The Weekly Podcast: Thanksgiving: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Dulles Airport

By | November 22, 2022

It’s Thanksgiving. Chances are you’re travelling. It’s possible you’re flying. And you might even be at Dulles Airport — stuck.
If that’s the case, listen to C-SPAN’s podcast “The Weekly.”
We present Seven Fun Facts about Dulles Airport.
All connected to politics and the presidency.
It’s the perfect way to pass time during a miserable experience at Dulles.
What are the Seven Fun Facts?
Listen to “The Weekly” and find out!

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But most of all I want to thank all of You I know that Traffic getting into Dulles we were a Little bit delayed that was Barack Obama November 3rd 2008 speaking at the Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas Virginia his final 2008 campaign rally Before winning the presidential election The next day the big takeaway from that Speech Yes even presidential candidates Get delayed at Dulles Airport just like People who aren't president just like People like you and me This is a special Thanksgiving podcast Dedicated to anyone traveling through an Airport for the holiday specifically Traveling through Washington Dulles International Airport for the holiday You might even be at Dulles airport Right now suffering from long lines Far Away parking or flights that have been Delayed or canceled but while you may Curse Dulles here's something you can Cheer the C-SPAN podcast the weekly Because of this fun fact It's Thanksgiving week Dulles turns 60 Years old the airport was dedicated by President John F Kennedy on November 17 1962. did you know that there's lots of Other fun facts to learn about Dulles so To mark this Thanksgiving c-spans the Weekly eases your travel aggravation by Serving up seven historical facts you

May not know about Dulles airport or Even care about so turn your podcast Download into a Thanksgiving upgrade Seven fun facts about Dulles Airport Number one the obvious one who's Dulles Like me you probably thought Dulles Airport was named after Mr airport Believe it or not that's not true it was Named after John Foster Dulles he served As Secretary of State under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower from 1953 Through 1959 when he died his brother Alan Dulles was the first civilian Director of the CIA also under Eisenhower John Foster Dulles also was briefly a U.S senator from New York in 1949. his Republican street cred however didn't Prevent Democratic president John F Kennedy from saying nice things about Him at the November 17 1962 airport Dedication I also want to say how Appropriate it is that this should be Named after secretary Dallas He was a member of an extraordinary Family His brother Alan Dulles who served in Great many administrations stretching Back I believe to President Hoover all The way to this one His brother John Foster Dulles who at The age of 19 Was a rather strangely the secretary to The Chinese delegation to the Hague and

Who served nearly every uh presidential Administration from that time forward to His death in 1959. Who was Secretary of State Mr Lansing Their grandfather who was Secretary of State Mr Foster I know a few families and certainly a Few contemporaries who rendered more Distinguished and dedicated service to Their country And therefore I think that all of them Can feel in the name Dulles Airport a Sense of participation when President Kennedy attended the Dulles Airport Dedication he viewed a bust of the late Secretary of State which leads to fun Fact number two where's the bust for the Answer let's hear from Stephen Kinser he Wrote the book The Brothers John Foster Dulles Alan Dulles and their secret World war Stephen Kinser appeared on c-span's Q a Program October 3rd 2013. Stephen kenzer in your book The Brothers John Foster Dulles and Alan Dallas you Tell a story up front about Dulles Airport in Washington and the statue And the naming what what is that John Foster Dulles had recently died When that super airport out in Chantilly Virginia was being built and President Eisenhower immediately announced that The airport would be named Dulles Airport for a while when Kennedy took

Over he didn't want to name it after a Crusty old cold warrior but there was Pushback from others and finally the Decision was made to name it after Dulles you can still see the film clip Of Kennedy opening uh the airport with Eisenhower there and Alan Dulles there And he pulls back a curtain and behind The curtain is this giant bust of John Foster Dulles and that bust stands in The middle of this big airport so I went To see it while I was writing this book And I couldn't find it I started asking The security guards where's the big bust Of dollars nobody had ever even heard of It it was a long process and finally Thanks to the Washington airports Authority I was able to discover that The bust had been taken away from its Place in the middle of the airport and It's now in a closed used conference Room opposite baggage claim number three And I find this a wonderful metaphor for How the Dulles brothers who at one time Exercised earth-shattering power and Were able to make and break governments Have now been effectively forgotten and Airbrushed out of our entire history at This point you might be wondering what Did John Foster's Dulles sound like well That is fun fact number three we have The answer and no he did not sound like The Roar of a jet engine or the ding That goes off when it's safe to move

