The Weekly Podcast: Campaign 2022 Debate Questions: Trump, Trump, Trump, Biden, Trump

By | November 3, 2022

Was the 2020 election stolen from Donald Trump? Is Joe Biden the legitimate president? Do you support Trump? Does he support you?

If you’ve been watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the 2022 midterm elections — after all, October is famously known as debate month at C-SPAN — you’ve probably heard moderators and reporters ask these questions. Over and over.

In C-SPAN’s podcast ”The Weekly,” it’s a special round-up of C-SPAN’s debate coverage.

But with a twist.

You won’t get the answers. You get the questions.

And they all have to do with Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and the 2020 election.

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Our next topic is threats to democracy And you will be interested to learn that This is the question or the topic that The Portland Press Herald received more Questions about than any other topic October was debate month at C-SPAN Senate house Governor debates we showed Them all well most of them in Partnership with dozens of local media Civic and educational organizations Across the country who joined in the Spirit of public service between October 4th and October 31st C-SPAN aired 49 Debates which are archived in our video Library like that one we opened with the Maine Governor debate October 5th Democratic incumbent Janet Mills versus Republican former Governor Paul LePage You heard Jennifer Rooks of Maine public Radio set up the most popular question In Maine that question is Joe Biden the Legitimate president this episode of C-span’s the weekly is the grand finale To debate month a Roundup of top moments From Top debates during this midterm Election season but with a Twist this Podcast isn’t about the answers it’s About the questions we don’t care what The candidate said we care what the Moderators asked specifically what they Asked about Donald Trump and spoiler Alert in these debates the media Mentioned Trump a lot so the most Popular question for the people of Maine

To ask the next governor of a state that Borders Canada who won the 2020 Presidential election Let’s try another governor race in Another New England State see if it’s The same here’s the October 12th Massachusetts governor’s debate Mr deal Dozens of viewers wrote to us about this You have said that the 2020 presidential Election was quote rigged and that quote It definitely was an election that was Stolen from Donald Trump a year ago you Called on Governor Baker to conduct a Forensic audit to investigate quote Possible irregularities in that election Do you still believe that Donald Trump Won the 2020 election that was Allison King of NBC 10 Boston questioning Republican Jeff deal He’s running against Democrat Maura Healey we opened with two Governor Debates in New England let’s try a third Governor debate this time from the other Side of the country Nevada But first a few numbers of the 49 Senate House and Governor debates C-SPAN aired Between October 4th and October 31st and Are archived in our video library how Many included questions about former President Donald Trump well moderators And reporters asked questions which Mentioned Donald Trump specifically by Name in 22 of them By comparison how about current

President Joe Biden moderators mentioned Joe Biden specifically by name in 26 Debates How about debates featuring both Questions that mention Trump and Questions that mentioned Biden in the Same debate 17 debates had questions with specific Mentions of both in 14 debates either Trump nor Biden were directly mentioned By name and questions now back to the Nevada Governor debate on October 2nd John Walston of the Nevada independent Asked this question a republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo okay we need To move on uh and I’m glad we had this Discussion about education I I now want To switch gears and talk about two very Prominent individuals who are not on the Ballot who both of you uh have either Talked about or talked about the other One you have been endorsed by and Embraced Donald Trump Sheriff he’s Coming he’s coming to do an event for You in a few weeks Um you think he was a great president And John Ralston asked this question of Incumbent Democratic governor Steve Sisilak I’ve seen these signs out there I don’t think they’re put up by you Tying you to Joe Biden uh and and I know You’re a supporter of Joe Biden I am do You think he’s a great president let’s Stay out west and head to Nevada’s

Neighbor Arizona for a senate debate Democratic senator Mark Kelly is running For reelection Arizona PBS host Ted Simons moderated The October 6 debate here’s what he Asked the Republican Challenger Blake Masters all right I want to get to um The election and Blake will start with You uh is Joe Biden the legitimately Elected president of the United States Ted Simons asked Blick Masters the Question again now with Trump I need to Follow up quickly was that election Stolen was it rigged in any way shape or Form enough to keep Donald Trump out of The White House Now Utah the Senate Debate on October 17th Republican Senator Mike Lee versus independent Evan McMullen here’s moderator Doug Wright of KSL radio and television and for this One settle in for a long windup in all Of my experience with debates and in Talking with the folks from the Utah Debate commission they too have never Seen anything quite like this where so Many people have contacted us as a Commission me as the moderator them as Individuals asking a series of questions That they feel they deserve very Straight specific answers too we’ve Broken it down to four things and Hopefully we can address this relatively Quickly and the first part of this we’ve Broken it into four questions but this

