The War on White PeopIe

By | January 2, 2023

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Despite Hollywood's insistence on Wanting to end all bigotry and promote Tolerance for everything there is a Growing anti-white sentiment where white People are regularly demonized Ostracized and blamed for all the Problems in the world at the same time Hollywood is doing everything that they Can to portray blacks and Latinos as Perpetual victims of whiteness whose Lives have been ruined for Generations Because of white privilege according to Hollywood black people never do anything Wrong or if they do it's the result of The circumstances of their life which Put them in that position because of Systemic and institutional racism at the Hands of white people John Langley the Creator of the reality show Cops Admitted he purposefully didn't allow Many segments involving police Confrontations with black suspects and Instead aired more white people being Detained and arrested because he didn't Want to promote any stereotypes about Black people and crime never mind the Department of Justice statistics which Show that certain people make up Approximately 13 percent of the Population in the United States but are Responsible for close to 50 percent of The total murders just pointing out Statistics like that is considered to be Racist of course diversity is a code

Word meaning less white people and in Recent years Hollywood has been obsessed With what liberals believe are too many White people starring in films and TV Shows in 2015 after the Academy Award Nominees were announced the hashtag Oscars so white went viral from people Complaining that there weren't any black People nominated for best actor or best Actress that year in their minds black People are the best and it must have Been because of racism that none Happened to be nominated for those spots That year instead of mocking them the Media and celebrities took their Delusion seriously and from that point On their foot was in the door and each Year after that there would be more Scrutiny over how many people of color Were nominated and which actors won on And how many white people starred in TV Shows and films every time nominees were Mentioned media reports would flood the Internet about the lack of diversity and How problematic it was why do snubs for Women and people of color keep happening They would ask every time half the Nominees weren't black or Latino fans of Jennifer Lopez were so upset that she Wasn't nominated for best actress for Her role as a stripper in a film called Hustlers that they took to Twitter as Usual to complain about it demanding Justice for JLo in the film she plays

One of a group of strippers who drug and Then defraud rich men who come into Their Club running up their credit cards Not exactly Oscar material but she must Have gotten snubbed because she's Latino Others were equally upset that Jamie Foxx Lupita Nyong'o Aquafina and Eddie Murphy weren't nominated for anything Either one year all because of racism Not that they had mediocre performances Or others who happen to be why made more Of an impact director Tim Burton The Man Behind Edward Scissorhands Beetlejuice And The Nightmare Before Christmas Angered the diversity police because he Didn't cast a diverse group of Characters in his movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children saying Samuel L Jackson was the only black person in The movie he traded on Twitter from so Many woke people calling him a racist Actor Jonah Hill said that real change In the industry will only come when White men no longer run the studios in Streaming companies well celebrities Obsessively complain about too many White people being in positions of power In Hollywood and starring in too many Shows and winning too many awards none Of them would ever commit the cardinal Sin of the entertainment industry by Asking about another certain group or Their influence everyone knows that Would kill their career overnight no

Matter how earnestly or tactfully it was Brought up but complaining about too Many white men having positions of power In the industry straight great white men To be exact has become a rallying cry For social justice Warriors there are Numerous specials on Comedy Central and Netflix which feature black and Latino Comedians whose entire Act is basically Making fun of white people which is fine And sometimes funny but we all know the Double standard few white comedians Would dare make jokes about blacks or Latinos jokes about Asians used to be Acceptable but those two would be career Suicide today meanwhile blacks and Latinos can joke about how much they Hate white people or complain about the Problem with white people and often They're disdain is obvious and their Jokes are just thinly veiled Anti-whitism but that's fine black Sitcoms often include subplots about how The families in the United States are Living in a hostile country and white People around every corner supposedly Hate them an entire episode of ABC Sitcom blackish was about how America Supposedly hates black people with the Lead character telling members of her Family that repeatedly throughout the Entire show the one kind of movie Hollywood loves to make more than crime Thrillers or action Adventures or

Superhero movies are ones that highlight How racist white people are historical Dramas about how awful white people are And how the films reflect what's still Happening today come out every year some Of them are black Revenge fantasies like Django Unchained and actor Jamie Foxx Even bragged about killing a bunch of White people in the film when he was a Featured guest on Saturday Night Live uh Django Unchained I play a Slave Uh how black is that And uh in the movie I have to wear a Change Um how whack is that but don't don't Don't be worried about it because I get Out the chains I get free I save my wife And I kill all the white people in the Movie How great is that That film incited tons of angry black People to vent their fantasies about Killing white people themselves flooding Twitter with their hatred of course you Can't tell disgruntled people who hate America and American culture American Symbols our founding fathers to go to Another certain continent because that Would be racist everything is racist the Liberals black people's obsession with Racism of the past can be seen in the Obvious double standard of demanding White people not be allowed to say the N-word even while singing along to

Popular rap songs which isn't even the N-word because it has an a at the end or Are there two n-words it's impossible to Figure out what these delusional people Are thinking Kendrick Lamar brought a Fan on stage to perform one of his songs Once but stop the show mid-performance Because the girl who was white wrapped Along to the original lyrics which Include the dreaded n-word in the hook After about 30 seconds he told the DJ to Stop the music and started staring at The girl am I not cool enough for you Bro she asked thinking that her rapping Wasn't good enough and he then went on To tell her the rules and said that she Had to bleep that word out she Apologized and then they started over Imagine the level of fragility that Someone has when they get their feelings Hurt by white people saying a word That's peppered throughout 50 percent of Rap songs when Latino actress Gina Rodriguez sang a few lines from a rap Song that included the dreaded little N Word and the lyrics as most rap songs do And posted it on her Instagram black People and social justice Warrior whites Freaked out so bad she became the top Trend on Twitter she then apologized the Same thing happened when a star of The Bachelorette was singing along to a rap Song on Instagram live because black People get more upset when a white

Person says the n-word when rapping Along to a popular song then they do When gang bangers end up killing an Innocent kid in their neighborhood with A straight bullet actually most of them Aren't really offended they just pretend To be so that they can use the instance To leverage more power over white people Imagine if white people demanded that Black people weren't allowed to use Certain words Democrats in Congress Would hold hearings and pass a Resolution denouncing such outrageous Language policing and it would be a National Scandal but the dreaded n-word Even with an A on the end mustn't be Uttered out loud by white people because It's their word if you like my Monologues like this then you'll love Reading my books because that's where my Complete and uncensored research is I Can't say out loud some things here that I wrote Because those sound bites would Be weapons in the wrong hands and could Go viral for the wrong reasons so you'll Have to get my books so order Hollywood Propaganda how TV movies and music shape Our culture or the true story of fake News how mainstream media manipulates Millions in paperback from or Download the ebook from Kindle iBooks Nook or Google Play and there's a link To the Amazon listings in the Description below so head on over there

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