The Truth About Steven Crowder’s $50 MILLION DOLLAR Feud with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire

By | January 19, 2023

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Steven Crowder and the Daily Wire were in talks to work together but things didn’t go very well, and now Steven Crowder is only telling part of the story. Media analyst Mark Dice reveals the whole truth.

My in-depth report on Ben Shapiro:

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.

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So Stephen Crowder says that he's going To expose the phony brand name Conservatives now that he has left the Blaze and his independent or is he the Phony and a coward trying to cash in on A fake controversy stay tuned And Subscribe to my channel for new hair Because I'll break it down like nobody Else since I have no strings attached I Haven't signed any ndas with anyone and I don't believe in any sacred cows Crowder's big announcement this week After he returned from a three-week Christmas break was this we here at my Club we thought that we were all in this Together that we were fighting the the Media entertainment industrial complex We thought that we were all genuinely Taking it to Big Tech But too many of those in charge Of The big conservative platforms Um are verifiably in bed with them Big Tech is in bed with big con The people you thought The people I thought were fighting for You A lot of it has been A big con now I'm specifically avoiding Naming names or going after individuals In this video Because I genuinely hope that those I'm Addressing and you know who you are have A change of heart

It's it's never too late to do the right Thing Guys This is a genuine plate we can all do Better We can all do better it doesn't have to Be this way and please Don't make me have to provide receipts Yeah I'm sure your little video is going To cause the con artists to completely Change their ways please be better Phonies since Stephen Crowder apparently Doesn't have the guts to do what should Be done I will I will show receipts Again like I have been for years Exposing conservative Inc the brand name Republicans but first Crowder went on to Complain that the contract which wasn't Even a contract it was an offer or a Term sheet given to him by one of these Big con companies stipulated that if he Got banned from any of the platforms his Pay would also get cut well what a Surprise if you lose your reach the Advertisers lose their reach and so the Network loses money and you're gonna Lose money but he was really focused on One Clause saying that he would be Docked a hundred thousand dollars if he Missed one episode well I'm gonna give It to you straight like I always do and Because I don't have a dog in this fight He conveniently didn't mention this but The daily wire was going to pay him 50

Million dollars for four years for 192 Shows a year which is four per week so If he missed an episode because he was Traveling to an event somewhere or sick He could easily make it up on one of his Off days and if you do the math 50 Million divided by four years is 12 and A half million dollars a year divided by 192 shows that's 65 000 per show so Crowder was making it seem like them Docking him a hundred thousand dollars For missing one day worth of work was Atrocious like he's a normal guy and Making eighty or a hundred thousand Dollars a year but really it's basically Just them recouping the cost that they Paid him for the missing episode with a Small penalty in comparison it would be Like if you missed a day of work not Only do you get docked for that day but You also lose a second day's pay as well Not the end of the world especially when You're making twelve and a half million Dollars a year this is Sean Hannity Money this this is Anderson Cooper money This is making me feel like a total Failure kind of money but Crowder is big Time he's the most subscribed Conservative Channel on YouTube he's in With all the Republican members of Congress many of whom have appeared on His show so he's on a whole other level Than me as big as my channel is it Doesn't compare so he was trying to make

It seem like he was warning want to be Influencers and up and coming YouTubers About these terrible contracts from Conservative media companies and they Could charge you a hundred thousand Dollars if you miss one video but after Watching The Daily wires response to him Which is almost an hour long where Jeremy boring went over the offer line By line I think what is really going on Here is Crowder thought that his show Was worth a lot more money than it is so He told the daily wire to get lost Because he wanted 30 million a year not The 12 and a half million that they Offered him and then he came back to Them wanting to renegotiate the deal They said no realizing that Crowder Isn't a team player and if you couldn't Be happy with 12 and a half million Dollars a year that they initially Offered him then he'll never be happy so Crowder is without money from his Original mug Club I think which was like His own subscription service or personal Patreon that I think the blaze was Getting the money from not him and now The daily wire won't hire him so he's Throwing the daily wire under the bus Trying to get people to subscribe to his New mug Club the one that he controls Not the one that the blaze made money From now I've defended him when he's Been censored and demonetized and when

The leftists try to get him banned from YouTube but I think he wildly Misrepresented what really happened with The daily wire in a desperate attempt to Try to get his Revenue stream back now That the blaze isn't paying him and the Daily wire wouldn't pay him either and a Lot of people think that he's a hero for Exposing nothing in his big announcement Other than hoping the con artists in big Con as he calls the them will do better Because of his pleading now for those Receipts I promised about conservative Inc but first because I'm a guy in my Kitchen on a laptop if you like my work Support me through patreon or subscribe Star this year which are linked in the Description below because I'm not Ben Shapiro who is paying Facebook 135 000 a month every month on average to Boost his posts on Facebook just for his Facebook page alone not for all daily Wire advertising so Shapiro paid Facebook 7.3 million dollars divided by Four and a half years note the dates From May 18th through today so that's 1.6 million a year or 135 000 a month so It's no wonder Ben Shapiro is the most Popular political pundit on Facebook This is publicly available information By the way that Facebook provides as Part of their transparency policy after A few Russians bought some ads back in 2016. so who's in bed with big Tech Ben