One is a very basic one that will go to The senator did Joe Biden fairly That’s the important word did Joe Biden Fairly win the 2020 presidential Election after that considerable buildup Via the Utah debate commission let’s go For some brevity Hoosier brevity via the Indiana debate Commission The 2020 question asks more precisely in The October 16th Indiana Senate debate Republican senator Todd young versus Democratic Challenger Thomas McDermott Here’s moderator Laura Wilson political Candidates Nationwide continue to argue That the 2020 presidential election was Stolen who do you think won the 2020 Presidential election and why do you Think that and even more straightforward Still in the October 23rd California Governor debate Democratic incumbent Gavin Newsom versus Republican Brian Dolly here Scott Schaefer of KQED getting right to the Point even if he also gets the year Wrong all right Senator dally simple Question did Joe Biden legitimately win The 2022 election against Donald Trump North Carolina Senate debate October 7th Republican Ted Budd versus Democrat Sherry Beasley hears hosts Tim boyim of Spectrum news clearly the names Biden And Trump have played prominent roles in This campaign so the next question is Centered on the Biden Trump factor in

This race Ms Beasley your opponent has Been a big chunk of time in the campaign Trail tying you to President Biden and His policies Republicans have also Criticized you for not appearing with Biden Administration officials during North Carolina visits including vice President Harris are you avoiding Appearing with them do you want President Biden to campaign for you North Carolina and would you be a rubber Stamp for the Biden Administration and Tim boyum again all right Mr Bud you’ve Been endorsed by and recently appeared With former president Donald Trump Political scientists have argued that’s A double-edged sword good for the base But dangerous with unaffiliated voters I Got a question from a republican who Always voted that way but did not vote For Trump in 2020 and wants to know why He should support you if you’re endorsed By Donald Trump what do you tell that Person other unaffiliated voters who are Concerned about your connection to him 90 seconds and another question for Bud Quick follow-up do you think Mr Trump Should run for president in 2024. should Trump run in 2024 also asked in the Illinois Senate debate October 27th Running for re-election senator Tammy Duckworth a Democrat against Republican Kathy salvey can we have some quick Questions about National politics a

Question to Kathy salvey do you believe The former president Donald Trump should Run for president in 2024. in the Wisconsin Senate debate October 7th Republican Senator Ron Johnson versus Democratic lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes the Trump question even included Mike Pence here’s deal Ryman of wsaw TV Wausau last month I had a chance to Interview former vice president Mike Pence when he was visiting Wausau When referring to his actions on January 6th when he resisted pressure from Former president Trump to overturn the Election And refused to accept the slates of fake State electors including Some that were offered to him by Senator Johnson’s office He said he acted out of respect for the U.S Constitution We’d like for you both to go on the Record did the former vice president do The right thing Senator Johnson you can go first now Let’s hear some Trump questions in house Debates two of them in both cases the Republican is asked about associating With Donald Trump first Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district October 21st Representative Susan Wilde Democrat Debates her Republican Challenger Lisa Scheller Political reporter Tom shortell asks

This question miss scheller two years Ago you proudly announced your Endorsement from the president Donald Trump but not this year Do you still align yourself with the Former president and have you sought his Endorsement in this race and Iowa’s Third congressional district the October 6th debate between Democratic Representative Cindy oxney and her Republican Challenger Zach Nunn Here’s Stacey Horst of KCCI TV in Des Moines Mr Nunn former president Trump Has endorsed you in this race however he Does not appear on your campaign Website’s list of supporters what is Your relationship with the former President and what influence would he Have on your work should you be elected To this office sometimes candidates get To ask questions of each other they get To play reporter like during the October 25th New York Governor debate Democratic Incumbent Kathy hokel versus Republican Lee zeldin it’s time for candidates to Quiz each other here’s hokel for zeldon I got a real simple one this is a yes or No we’ll move right on Is Donald Trump a great President we Opened with a governor debate in Maine Our second clip was another Governor Debate in the state that starts with the Letter M Massachusetts for our last clip Let’s do the first question in a third

Governor debate in the state that starts With the letter M Maryland Democrat Wes Moore versus Republican Dan Cox October 12th here’s Pamela wood of The Baltimore Banner this question goes First to delegate Cox You have a history of promoting distrust In elections you’ve claimed the 2020 Election was stolen from Donald Trump You worked as a lawyer on his behalf in Pennsylvania and you co-hosted buses to Washington D.C on January 6 2021 for his Stop the steel rally And here in Maryland you just fought Unsuccessfully a legal battle over how Some of the ballots will be counted Do you trust that Maryland’s election System is accurate and should Marylanders believe that you will honor And accept the election results and now A bonus clip from the October 17th Ohio Senate debate Democrat Tim Ryan versus Republican J.D Vance Columnist Bertram D’Souza asks JD Vance A question about Trump he uses a word we Aren’t normally exposed to by a Moderator in a polite midterm Midwest Debate let alone in the family-friendly C-SPAN podcast the weekly so just so I’ll get this straight when the former President said JD is kissing my ass Because he wants my support you took That as a joke how did GD Vance answer Heck for that matter how did any of the

Candidates in this podcast answer any of The questions you heard well that’s real Easy to find out all the answers are Right there on this he’s being video Library simply go to and use a Search bar on top look them up all for Free we are out of time and we know that Because of this ding sound in the Alaska Governor debate we can’t keep turning Alaskans against each other thanks for Listening to c-span’s podcast weekly Thanks for watching c-span’s coverage of Campaign 2022 and happy searching [Music] Thank you [Music]

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