The GOP Is Responsible For These Clowns

By | December 18, 2022

These costumes should stay buried in the past, but Republicans have been doing their best to bring them back in vogue.

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Yeah that guy felt super comfortable Doing that and he wasn't the only one University of Wisconsin had this guy Show up dressed like literally as Hitler The Republican party doesn't have much To say about the rise in anti-Semitism That's probably because condemning all Of that anti-jewish rhetoric would Really cut into their base that Certainly seems to be the case in Pennsylvania where Republican candidate For governor Doug mastriano has Repeatedly refused to condemn Anti-Semitism from his numerous Anti-jewish friends and mastriano's wife Even scolded Jews recently for not Loving Israel as much as she does how do You respond to complaints within the Jewish Community regarding comments that You made about your Rivals Jewish school And the previous associations you had With gab social network yeah so Well I would like to make a comment on That real quick [Applause] So much love is real in fact I'm going To say we probably loved Israel more Than a lot of Jews do I have to say that Now this isn't mastriano's first dance With the anti-semites you may remember He made some unfortunate headlines after Hiring a consultant one Andrew torba Better known as the proudly anti-semitic Christian nationalist founder of the far

Right social network gab after months of Pressure mastriano eventually put some Distance between his campaign and torba But he has never condemned horba's Beliefs including the Jews shouldn't Have the right to vote that should tell You everything you need to know about Doug mastriano and a Republican party That has rallied behind him as a Modern-day folk hero yuck and if Doug Mastriano is proud to stand behind his Anti-semitic Pals other leading Republicans are doing the same thing by Refusing to condemn the clear rise in Anti-jewish harassment consuming this Country after right Wingers broadcast The phrase Kanye is right about the Jews On buildings across Jacksonville Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said well nothing You know I don't think they could have Picked a font that makes them look more Like clowns if they had tried but they Projected that in several locations Including the football stadium where Florida's governor Ron DeSantis was in Attendance do you think he came out the Next morning to condemn that This close to the midterms alienate Voters are you crazy those who say the Republican party isn't anti-semitic are Having an increasingly tough time Proving that argument this is after all The same party whose supporters set up a Freedom fund for Timothy Hale cusinelli

A January 6th insurrectionist famous for His Hitler mustache and Love of All Things Nazi the leader of that free the Nazi movement even got to speak at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania if The Republican party isn't anti-semitic It's certainly the most comfortable home For anti-semites to share their views Without fear of being called out and Most Republicans are silent not because They necessarily agree but because they Know what happens to people who disagree With the far right and what happens is Becoming increasingly violent better They reason to just quietly consent to The march of Madness and things are Going to get even worse Elon Musk a man Who once compared Hitler favorably to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is now in charge of Twitter he's fired The entire board of directors and Appointed himself Soul controlling Director of the company he's also firing Anyone who disagrees with his plans as Kanye might say no one man should have All that power but as long as we're Talking about elon's Twitter it has seen A 500 percent increase in posting of the Ensler since he took over and like this Morning I made a post and the very first Response was this chuckle with his Little list of Jewish people that work In media with musk's new plan to sell Verify blue checks to anyone willing to

Pay 240 dollars a year Twitter is facing A new era where far-right neo-nazis can Carry the same perceived legitimacy as The New York Times and where the sole Leader of Twitter considers their Targeted attacks on Jews to be just Another form of fun political speech and Just wait until musk invites his friends Kanye and Donald Trump back another Republican has been caught in a racist Scandal and this one is really really Bad a Ron DeSantis appointee has just Resigned after photos emerged of him Wearing a triple K outfit does Santa's Appointed him to run Florida's only Predominantly black County and as you Can see this is the guy in the photo and It's as clear as day I mean that is Absolutely disgusting but as I said Thankfully he resigned but you would Think that Rhonda santis would do Stronger background checks on his Appointees especially for people in such Important positions dressing like a White supremacist That's such an easy costume Many times it's just street clothes or a Suit but everybody knows the number one Warning many government employees should But don't heed Is that all of your skeletons will Surface sooner or later likely sooner Jeffrey Moore a republican Gadsden County Florida Commissioner forgot about

His KKK costume photo and those things Are usually a reflection of a person's Character even worse Ron DeSantis was The one vouching for this guy you know Ron DeSantis the guy who did this a Texas Sheriff has opened an Investigation into how 48 Venezuelan Migrants legal were flown from his state To Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts he Says they were taken there under false Pretenses pretenses exploited and Hoodwinked in his words and now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is defending the Transport of those migrants after taking Credit for the flights and will not Reveal documents related to the event in Court the Ron DeSantis who said this it Was the American Revolution that caused People to question slavery no one had Questioned it before we decided as Americans that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights and that We are all created equal then that birth Abolition movements so you can't teach History that's being used to pursue an Ideological agenda who's endorsed 30 CRT Phobic Anti-anti-racism School Board candidates For seats this year who single-handedly Redistricted Florida to gain a GOP 20-8 Advantage who on Fox News referred to His past gubernatorial opponent Andrew Gillum saying the last thing we need to Do is monkey this up by trying to

Embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax Increases and bankrupt the state and Finally whose appointees green-lighted Ex-felons to vote and then arrested them Years later that guy and Jeffrey Moore Shortly after the photo's public Exposure resigned from his seat that Presides over Florida's only majority African-American populace Come on guys problem is this is just Another Tuesday in American politics This Scandal that will likely get Overlooked by Republican supporters is Not uncommon in the GOP Doug mastriano Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Breached Capital police lines on January 6th and chose a Confederate uniform over Any other military outfit for his 2017 Faculty photo Herschel Walker and his Domestic abuse and child negligence that He blames black men for doing uh hello Ryan zinke a trump Administration Resignee due to 18 ethics violations and Now a U.S House candidate and there are More but shouldn't this be enough I Swear the next time Republicans call out Any non-republican for a scandal have a List ready of all the jerk-offs they let Slide into Power Stick it to the let's Go brandons