The Weekly: 1 Year from SC — Remembering What Joe Biden Used to Say About Iowa and New Hampshire

By | January 26, 2023

First votes are scheduled to be cast in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary in just about a year.
South Carolina goes first. If President Joe Biden gets his way.
But there was a time, in fact, several times, that presidential candidate Joe Biden was happy with Iowa and New Hampshire going first.
In this episode of C-SPAN’s “The Weekly,” we go back to prior Joe Biden campaigns for president and hear what we said then about the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire leading off the presidential selection process.

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Well I it's Iowa it's really it's Iowa It's Iowa it's Iowa no Malarkey that was Joe Biden campaigning in you guessed it Iowa August 12 2007. We're returning to Iowa and the 2008 Democratic presidential primary because We're just a year away from the first Votes in the 2024 presidential primary That's when presumably for Democrats it Won't be Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa it will be South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina going first That is if President Biden gets his way It would be a significant change in the Democratic party's nomination calendar a Change being pushed by President Biden A year before that happens though in This episode of c-span's the weekly we Remember what presidential candidate Joe Biden used to say about the early state Of Iowa and of New Hampshire with no Malarkey Back to August 12 2007 Joe Biden is Talking to an attendee at a town hall Meeting with Madison County Democrats in Winterset Iowa the idea that your people Are saying you need 100 million dollars To um to compete in the primary process Is obscene when you think about it I Mean what what what's happened to us and The only thing that gives folks like me An opportunity to compete with our ideas Is here in Iowa I mean they're in any Replacement New Hampshire you can on the

Sunday morning come and have 34 people Sitting here and at or whatever you know Asking the question it is it truly is Unique and it really is and by the way All this effort to all this effort to Sort of diminish your influence it would Be a disaster not for the Democratic Party but for for electoral politics if That happens Joe Biden talked money Again while campaigning in Johnson County Iowa May 27 2007. well I think I Was going to determine who the next President is if we all of us were Running we're going to have to exceed Expectations here expectations for us Are all different so that I think that For me I plan on I'm out here to win Iowa to win the Iowa caucus and I think If I do well here in Iowa I think that Means that puts me in the road to being The nominee conversely the other the So-called Front Runners the ones with The tens of millions of dollars if they Don't do well here I think it's uh It's not that doesn't portend well so I Was a big deal note that in May 2007 Joe Biden said Iowa will determine who the Next president is he was right but it Wasn't him at least not that year he Talked about the influence of big money Again at a November 27 2007 town hall Meeting in Waverly Iowa The good news is you're probably the Only state I'm not being facetious

Where the money doesn't matter very much And the reason it doesn't matter Is you all want to touch us feel let's Kick the tires open up the hood take a Look And the least important the least con The least useful advertising here is Paid advertising later in 2007 Joe Biden Participated in the debate hosted by the Des Moines Register Iowa deserves to be first and the reason They do is because they take it so Seriously I've never met a group of People whether in Maquoketa or Shenandoah or up in the north Wherever You Are People take it seriously and you always Treat us with respect I've never walked Out of a place without someone even if Not for me saying thank you for coming Senator you deserve to be first and Without you this democracy is in trouble Because it would all go to money after Joe Biden the next person speaking at That December 13 2007 debate in Johnston Iowa was Barack Obama well I think that The Iowa caucuses give people a chance To lift the hood and kick the tires and Take us out for a test drive but you Know what I've been struck by is is just The core decency of the American people I think their instincts are good and Sometimes they don't get the information They need but when they're presented

