out and I Heard shop and I said to my son what the Heck what's up and I look in the Backyard And that man's walking away from my Husband he's come over like four times Confronting my husband because he Thought he was a Democrat why why Please You know our family is never going to be The same because a neighbor thought The father there was a Democrat we just Talked a few minutes ago about threats Coming into election offices and how the People want to exercise their Second Amendment right I'm trying to figure out When we're going to uh discover that This is what they believe it's for Here's some details of this situation so Family members they did call 9-1-1 after Hearing these shots and finding that Anthony Lee King who's 43 years old he Was unresponsive and bleeding in his Backyard the family told the dispatcher That the neighbor had confronted him Before about some perceived political

Affiliation as if that's his right he's Come over like four times confronting my Husband because he thought he was a Democrat as you heard on that call that His wife said more the suspect just Walked back onto his properties what the Son who called told the 911 dispatch According to the son of the neighbor has Come over multiple times making Statements saying he's insane let's take A look at picture of this guy his name Is Austin Gene Combs he's 26 years old He was arrested a little bit accurate And charged with murder when all that Second Amendment right thing is going From or the fact fact that he could care Whether or not his neighbor was a Democrat it doesn't matter you're going To jail You're going to ask some fellow inmates If they're Democrats too before you get Into any kind of uh situations with them I I who knows it doesn't really matter Um In Adams County Colorado county clerk Josh ziegelbaum had to overhaul his Workplace so this is headquarters yes This is the elections office this area Has changed it's more secure now than it Was correct and there's Panic buttons There's Panic buttons I really tried to Harden the office as a Target as much as We could those safety measures extend Way past the doors of his office and I

Have had some incidences and in the past Where People followed me back to my Neighborhood you were followed that Prompted me to start talking with Sheriff about you know personal safety Uh he recommended that I wear a Ballistic vest whenever I feel necessary I wear one pretty much every single day What does it say That you are the county clerk in this County and you have to come to work Every day With body armor it says that you know There are Democracy isn't as probably healthy as It should be Democracy in America there uh Josh Zigabomb was talking with ABC news about His precautions he has to take because Of threats of violence people following Him home but also um as this is all Going through again we've been talking About the violence and maybe even folks In conservative circles and candidates Themselves saying that the violence is Coming from the left the violence is Coming from the left look out the Violence is coming from the left right Before they laugh about some violence Headed towards Nancy Pelosi's home it Doesn't have to make sense they just Have to keep saying it but there were Some threatening phone calls that also

Came in let's watch more You frotted out America of a real Election where Donald Trump blew your Life without water we'll kill you you Know um what happens to corrupt Democrat Politicians and election officials you Know what happened He learned firsthand the hard way why The Second Amendment exists already Armed poll Watchers and tactical gear Have been monitoring ballot boxes in Arizona raising the Specter of conflict And even violence in the election Hey conscious did you realize that That's the point of the Second Amendment Because I keep hearing it from Conservative circles I thought the point Of the sacrament was freedom to carry Your gun to defend yourself in your Family in your home not to then say hey I don't like the way that you're working That election uh office I'm going to Come kill you that's what the Second Amendment is for these days I I would say that uh a lot of the Founding fathers is probably turned over In their graves because the American Education system is so trash that we Were taught that we supposed to be Taught that the Second Amendment is for Like tyranny tyranny I'm country so I Said I always say it wrong right but it Was Ford defending itself against The government now we hear people talk

About the second amendment being Uniquely deployed against their fellow Citizen they fellow Patriot and we see Like you lost in the sauce of gun Manufacturing propaganda you see what I'm saying are you ready for me but Austin they couldn't let me think about All of the ways in which we use Ethnocentrism how we Center American Culture for being the biggest truth Throughout the world and that we are Literally going through a lot of the Things that we'll describe on another Country and justify invading them I.E They can't have a peaceful election American practice is needed we're going To make sure we don't know what I'm Saying invade over there oh oh them over There and threatening people and they Can't have somebody to be elected oh We're going to go over there and invade And make sure they have a good election Meanwhile we got people that have to Have like Bulletproof vests to do their job It's not a good look