Around the cabin On October 25th 1954 President Eisenhower met with his cabinet on TV it Was the first time a cabinet meeting was Broadcast on television the topic Western Europe And who did President Eisenhower return To our man Secretary of State John Foster Dulles here's how the historic First televised cabinet meeting began so For this one time we are having this Meeting of the cabinet on all of these Uh immediate public secretary Dallas Which president I certainly greatly Appreciate this chance to make an early Report to you and my cabinet colleagues And the American people about the events Which culminated in Paris last Saturday Dave poyest I believe that the Importance of these events justifies Their immediate consideration by The American Nation I realize how difficult it is when You're right in the midst of things to Make a sound judgment but it is my Honest opinion that history will not Soon forget the results which came about Culminated in Paris their last Saturday Before we move on to fun fact 4 about Dulles Airport one more note about John Foster Dulles In that clip we heard his Report about his trip to Paris it makes Sense that they named an International Airport after him he was the first

Secretary of State to travel 1 million Miles As Congressman Stephen horn a republican From California noted on January 27 1998. secretary Dulles at one part of The territory around Washington Was honored by President Eisenhower when He named The International Airport the John Foster Dulles International Airport He was the first Secretary to travel one Million miles in implementing a Bipartisan Democratic Republican foreign Policy he put together the alliances Which contained the Soviet Union now fun Fact number four Bob Dole wanted to Change the name in 1990 the longtime Republican Senate leader introduced a Resolution that Urges the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority to change the name of Washington Dulles International Airport To Eisenhower International Airport While retaining the name of the main Terminal the Dulles terminal Washington has two airports named after Republicans the other Ronald Reagan on February 6 1998 President Clinton signed Into law a bill that changed the name of Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport two Days earlier during house debate over That name change Democratic Representative James oberstor of Minnesota cited Bob Dole's advocacy to

Change Dulles to Eisenhower the Precedent for the motion I offer is that Offered by no less than the Senate Minority leader in 1990 almost to eight Years to the week Senator Dole who Offered a joint resolution To urge the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority to use its existing Authority to change the name of Washington Dulles International Airport To Eisenhower International Airport Note Senator Dole Rose to Urge the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority to use Its Authority To change the name of Washington Dulles To Eisenhower International He was in the Senate when the Legislation was introduced And enacted To create the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority To be to rebuild both Dulles and Washington National His great wife Was the Secretary of Transportation at The time Democratic representative Jerry Nadler also opposed the name change and Cited both President Eisenhower Secretary of State and President Clinton's Secretary of State but once You get into the office of renaming Things that are already named I think

John Foster Dallas wasn't a great Secretary of state maybe we should Rename Dallas airport after Warren Christopher I mean once you start Getting into the area of renaming things That already have a name and then it Becomes a question of the political Fashion of the day I think you've Entered very treacherous ground and it Doesn't make sense a history footnote Representative Nadler is from New York Both Reagan and Dulles airports have Direct flights to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York before It was renamed for the Democratic President on December 24 1963 32 days After he was assassinated JFK Airport Was called Idlewild Now fun fact five political press Conferences at Dulles holding a press Conference outside Dulles isn't Remarkable on July 12 2021 for instance Texas state democratic lawmakers spoke To reporters after arriving at Dulles They called on Congress to pass voting Rights legislation thank you for meeting Us out here my name is Chris Turner I'm A state representative from Grand Prairie Texas and the Dallas Fort Worth Area And I have the privilege of serving as The chair of the Texas house Democratic Caucus Some of the finest and bravest public

Servants you will ever see and I'm so Proud of this group that is standing Here behind me and and or other Companions and colleagues who are en Route to join us this evening and Tomorrow morning that was outside Dulles Airport but a press conference inside Well 30 years ago they could and did in 1992 Pappy Cannon challenged President George H.W bush in the Republican Primary On March 18 1992 Buchanan held a press Conference inside the airport in fact Fastener safety belts and harnesses for This one when his flight arrived the Media met him at the gate gate A4 and That's where the Press Conference was Held right in the terminal let me just Say to Dave clearly the president won Two big victories yesterday in Michigan And Illinois And he appears to be headed for the Nomination and only Celestial Intervention Uh could interrupt that process And so uh our campaign however Because it was not simply about Delegates is going to continue a press Conference inside of Dulles Airport Terminal wow okay let's go For Broke how About a congressional hearing inside Dulles yep had one of those two February 17 2006 a house hearing on airline Passenger baggage screening

