These Are The Wildest Cop Moments Of This Year

By | November 2, 2022

These are the craziest incidents involving law enforcement this year. Jayar Jackson breaks it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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Okay Mr cook uh you are incarcerated Here is that correct that the Fairfield County Jail okay I’m not here to talk to You about any crimes that you’ve Committed or may have committed or Anything like that uh I’m looking at an Incident that occurred on I believe it Was July 21st So tell me you know if What what kind of transpired with what Happened Uh just I mean to be honest with you just turn Around [Music] It’s just Restless How did you come to be involved Well there’s already Wrestling and then I seen uh Petty take it off his walkie-talkie so I Was like oh yeah I want him so he popped Me out he shook hands and He just really wrestled and wrestled and That okay Just a wrestling match between inmates And Corrections Officers inside this a Fairfield County Jail in Ohio is on Video as you see there was a supervisor Someone in charge asking one of the Inmates what the hell are you guys doing Let’s look at some of the pictures Because it was apparently a cordial and As they described it uh um consensual Consensual wrestling match between the

Two hugs were shared afterwards he one Of them said yeah I beat him and it was Fun it was fine they sit back they Chuckle and laugh afterwards let’s hang Out on the tables a little bit of sweat Being exchanged these are fun times and Who’s the next one up I don’t care I’ll Take you on too Bob It’s a it’s I guess it’s a a team Building exercise is what they had there I would love to see your opinion on this But there’s one one uh quote I want to Get to when he was talking about this as Talking about as he was talking to a Supervisor about this one of these Inmates Um the graphic six you guys uh they were Saying there were no injuries and uh Lop Lake Lopez said one of the inmates said The matches were purely consensual and The inmates and employees shook hands And hugged afterwards one of the inmates Also admitted to wrestling and told the Investigator he won his match against The correct his officer however he told Investiga that he didn’t want any of the Jail employees to get in trouble they’re All buddies Ben as a matter of fact There’s one person who commented on this And that’s what I was wondering he said I spent 12 years In uh in jail And this would actually keep tensions Low it would really work trust me it

Breaks The Angst we may not want to Actually fight you if we get to wrestle You I don’t know bro I don’t know [Music] [Music] Yes what you heard there was a barrage Of bullets countless bullets flying near Southern California freeway just off of Uh the shoulder there uh this all Started on Monday when an amber alert Went out or for a 15 year old girl who Was apparently abducted by her father And it ended on Tuesday on that day with That same girl victim potentially of That Amber report being killed Here’s that Amber Alert San Bernardino Riverside Kern and Los Angeles counties Were all put on notice about this Particular uh uh this Duo his father and His daughter who he had apparently Abducted uh there’s crazy details behind This in fact the police there that were Involved in this whole thing uh had to Answer some questions and I still had a Few more let’s let them start explaining What they say happened Several jurisdictions at this time are Involved in the pursuit and the deputies Attempt to contain the suspect and the Triangle that’s made by the off-ramp the I-15 Freeway and the Main Street bridge That goes over the top As a result of that a fire fight ensues

During that fire fight the suspect Vehicle comes to rest at which time a Subject exits the passenger side of the Vehicle wearing tactical gear that Subject starts to run towards sheriff’s Deputies and during the gunfire goes Down and we believe that both the Suspect in the vehicle And the person that’s contacted with the Tactical gear that that person is our 15 Year old juvenile Uh Savannah but as the deputies go up And render Medical Aid and realize that This is Savannah in the tactical gear They immediately transport her to an Area a local area hospital at 11 52 Hours Savannah is pronounced deceased So as they pulled over a quick uh recap Of what he said there Someone jumped out of the pickup truck Which they were pursuing which they knew Held Anthony Graziano and his daughter Savannah and someone just popped out With tactical gear and a helmet on that Was Savannah which they found out later After she was shot and killed in the Middle as she ran towards police Officers Was killed there so that’s part of the Explanation but I’m gonna need some more And it gets more puzzling watch more of This press conference Recount again how the the girl wound up Being in the way of the the bullets

Well a subject that entered we did not Knowing it was a girl initially was Wearing tactical gear this is in the Middle of the fire fight right shooting Back and forth with the uh with with Mr Graziano And she she’s in the middle of that Right they’re made preliminarily again There may be some indications that the Passenger of the vehicle which we Believe is Savannah may have been also Involved in some of the fire exchange What do you mean by that how what what Information do you have on that there May be some information that the Passenger was involved in firing back at The deputies and we’re still trying to Confirm that at this point do you Believe it’s True we don’t know it is so early in This investigation folks This is highly Complex the person wearing the tactical Gear that was coming at deputies did They have a weapon on them at this time Uh I don’t have that information I’m not Sure we’re still reviewing the entire Scene Multiple weapons inside the car with the Suspect who died I take it the only Weapon that we’re able to confirm right Now is a rifle taken from the suspect Vehicle

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