The Truth About Harry & Meghan.

By | February 25, 2022

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News reporter Jonathan Pie has been CANCELLED for an off-colour, on-air remark. Filmed in September 2021, Jonathan Pie returns to the stage to tell us what happened and how 2 years of lockdown, his divorce, Boris Johnson and liberal snowflakes all helped stop his promising career in journalism in its tracks.
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Nothing for two years came close to Topping the headlines apart from maybe Harry and megan and who gives a About harry and megan apart from harry And megan um they’re fit though i’ll Give them that they’re a hot couple um Love to watch those two at it um Oh come on harry and megan harry and Megan are what i call a kleenex couple Okay right there are two types of Couples in the world there are kleenex Couples and then there are malteser Couples okay but harry and megan Shagging hot as pass me the kleenex Yeah a malteser couple that’s more i Don’t know imagine imagine michael gove and whitaking Up the ass i mean you’re not gonna want To miss that bit in morakana oh my god How the hell is this good if you want a Malteser it’s going to be a car crash But you’re going to want to look at that Aren’t you oh my god look at his Face quick look at his face Anyway so look so i got fired Shut up i’m being serious You’re still thinking about michael Gove’s face aren’t you It’s fine okay so look so i got fired You think his face is bad imagine His penis Like a slug on a walnut Which coincidentally is the gove coat of Arms i don’t know i’m kidding i’m

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