Here's House Government reform committee Chairman Tom Davis right here at Dulles Airport according to a July 2005 Washington Post article one Airline Reported that their flights are being Delayed as much as 45 minutes because of The limited number of baggage screening Machines fun fact six Dulles airport has Been part of presidential history no It's wrong again Fun fact six Dulles airport has been Part of presidential history Specifically the end of presidencies Let's go to a June 19 2019 house hearing On Aviation safety here's Captain Daniel Carey president of the Allied Pilots Association you know we have to get away From the days of the American pilot Machismo and the Top Gun movie uh Pilots Ethiopian Airlines flies a plane into uh Washington Dulles every day from Addis Of ABBA and they have been doing it for Years they have a proud Aviation culture They were founded by TWA in 1945 and Managed through 1975. they're very proud Of the fact that Emperor Selassie was The only uh head of state from Africa to Attend JFK's funeral because he had a Boeing aircraft that brought him here Dulles is also connected to Watergate Part of the history of Richard Nixon's Resignation and Gerald Ford becoming President In 1970 Donald Rumsfeld was named a

White House counselor to President Nixon Dick Cheney came along as his Deputy in 1973 when Rumsfeld left the White House Dick Cheney left two In August 1974 Nixon resigned the Presidency The night of the resignation Rumsfeld Was in France he was serving as U.S Ambassador to Nito he got an Urgent Message from Vice President Ford to Return to Washington at once Rumsfeld asked Cheney his former Assistant to meet him at Dulles International Airport Rumsfield was handed a sealed envelope From the now President Ford to head the Transition team From an August 9 2004 ceremony in the Capital rotunda honoring Gerald Ford on The 30th anniversary of his presidency Here's Don Rumsfeld it was 30 years ago That President Nixon resigned and President Ford was sworn in and I Arrived at Dulles airport and it was a a An important moment in in all of our Lives the Transition that took place that day The vice president's comment was yeah Rum spell you were probably wearing the Same suit And here's Dick Cheney from the same August 2004 event thinking back to 30 Years ago this week I remember that trip To Dulles to pick up Don

And the work we began then at that time On a sudden and very difficult and Challenging transition we can all Remember that summer The anger and the bitterness that filled The air here in Washington We remember the uncertainty that Americans felt as our country passed Through the worst constitutional crisis Since our civil war And above all we remember the man who Stepped into the East room that Friday Raised his right hand and took the oath Of office after Nixon and Ford the next Republican president was Ronald Reagan Which brings us to our seventh and final Fun fact Dulles airport has been Mentioned in a State of the Union Address that's right February 4th 1986 Here's President Reagan back before he Had his own Airport named after him this Nation remains fully committed to America's space program we are going Forward with our shuttle flights we're Going forward to build our space station And we're going forward with research on A new Orient Express That Could by the End of the next decade take off from Dallas airport accelerate up to 25 times The speed of sound attaining low earth Orbit or flying to Tokyo within two Hours And If you're delayed adults right now you

Probably wish you could hop on a speedy And Orient Express if they only existed By the way in that 1986 theater the Union speech President Reagan didn't Just name Dulles Airport He also Mentioned by name a classic 80s movie And it's our bonus clip never has there Been a more exciting time to be alive A Time of rousing Wonder and heroic Achievement As they said in the film Back to the Future Where are we going we don't need roads Maybe not roads but if you're flying out Of Dulles you still need bus like mobile Lounges That's it for this Thanksgiving episode Of c-span's the weekly we hope you found It exciting not Dull not duller not even Dulles Want to learn more about Dulles airport Or John Foster Dulles use the C-SPAN Video library just fly off to And use the search bar on top no Registration or boarding passes required What a great way to pass time all Thanksgiving whether you're waiting in The TSA line the ticket line the baggage Carousel line stuck in the tarmac Mourning the loss of in-flight magazines Taking your shoes off or just playing Sleeping on the floor Thanks for listening thanks for giving Safe travels and safe searching

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