The Weekly Podcast: Gaslighting. Word of the Year. In Congress.

By | December 8, 2022

Merriam-Webster declared gaslighting to be 2022 word of the year, based on searches on its website.

Here’s another place gaslighting was word of the year: Congress.

In 2022, both sides filled their rhetoric with mentions and accusations of gaslighting.

How did Congress define gaslighting?

Who said what in Congress citing gaslighting?

And how did one member of Congress connect gaslighting — to big cats?

You’ll find out in the C-SPAN podcast “The Weekly.”

We demonstrate how Congress used the word gaslight throughout 2022.

You gotta believe us.

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Gaslighting the way I explain it to People imagine if someone approached you On the street it's a beautiful day is That Essie what color is the sky you Look up it's blue they say no it's green You look up again no it's blue and then They parade a field of experts with Weird scientific studies from the Internet and saying No the sky is green and then there's CNN Debate panels to debate what color the Sky is and so you sort of have two Choices when this goes on Great's on you You either say okay they have a Viewpoint they have a lot of economic Anxiety maybe they see the sky is green Or you go crazy and you start saying no You idiots the sky is blue and then they Say oh look at that hysterical woman That was Amanda Carpenter the CNN Commentator and bulwark columnist was on Book TV interviewed by fellow television Commentator s e cup the topic Amanda Carpenter's book gaslighting America why We love it when Trump lies to us on May 31st 2018 on book TV she explained what Gaslighting is Fast Forward four years In 2022 Merriam-Webster Dictionary chose Gaslighting as its word of the year in This episode of c-spans the weekly we Taught gaslighting 2 because it wasn't Just searching Merriam-Webster in 2022 Gaslighting was the word of the year in Another place Congress gaslighting

Merriam-Webster America's oldest Dictionary publisher said in this age of Misinformation of fake news conspiracy Theory series Twitter trolls and deep Fakes gaslighting has emerged as a word For our time in 2022 lookups for the Word gaslighting on Increased 1 740 percent over the year Before Merriam-Webster's editor told the Associated Press it was a word looked up Frequently every single day of the year And it's a word you heard frequently in Congress this year too but first one More time what's gaslighting again just To remind people who are not familiar With the term gaslighting I thought the 1944 movie with Ingrid Bergman is a Great movie I'm I've watched it more Than once Um but her husband Was making her think she was going crazy Or was crazy when she wasn't at all he Was being evil This from medical news today says Gaslighting is a form of psychological Abuse where a person or group makes Someone question their sanity perception Of reality or memories people Experiencing gaslighting often feel Confused anxious and unable to trust Themselves Uh the term gaslighting derives from the 1938 play and 44 film Gaslight in which A husband manipulates his wife into

Thinking she has a mental illness by Dimming their gas fuel lights and Telling her she is hallucinating that Was Congressman Louis gomert Republican Of Texas on the house floor May 13 2022 Here's another definition from the other Side of the aisle and from the other Side of the Capitol Republicans are Tying themselves in knots trying to Convince Americans the big lie is really What America Democrats are doing that's What McConnell started saying that's a Little standard technique of theirs they Take something like they use dark money And they say Democrats are dark money Which is you know ridiculous we're Trying to end dark money in the Um uh freedom to vote act and now he Says Democrats have the big lie that's Gaslighting what McConnell did on the Big lie is a classic definition of Gaslighting that was Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer speaking to Reporters January 11 2022 in the capital Similar remarks from Majority Leader Schumer the day before on the senate Floor our Republican colleagues have Gone to Great Lengths recently to Distract from the dangers of Donald Trump's big lie Senate Republicans are so stung by our Arguments about voter fraud in the big Lie that the Republican leader has Actually tried to argue that it's

Actually Democrats pushing a big lie When we won't warn about voter Suppression The threats of voter suppression are not False they are dangerous The leader's line of argument the Republican Leader's line of argument is Gaslighting pure and simple in fact Leader Schumer went to the rhetorical Well of Gaslight several times during Those early days of 2022 here he is Again that same week January 13th Discussing a Voting Rights bill and Every Senator will be faced with a Choice Of whether or not to pass this Legislation to protect our democracy There's been a lot of gaslighting here On the floor Lately from the other side About power grabs about takeovers but Precious little in terms of substance That same day January 13th a republican In the house discussed voting laws and Mentioned gaslighting too here's the Founder of the house election Integrity Caucus from New York Claudia Tenney it's Groundhog Day again on the house floor Yet again our Democratic colleagues Continue to Gaslight the American people By claiming that despite record turnout In recent elections Republicans are Scheming to steal the sacred right to Vote from our fellow citizens what is Their solution to the problem which they

Assure you is very real it just so Happens to be a partisan Federal Takeover of Elections that empowers Unelected bureaucrats in Washington to Oversee local elections and overturn Popular voting protection laws not just Voting laws gaslighting found its way Into Congress debate on other topics too Like abortion From July 14 2022 here's Democratic Nevada senator Catherine Cortez masto We've seen women's Reproductive Rights Eroded steadily for decades and we know That antoi anti-choice activists won't Stop This is a form of gaslighting to keep Insisting that American women will be Able to get care when we know that Anti-choice legislators and groups are Working to stop them from doing so Another topic for mentioning gaslighting Gas from March 15th here's Iowa Republican senator Joni Ernst and the President has failed to live up to his Promises when it comes to biofuels all Across the Midwest which would benefit The entire United States if we would Utilize more of our homegrown energy Resources So let's not be fooled the president is Literally Gaslighting the American people he feels If he says it enough people are going to Believe that fuel prices were Putin's

Fault likewise in the house on May 18 2022 congresswoman Stephanie Bice Republican of Oklahoma talked gas and Gaslighting I'd like to remind my Colleagues that the price of gasoline is Determined on a global market based on Supply and demand the way to lower Prices is to increase Supply and we can Do that by unleashing American Production Sadly the Administration has been doing The exact opposite delaying permit Approvals denying asset access to public Lands and gaslighting the energy Industry from Bice to Heist also using The Gaslight rhetorical device Representative Jody Heiss a republican From Georgia was on the house floor July 28 2022 here is his reaction to What Congress was debating that day that Private ownership and breeding of lions And tigers we have Americans literally Suffering right now economically and We're debating big cats Really Of all the things that are important We're in here talking about big cats we Have an Administration right now Gaslighting the American people by Trying to change the definition of a Recession which we are experiencing all These guest lady mentions on C-Span in 2022 leads to our bonus clip to be Consistent with Merriam-Webster we've

Limited our gaslighting examples to this Year but the word has been used on C-Span going back decades Here's one of the earliest from October 14 2004 answering the question who you Vote for in the presidential election John Kerry or George W bush here's Comedian Jon Stewart am I going to vote For right now it's looking like Kerry I Mean unless there's a unless there's a Crazy Hail Mary I mean I'm not saying he's out of it and Something could change but I I I I I I Would be stunned if something happened To change my mind and that's not you Know uh in any way you know I'm not Endorsing anybody that's I'm just Telling you honestly that that at this Point I I just I have never seen uh reality Distorted in a manner that makes me feel Like they're trying to Gaslight me you Know and I don't think that effective Policy means say it louder and more Times It doesn't work for me what we will say Louder and more times use the C-SPAN Video library Find many more gaslighting mentions on C-Span over the years by politicians on Both sides just go to and Enter gaslighting in the search bar on Top that's all you have to do it's that Easy you do believe us don't you that's

It for this episode of c-spans the Weekly it's been a real guess thanks for Listening and happy searching Foreign [Music]