The Weekly Podcast: Elon Musk Loves Chocolate Milk

By | December 21, 2022

Lots of people — politicians very much included — have lots of things to say about Elon Musk, now that he owns Twitter.

But what did politicians say about Elon Musk before he bought Twitter?

Find out in C-SPAN’s podcast “The Weekly.”

Hear from members of Congress talking about Elon Musk in the pre-Twitter days, back when Democrats celebrated him for SpaceX, Republicans recommended he join President Biden’s cabinet, and one Representative cheered on his “insane” love for chocolate milk.

Plus — hear different opinions about Elon Musk from one person: Donald Trump.

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People of all ages especially children Receive crucial nutrients to grow Healthy and strong by drinking milk That's why I've co-sponsored the Bipartisan legislation like the whole Milk for healthy kids act to ensure that Every child will have access to Nutrition Rich milk in schools and Cafeterias just like the awesome Chocolate milk that I got when I was Growing up and as Elon Musk said Chocolate milk is insanely good ah Elon Musk Tesla driver SpaceX founder Twitter Owner chocolate milk lover You heard representative Claudia Tenney Republican of New York on June 22 2022 Citing Elon musk's appreciation for Chocolate milk even before he bought Twitter What else did politicians say about Elon Musk before Twitter became his find out In this episode of c-span's the weekly The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk Concluded on October 27 2022 20 years earlier March 13 2002 he Founded SpaceX in 2018 Elon Musk and SpaceX achieved a historic milestone in Space it was described and celebrated on The house floor on February 7 2018 Here's California democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters Mr Speaker I Rise today to recognize the Extraordinary achievement of Elon Musk And SpaceX for the spectacular and

Historic launch of its giant Falcon Heavy rocket now the world's most Powerful operational rocket from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday February 6 2018 Besides the launch itself which carried Mr musk personal Tesla Roadster into Space SpaceX also achieved a second Amazing feat by guiding two of the Falcon Heavy's rocket boosters back to Earth for an upright Landing this rocket Launch has paved the way for faster Cheaper launches of satellites and cargo Into space so as a representative of California's 43rd congressional district This Milestone is especially meaningful To me SpaceX is headquartered in my District in the city of Hawthorne California and employs thousands of Talented men and women in our community Praising Elon Musk for SpaceX wasn't Limited to Democrats on May 27 2020 President Donald Trump talked about SpaceX launching a private public Partnership to send U.S astronauts to The International Space Station President Trump spoke at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida alongside Elon Musk I want to thank Elon for who's been a Friend of mine for a long time somebody Have great respect for but this is 24 7 For you you're always thinking about This you're thinking about other things Too you have plenty to think about but

This has been your baby this is the top Focus by far this is the toughest one in Fact I've told my team it's not simply The top priority it is the only priority That's great that's great well it looks Beautiful we won't say congratulations Because we have a long way to go but it Looks looks magnificent three days later May 30th 2020 at the Kennedy Space Center president Trump watched the Commercial crew SpaceX launch a reporter Asked president Trump have you talked to Elon Musk but yeah I bet I speak to him All the time great guy He's one of our great brains we like Great brains and elon's done a fantastic Job But that was a beautiful sight to see And I hope you all enjoyed it president Trump actually expressed admiration for Elon Musk two years earlier On June 17 2018 he made these remarks at The White House let the rich guys do it We have all these rich guys they love Rockets They're all sending up our Bezos and Elon Musk and all of them they're Sending they love the rocket business Let him just rent it to him for a lot of Money and let them play you know they Need our land it's good to be in the Real estate business they need our land Let them send up their Rockets let them Be the first to Mars and we'll take all

The credit on May 4th 2022 speaking on The senate floor Trump's political Opposite Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had a different take on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos you know I hear this Word competition But I want everybody to know what the Competition is in the space program The competition is between Mr Musk And SpaceX bus is the wealthiest guy in The country and Jeff Bezos and blue Origin the second wealthiest guy in this Country is that really the kind of space Program that the American people want I Think not similar thoughts from Congresswoman Judy Chu a Democrat from California on September 29 2021 we are Not children who flip the game over when We lose it's our responsibility to pay The government's bills no matter who is In charge if you can vote to give tax Cuts to billionaire amateur astronauts Like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk then you Can vote to pay the bill for it it's That simple President Biden also took a Swipe at Elon musk's space Ambitions During June 3rd 2022 remarks to the Press about jobs Elon Musk about his feeling about the Economy Jamie dimon has said someone Think well let me tell you while Leon Musk is talking about that Ford is Increasing their investment Overwhelmingly I think Ford is

