The Weekly Podcast: Two Biggest Surprises in Campaign 2022 — The Grand Finale

By | November 17, 2022

You like surprises?

Campaign 2022 had lots of them.

Brace yourself to experience the two biggest plot twists of Campaign 2022.

What were they?

Who said what?

And what did the two incredible, earth-shattering surprises have to do with — Hawaii?

Don’t miss the big reveal in C-SPAN’s podcast “The Weekly.”

It’s the grand finale to C-SPAN’s coverage of Campaign 2022.

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Aloha I'm Tulsi gabbard candidate for congress In Hawaii and a captain in the Army National Guard As a combat veteran I know the cost of War The sacrifices made by our troops and Military families are immeasurable These days it's often women in uniform Moms wives even grandmothers who deploy And leave their families behind Such Heroes and Patriots need and Deserve leaders who truly understand and Care about their hardships and will Fight for them Leaders like president and Michelle Obama And vice president and Dr Biden it's the Grand finale to campaign 2022 so why are We opening this podcast with Tulsi Gabbard addressing the 2012 democratic National Convention when she was first Running for congress well for the same Reason we're playing Tulsi gabbard Addressing the 2016 convention when she Nominated Bernie Sanders for president It is when we truly care for each other Choosing inclusion and love over Division and hatred That this great country is truly at its Greatest Let us draw inspiration from the words Of Mahatma Gandhi A small body of determined Spirits fired

By an unquenchable faith in their Mission can alter the course of history Ah quoting Mahatma Gandhi at the Democratic Convention yes it's like Taking Gandhi from a baby because in This podcast we are closing out c-span's Campaign 2022 coverage with two story Lines we weren't expecting Tulsa gabbard Campaigning for republicans and Barack Obama talking about his birth Certificate and both plot twists involve Get ready for this Hawaii So brace yourself or throw a luau Because it's the big surprise episode of Cease pants podcast the weekly we'll get Back to Tulsa gabbard in a moment first Let's get right to the other storyline From campaign 2022 we weren't expecting Barack Obama and the Barack Obama birth Certificate on October 29th former President Barack Obama campaigned in Milwaukee for Democratic candidates Including the Wisconsin lieutenant Governor running for U.S Senate Mandela Barnes I wanna Say something here I I know that there's Some folks probably maybe not in this Auditorium but elsewhere in Wisconsin Who think and I know these ads are Running this way that Just because Mandela's name Mandela Just because he's a Democrat with a with A funny name

He must not be like you He must not share your values I mean we've seen this It sounds pretty familiar doesn't it So Mandela get ready to dig up that Birth certificate Get ready Remember when that that's the good old Days remember when that was the craziest Thing that people said [Applause] Think about that Like that that wasn't that long ago Everybody's all like wow that that's Some crazy stuff now it doesn't even Make the top 10 Lister crazy Barack Obama's reference to his birth Certificate is a travel back through Time over 11 years and like much in Politics these days takes us back to Donald Trump in March of 2011 Trump said He was seriously considering running for President at the same time demanding That incumbent President Barack Obama Released his long-form birth certificate Questioning whether he was born in America President Obama did release the Long-form birth certificate the next Month as he told the White House Press Corps on April 27th we've had every Official in Hawaii Democrat and Republican Every news outlet that has investigated

This confirmed that yes in fact I was Born in Hawaii August 4th 1961 in Kapiolani hospital we've posted the uh Certification that is given by the state Of Hawaii on the internet for everybody To see People have provided affidavits that They in fact have seen this birth Certificate and yet this thing just Keeps on going hawaiian-born President Obama was right about the last part that Thing did keep on going here's Donald Trump later that day in New Hampshire Something that nobody else has been able To accomplish I was just informed while On the helicopter that our president has Finally released a birth certificate I'd want to look at it but I hope it's True So that we can get onto much more Important matters so the Press can stop Asking me questions he should have done It a long time ago why he didn't do it When the clintons asked for it why he Didn't do it when everybody else was Asking for it I don't know But I am really honored Frankly to have played such a big role In hopefully hopefully getting rid of This issue now we have to look at it we Have to see is it real Is it proper what's on it but I hope it Checks out beautifully I am really proud

I am really honored three days later Both Donald Trump and Barack Obama Attended the White House correspondence Dinner on April 30th 2011 Donald Trump Was in the audience President Obama on Stage Donald Trump Now I know that He's taken some Flack lately but no one Is happier no one is prouder To put this birth certificate matter to Rest than the Donald And that's because he can finally get Back to focusing on the issues that Matter Like Did we fake the moon landing And where are Biggie and Tupac foreign Four years later February 27 2015 at CPAC Donald Trump was still taking the Issue seriously now as far as the birth Certificate Hillary Clinton wanted his Birth certificate Hillary is a Bertha She wanted but she was unable to get it John McCain fought really hard and Really viciously to get his birth Certificate John McCain failed couldn't Get it Trump comes along and I'm not a Sitting Senator I'm not a sitting Anything else I'm a good businessman But Trump comes along and said Birth certificate he gave a birth Certificate whether or not that was a Real certificate because a lot of people

