The Tories Level Up!

By | October 9, 2021

Pie takes a look at this week’s Tory conference and wonders how they get away with it!

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Which marked the end of the Party Conference season this week with the Conservative Party Conference in nearby Manchester let’s take a look at some of The highlights Highlights [ __ ] me Boris Johnson’s Speech was trumpian in its lack of Coherence you’re a blah blah blah Serious face something Latin smirk Railway tunnel leveling up old Greek Myth miss you here about a bit leveling Up the Cavalry somber face leveling up a Joke about beavers the end a joke about Beavers Hey a speech where every [ __ ] up every Economic disaster every tax hike and Broken promise every lack of any decent Post-brexit trade deal and every Preventable coveted death was spun into A standing ovation for a job well done Then in a a major interview Boris says He’s not worried about Rising prices the Cost of living jobs he’s not worried of Course he’s not [ __ ] worried he’s a Multi-millionaire with royal blood and Russian oligarchs queuing up to throw Money at him the only thing he has ever Had to worry about is whether his Various wives find out he’s [ __ ] Someone else behind their back which Invariably he is How can they think that we think they’re Serious about leveling up when in the Same week the father of the house said

How desperately difficult it is for MPS To get by on an 82 000 pound salary when You’re in Eaton farmed elitist who Thinks nothing of spaffing 40 pounds on A glass of wine a 20 pound a week uplift Payment on your Universal Credit it it Probably doesn’t even register to you That that is even actual money I mean I Mean Boris Johnson was part of the Bullington club for [ __ ] sake where it Was standard practice to burn 50 pound Notes in front of homeless people for a Laugh How can you talk about leveling up Whilst sipping champagne and necking Oysters and snorting high-grade cocaine In the Midland Hotel toilets We have a cost of living crisis energy Price hikes a a National Insurance hike A likely council tax hike in the near Future all of which are most keenly felt By those on Lower incomes just saying The words leveling up it doesn’t Actually do anything And and this week we learned that Leveling up whatever that actually [ __ ] means is likely to take roughly A decade which coincidentally is the Same amount of time the Tories have been In power The the whole conference was just one Huge pile of [ __ ] and yet they all Came out smelling a Verve clico how can That be

Simple answer look at the labor Party Conference where was the passion where Was the the anger where was the anger at The long list of misdemeanors these Privileged ghouls have subjected this Country to for the last 10 years Where was the sense of of whatever our Difference is on particular issues Together we can destroy these Posh Privileged bastards and turn this nation Around where was the passion Instead the labor party conference was Dogged by whether it’s possible for a Man to have a cervix okay sure let’s Have a chat about that but 30 of Children in this country live in Relative poverty the rich are getting Richer and the poor are getting much Much poorer as a direct result of these Tory bastards not giving a [ __ ] let’s be In no doubt these [ __ ] will continue To get away with this for as long as Labor continue to let them get away with It Foreign Well it’s the end of the Party Conference season as I say to the fun is Over and it’s back to school for most MPS so what are the government’s Priorities right

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