Increasing investment and building new Electric vehicles 6 000 new employees Union employees I might add in the Midwest The former Chrysler corporations Stalantis they are also making similar Investments in electric vehicles Intel Is about 20 000 new jobs for making Computer chips Um so you know Lots of luck on his trip to the moon I Mean I I don't I mean you know it may Not seem like it based on these Contemporary comments but there was a Time when Elon Musk did not have the Most dominant voice in the space and Aviation field and politics on September 29 2011 he addressed the national Press Club he announced spacex's plan to Develop a fully and rapidly reusable Launch rocket he had this exchange with National Press Club president Mark Hamrick so what's your sense as as in The political debate here in Washington Uh Do you have trouble creating jobs within Your company because of the way the Federal government's operating currently Or what you envision as the way the Policy is managed generally There are Um I I should first of all say um that You know SpaceX would not be where it is Without the help of NASA both

Historically the great things that NASA's done and and currently uh with The business that NASA gives us so Um and and the the expert advice and Everything so All right I I should make sure they're Very strongly credit NASA in this in This arena in terms of how helpful They've been Um we do have a bit of a challenge with Um with the Air Force and Um that this was something where I'm Sort of surprised that there's not more Journalistic interest because the air Force is currently proposing to Um Extend the sole source Monopoly of Boeing and Lockheed until 2018. Um Uh and um the the reasoning given for That is Preservation of the industrial Base Um although for some reason oddly enough We're not included in the industrial Base uh and and this is doubly odd Because The main rocket used by Boeing and lucky Is the atmos 5 which has a Russian main Engine and a center airframe the Interstage and a forward airframe the Fairing which made in Switzerland so Which industrial base are we talking About preserving the one in Russia that Doesn't make much sense so uh you sense

That's a political problem You know we have one percent of the Loving power of going and Lockheed That's a political problem If if this decision is made as a Function of loving power we are screwed A much different political field a Decade later when on March 17 2022 Representative John Rose a republican From Tennessee proposed Elon Musk for a Cabinet post Did someone forget to mention to the Secretary that the average cost of an Electric vehicle is fifty thousand Dollars which frankly is far more than The yearly household income of many Middle tennesseans Even Elon Musk the founder of the Electric car vehicle maker Tesla Understands that electric vehicles Cannot solve this immediate crisis maybe He should lead the Department of Transportation now let's get back to Donald Trump and Elon Musk and Twitter You heard Trump in 2020 call Elon Musk a Great guy and fantastic Trump also Observed he's one of our great brains On July 9 2022 Trump had different Commentary on Elon Musk campaigning for Republicans in Alaska three months Before Elon Musk completed his purchase Of Twitter Donald Trump said Elon Musk Wasn't going to buy Twitter and instead Of saying Elon Musk had a great brain he

Used a description rarely heard in this Family-friendly podcast and Trump called Him Leon 's I tell you what Elon Elon is not going to buy Twitter Where did you hear that before From me From a fake account she says Hey a lot Of them nah he's got himself a mess you Know he said the other day oh I've never Voted for a republican I said I didn't Know that he told me voted for me So he's another artist but he's Not going to be buying it He's not going to be buying it although He might later who the hell knows what's Going to happen he's got a pretty rotten Contract I looked at his contract not a Good contract on November 19th 2022 After he bought Twitter Elon Musk posted A poll asking whether Donald Trump Should be reinstated on Twitter that day Trump addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition he was asked about Elon Musk And the poll in his answer Trump was Back to seeing nice things about Elon Musk well I liked that he bought it I've Always liked him I got along with him Very well during my days as president And I got to know him pretty well but I Do like him I've I've always really you Know he's a he's a character And I tend to like characters but he's

Smart He did put up a poll and I hear it's Very overwhelming very strong but I have Something called Trump If you look at strombone but it's uh It's really fantastic truth social and Truth social uh is is through the roof It's doing phenomenally well all this Talk of Elon Musk and social media leads To this episode's bonus clip we return To his 2011 appearance at the national Press Club after presenting Elon Musk With the national Press Club mug Mark Hamrick asked this final question what's The one great idea that you've seen from Somebody else and as the slogan goes I Could have had a VA why didn't I think Of that there's probably been more than One but which of those Loom largest in In your mind and please stand up to the Microsoft sorry a great idea that you Saw someone else had and you wished you Had had it yourself or expressed that Idea Oh um well there's you know there's lots There's lots of great ideas that people Come up with all the time I don't Necessarily wish I'd had them myself but Uh but but certainly Um you know what uh Larry and Sergey Came up with with Google was was really Smart you know with the backward links Um to Pages uh Obviously what Facebook has done Twitter

I mean they're great examples in the Internet and now Twitter is his just Like that National Press Club mug that's It for this episode of c-spans the Weekly a reminder you can do your own Searches in the C-SPAN video library Find more mentions of Elon Musk by Politicians before he bought Twitter and Now that he owns Twitter hear what they Say about him now just go to And use a search bar on top all for free No blue check mark required thanks for Listening and happy searching [Music] [Music]