Question it I certainly question it but Hillary Clinton wanted it McCain wanted It and I wanted it he didn't do it for Them he did it for me so in one sense I'm proud of it now all we have to do is Find out whether or not it was real the Next year another joke from Barack Obama About the birth certificate September 17 2016 at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner there's an extra Spring in my step tonight I don't know about you guys but I am so Relieved That the whole birther thing is oh I mean Isil North Korea poverty climate change none Of those things weighed on my mind Like the validity of my birth Certificate [Applause] And to think That with just 124 days to go under the Wire we got that result I mean that's a boost For me in the home stretch In other breaking news the world is Round not flat [Applause] Lord Of course in less than two months Donald Trump would replace Barack Obama as President which brings us back to the Present 2022 and Obama but our fast

Forward does not return us to Barack Obama himself in our time travel forward We end up with former Obama White House Press Secretary Jay Carney remember all Those jokes Barack Obama cracked about The birther issue over the years that we Just played well here's what Jay Carney Told the bipartisan policy Center on April 20th 2022. we did not take Birtherism seriously We did not believe that People were listening to those folks who Are out there claiming that President Obama had not been born in the United States and he wasn't Christian Until it was too late and I know President Obama feels this way because We talked about it And uh I know that the polls still show That a majority a significant majority Of self-identified Republicans don't Believe President Obama was born in the United States and a significant Percentage of them believe He was a Muslim Think about how corrosive that is to our Politics and think about the kind of Partisanship that that kind of corrosive Politics Has contributed to what we see today And that was consequential that was a Mistake We should have taken it seriously we Shouldn't have joked about it that was

In April Barack Obama's latest birth Certificate joke was in October Now the second unexpected storyline from Campaign 2022 and like the first one it Also comes with a Donald Trump origin Story let's bring in Tulsi gabbard again February 3rd 2019 Hawaii representative Gabbard announces her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination with A few swipes at Donald Trump here's one Where instead of draining the swamp our President has turned it into a cesspool Of corruption six months later Tulsi Gabbard is campaigning in Iowa here's What she said about Donald Trump on August 12 2019. and it breaks our hearts To see That we have a president in the White House Who is abusing his power who is misusing His position to stoke fear To stoke racism to stoke bigotry all for His own personal selfish political gain It breaks my heart because this is not Who we are on March 19th 2020 Tulsi Gabbard dropped out of the democratic Race it's clear that Democratic primary Voters have chosen Vice President Joe Biden to be the person who will take on President Trump in the general election I know Vice President Biden and his wife And I'm grateful to have called his son Beau a friend who also served in the National Guard

Although I may not agree with the vice President on every issue I know that he Has a good heart and he's motivated by His love for our country and the American people I'm confident that he Will lead our country Guided by the Spirit of Aloha and now the surprise Tulsi gabbard plot twist in October 2022 She abandoned the Democratic party now I'm calling on my fellow Common Sense Independent-minded Democrats to join me In leaving the Democratic Party If you can no longer stomach the Direction that the so-called woke Democratic party ideologues are taking Our country And I invite you to join me Tulsi Gabbard didn't say she would join the Republicans but she campaigned for them In Arizona for Republican governor Candidate Kerry Lake and on October 28th In Nevada for Republican Senate Candidate Adam black salt I am here and Proud to support Adam laxalt to send him To the U.S Senate because we love this Country and we stand for freedom Foreign [Applause] Aloha the same way Tulsi gabbard ended Her Democratic campaign two years ago The same way she opened her speech at The Democratic Convention 10 years ago And a footnote both Republican Adam Lexalt who Tulsi gabbard campaigned for

And Democrat Mandela Barnes who Barack Obama campaigned for lost their Senate Races and now a bonus clip we heard Barack Obama tell a birth certificate Joke on the campaign Trail in 2022 and We heard him tell birth certificate Jokes when it was a dominant issue over 10 years ago Well here's another birth certificate Joke from someone you might not have Expected campaigning for president Against Barack Obama on August 24 2012 In Commerce Michigan here's Republican Presidential nominee and future U.S Senator Mitt Romney now I love being Home in this place where Ann and I were Raised where both of us were born and Was born at Henry Ford Hospital I was Born at Harper Hospital No one's ever asked to see my birth Certificate they know that this is the Place that we were born and raised That's it for this episode of c-span's The weekly we hope you find in our video Library other unexpected story lines From campaign 2022 Just go to and use the search Bar on top find more video about Barack Obama's birth certificate find more Tulsa gabbard appearances find even more Campaign 2022 surprises still All for free no registration no Certificate birth or otherwise thanks For listening happy searching and well

Aloha Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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