With good choices they make the right Decision there's a generosity of spirit There that I think the next president Content and I'm looking forward to doing Well in the caucuses and looking forward To Leading this country in fact Barack Obama didn't just do well in Iowa he won Iowa a huge Victory propelling him on His way to as he said in that debate Leading this country here's his January 3rd 2008 victory speech in Des Moines Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you [Applause] Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Iowa You know they said They said They said this day would never come They said our sights were set too high They said this country was too divided Too disillusioned to ever come together Around a common purpose But on this January night At this defining moment in history You have done what the cynic said we Couldn't do Meantime as for Joe Biden in Iowa he Came in fifth here's the report on KCCI TV in Des Moines that same night there Have been a couple of casualties in this Race if we have told you uh first of all Uh the latest news is that Joe Biden is

Dropping out of the race Joe Biden is Dropping out of the race for president Now let's do New Hampshire as you've Just heard Joe Biden dropped out before New Hampshire voted in the 2008 primary But he did campaign there like on June 30th 2006 at the politics and eggs Breakfast just outside Manchester I want to say straight up front I like The New Hampshire primary being where it Is for a simple reason I think I can win Here uh I don't have uh I don't have any Real esoteric reason for it all uh but It's real basic when Joe Biden Campaigned in heineker New Hampshire October 6 2007 he mentioned money just Like he did in Iowa I want you to focus On one thing that I think is sometimes Missed by people outside of New Hampshire and outside of Iowa And that is as long as Iowa and New Hampshire Play an incredibly prominent role in the Choice of our candidates for president United States of America It means that the nomination is not for Sale It means that the nomination is Available for the competition of ideas It means that it doesn't go to the Person who has the most money that was The 2008 Democratic presidential primary When Joe Biden was running as a senator Of course he ran again in the 2020

Campaign as a former vice president here He is January 4th 2020 in Vinton Iowa But look One of the things that you all do here In Iowa that they don't do uh By the way you you've all figured out That the rest of the country kind of Envies you and and crazy about you all Uh because you have the first caucus and Uh and they're not any more happy about New Hampshire which has the first Primary because they say well you don't Represent the country because you're not As diverse as the rest of many other States are and so on and so forth let me Tell you what I tell them I tell them as I go around the country that the one Thing about you all is you take your job Really seriously You are the one of the few states that In fact thinks about not just what I Want for my state What I'm going to be determining who Gets to go through the next gate Who gets to possibly be the president United States because you're going to Eliminate people in this process and you Think about what needs what is needed by The for the whole country and it's Unusual you think about beyond your Beyond yourself you take it really Seriously and here's Joe Biden again January 24th 2020 in Claremont New Hampshire

Folks um you know You all do have a big responsibility There's a lot of states and both Primaries that are envious that you get To be the first primary but uh but you Always take it really seriously deciding On not only who's best for your state But whether or not they that person Could go on and uh and win the uh the General election Joe Biden finished Fifth in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary in 2020. just like he finished Fifth in the Iowa caucuses in 2008 but This time he didn't drop out of the race He stayed in and went next to South Carolina where he won big with nearly Half the vote [Music] Thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you South Carolina Which leads to current time the Conclusion of the story and this Episode's bonus clip President Biden now Wants South Carolina to go first let's Hear from Jamie Harrison he's chairman Of the Democratic National Committee he Used to head the South Carolina Democratic party here's what he told the DNC on December 2nd 2022. you know I Actually actually did not find out That President Biden was recommending South Carolina To be the first In the nation

Until last evening At the state dinner I didn't have my phone I just bought a New iPhone and so my wife likes the Camera on this iPhone and so she had my Phone all evening long and when I was Getting calls from staff she was not Answering them because she said I didn't Need my phone because we were at the State dinner And finally gentlemalley Dylan the President my my friend and my colleague Found me in the room I was stuffing my Mouth with a shrimp And she said have you heard and I said What are you talking about She said the president is recommending South Carolina to be first in the South That's it for this episode of CPS the Weekly a reminder you can do your own Searches in the C-SPAN video library Find more videos of Joe Biden running For president in Iowa and New Hampshire During the 2020 campaign the 2008 Campaign even the 1988 campaign just go To and use the search bar on Top all for free thanks for listening And happy searching [Music] Thank you