The Viral Video That Has A Huge Reality Check

By | November 6, 2022

These viral TikToks will make you reconsider the state of things in America. Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Someone else out there just smart enough To be miserable all the time yes And I call this being dumb smart So in a normal gaussian distribution Um most people fall within two standard Deviations of the average which is about A hundred Genius people like people who are really Going it's above 130 and the people who Are like legit innovating new Technologies and curing cancer and stuff They're in the 99th percentile they're Up here But dumb smart and rage smart people are In this horrible blue chunk where I Exist with at my 124 IQ We are not smart enough to be like Fixing Society but we are just smart Enough to be smarter than like nine out Of 10 people and it's relentlessly Frustrating So you go through your life being fully Aware of the world's problems and Miserable about it and you can't do Anything about them it's hard being rage Smart and while it's very rare for Someone who knows me to see me mad Everything gets on my nerves all the Time and it's bad enough that my Particular brand of Genius won't be Appreciated until well after I'm done With political commentary well satire Really like this tick tocker Alex Darlingo once said those who are smarter

Than me innovate new technologies and Cure cancer I create content in order to Show the symptoms of the ills of the World I can barely diagnose what's going On I can't cure it well affirmative Action will be tried through the University of North Carolina in Harvard And Justice katani Brown Jackson has Recused herself from weighing in on the Harvard case because she's a graduate of The University more on this later John Roberts Neil Gorsuch and Elena Kagan Also attended Harvard where about 70 Percent of legacy admissions are white Before I continue if you didn't know 43 Of white Harvard freshmen in 2000 2019 Were athletes legacies family of donors Or of Staff 75 percent of those white Applicants would not have been accepted If they were not a LDS if the issue is Fairness there's your problem and of Course 45 of 46 presidents were white 77 Percent of the U.S House of Representatives and Senate are white Making the 117th Congress the most Racially and ethnically diverse in History and 95 percent of Supreme Court Justices have been white men are we to Assume that this much whiteness was Brought to us by being race neutral and If you were wondering the lawyers Arguing the affirmative action cases Before the justices are mostly white so According to this article from Fox News

Students for fair admissions lawyer Patrick Strawbridge refers to race-based College admissions as a zero-sum game That makes no sense Strawbridge admitted That races almost never the only factor In College admission decisions however He argued that the fact that was one Factor here that tips the skills Unfairly for at least some applicants Does he feel the same way about sex or Gender tipping those same scales no Women outperform men when it comes to Academia and grades and earning college Degrees he said quote making Distinctions upon who it will admit at Least in part on the race of the Applicant some races get a benefit some Races do not get a benefit this is What's called in the world of college Admissions a lie legacies donors and Staff likely were in place from past Generations where black people weren't Even allowed to attend these schools Also there was this I've heard the word uh diversity quite a Few times and I don't have a clue what It means What kind of disingenuous nonsense is This Clarence Thomas the second black Person to sit on the bench he didn't Recuse himself from when making Decisions about Senator Graham Testifying about the 2020 election when It was clearly a conflict of interest

For Clarence because of the emails his Wife sent to John Eastman to block the Certification of the election doesn't Know what diversity is anyways Strawbridge is conveniently Strategically missing how colleges use Holistic review when it comes to the Admissions process which includes dozens Or so of attributes experiences and Metrics to prove whether or not a Student is fit to attend their school Yes schools often consider students Non-race characteristics including Whether they are veterans and if their Parents in admissions catanji Brown Jackson noted this when she told Strawbridge quote what you're advocating Is that in the context of a holistic Review process the university can take Into account and value all of the other Background and personal characteristics Of other applicants but they can't value Rate Strawbridge responded that UNC Could consider students who would be the First generation in their family to go To college and if they were economically Disadvantaged but Strawbridge said race Shouldn't be relevant in the 21st Century Justice Jackson replied I just Don't understand why considering race as One factor but not the soul Factor as is Done under the current Harvard and USC Plans is any different than using any of The other metrics affirmative action

Would likely be no more because of the Conservative judges some of whom got to Where they are do in part because of Faulty methods and I can respect Justice Jackson for her decision to recuse Herself from the Harvard case but the Case could use her her mere presence Proves how skin color was always used to Make hiring and admissions decisions in This country it's only a problem if it Could benefit those with darker skin White women don't have to deal with the Stigma of being the biggest Beneficiaries of affirmative action in This unfair unlevel playing field so What do I do about it what can I do but Make videos about it and hope that it Provides perspective and helps someone Who can make a difference so as James Baldwin put it to be a negro in this Country and to be relatively conscious Is to be in a rage almost all the time I will be that for Rebel HQ I'm Jeff Wiggins my Architect no Japanese for More from The Young Turks stay right Here to see additional content from Yours truly click on the Jeff Wiggins Hashtag you can also find me on my YouTube channel we gonna be alright Thanks for watching

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