Shapiro they're basically married also As I've mentioned numerous times before Ben Shapiro had a secret dinner with Mark Zuckerberg at least one that we Know of at one of Mark Zuckerberg's Homes this is what Stephen Crowder was Alluding to something that I've been Talking about for years something that He never mentioned before because he was In that inner circle conservative Inc Club Glenn Beck was also at one of those Dinners with Mark Zuckerberg that's Another fact that we know and since We're on the topic people should also Know that Dave Rubin had a private Meeting with Youtube CEO Susan wojiski In 2019. he's conservative inks token Gay guy so you know they're supporting Him so that he can keep making the Republican Party more Progressive he's a Good friend of Stephen Crowders by the Way and this is why I've always stayed Independent because I don't want some Executive producer or CEO telling me not To cover something or not to criticize Someone or not report on the Bilderberg Group meetings or Bohemian Grove or Operation Mockingbird or the Sun Valley Conference or telling me that I need to Just speak in Weak generalities and give Lukewarm takes about the wolves and Sheep's clothing and the conservative Movement or the cultural marxists Destroying our society one of the points

I agree with Crowder on in his video Which again I think wildly misrepresents What actually happened between him and The daily wire and it's just a desperate Money grab now that he's unemployed was This they don't want a group of Rebellious rabble rousers Who want to learn fight like hell and Laugh together You have no value if you can't all be Kept in line to some degree I don't mean some master plan to Eliminate you just subdue you a little Bit just soften your edges a little bit Just play ball a little more That's a good point Stephen but to be Specific since I never became friends With any of the phonies in our movement And I don't have any dual loyalties I Think what you mean is anyone who signs A contract with the daily wire The Blaze Fox News Turning Point USA or prageru Won't be allowed to criticize anything Israel does to the Palestinians that's Anti-semitic or how the anti-bds laws Violate the First Amendment and they'll Be told not to talk about anti-whitism Or black crime especially using that Term and won't be allowed to denounce Gay marriage with too strong of language Or say that gay men adopting children or Buying them from fertility clinics and Using surrogates like Dave Rubin is Morally wrong I don't mean for this to

Be a pylon or an attack on crowder I Have a lot of respect for him and what He's done I've never really had anything Bad to say about him other than maybe a Tweet once years ago when I first saw Him cozying up with Glenn back and Joining The Blaze and I'm not trying to Start some B for big controversy here But this is a big deal withholding Information about phonies and fraud odds In our movement and just thinking that They'll do better because you make a Sales pitch for your mug club now that You're independent as Joe Biden would Say come on man and speaking of Ben Shapiro remember when he was caught on a Hot mic telling his producer to cut out Part of a live stream before the archive Went up where he called pansexuals weird Because he was worried that that would Be problematic for the advertisers no we Are indeed done here today I have an Appointment I got to get to thank you Guys it's great to see you and I will See you here next time One thing on that episode yeah or I said Pansexual pansexualism is weird let me Just not that That'd be great Before it's reposted yeah yeah we could Um it's like a 10 second band it's about Halfway through it's just having Pansexual I'm like that's kind of weird Like you know you like everything yeah

It's just like it's nothing but so when You it is weird they are attracted to Every single player wait what do you Taste at all It is a funny bit but that's why I'll Get boycotted Now look obviously there's a line you Got to be careful not to cross when Talking about certain things so you Don't get canceled or banned from Certain platforms but how much more can Someone water down the message if They're afraid to call a weirdo a weirdo It's leaders like that who have caused The conservative movement to be so weak That it couldn't hold back the onslaught Of Marxism we're now seeing Permian Every corner of America especially in The schools I'm certainly not saying That the daily wire doesn't do some good Work or that they don't have some good Hosts but I just can't help but notice That they're astroturfing influencers Like Brett Cooper who on the surface Looks like a college girl in her dorm Room doing YouTube reaction videos but Is actually in a daily wire studio with A team of writers and editors and Probably reading a teleprompter with Talking points on it as well and I don't Have anything against this girl and from What I've seen she seems smart and on Point but as a media analyst I can't Help but point out that she's a creation

Of the daily wire not some girl who Started making reaction videos in her Bedroom and went viral as she she's Presented she's artificial I did a whole In-depth report containing my thoughts On Ben Shapiro I won't rehash that I'll Leave a link to it in the description Below and hopefully this means that Crowder will stop sucking up little Ben And the rest of conservative and Coop Keeps steering conservatism slowly to The left today's Republican party is More left than the Democrat Party was Just 10 years ago with Ronald McDaniel Tweeting happy gay pride messages now Stephen's a talented guy he puts on an Entertaining show from what I've seen so If you ever want my advice if you want To brainstorm ideas and strategies Especially now that you're in a tough Spot you know how to get a hold of me Bro I don't put people on pedestals and I don't tell people what they want to Hear I tell them what I want them to Hear whether it's going to cost me Subscribers or the support of other YouTubers who may not want to have Anything to do with me because I'm just A little too honest for over 15 years I've been calling out the liberal Lunatics the globalists along with the Rhinos and conservative Inc clowns all For from a laptop in my kitchen without Being part of any conservative

Conglomerate whatsoever which is why I Can't even fathom the amount of money That Stephen Crowder and the daily wire Are used to I've always just preferred To do my own thing without anybody Telling me what I can and cannot say Without having to answer to anybody and Just try to sell some cool t-shirts to My viewers and if you enjoyed my work Order one of the shirts from Or support me this year through patreon Or subscribe Star by clicking the links In the description below and that way I Won't have to get sponsors and do ad Reads giving a 90-second pitch before Every video starts for some random Product like basically every other YouTuber so supporting me through Patreon or subscribe star it's sort of Like tipping your bartender or your Waiter if I provide you with a good Service then show me some support that Way by clicking the links in the Description below and checking them out Set it and forget it that's if you've Followed all the instructional material