The Elon Musk Self-Destruction Timeline Is As Messy As It Sounds

By | December 14, 2022

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Um I'm pretty sure I'm going to ask all These questions it'll be the last time I'm invited onto a uh spaces but here Goes nothing the check mark uh used to Stand for something uh now anyone that Pays eight dollars a month can get the Check mark what's the what's the process By which Um accounts are verified in in this new World Well Um it is a Um a Someone has to have a phone and a credit Card and eight dollars a month Um so it that that's the bar however Um we will actively suspend accounts Engaged in deception for trickery of any Kind So It is a leveling of the playing field Here the It it will be less special obviously to Have a a check mark Um but I think this is a good thing He thinks it's a good thing he doesn't Know why he thinks it's a good thing he Also probably know what the sentence he Just said before that because he doesn't Think very deeply Elon Musk was Participating in this live conference Call with a few Twitter users and one of Them asked a very basic question what Exactly is the point of this blue checks

Anymore outside of the fact that it's a Signal that you decide to pay eight Dollars a month you have a credit card a Phone and eight dollars a month Apparently that's all you need in fact Completely missing the whole point of That Maybe wants to implement a way to just Make some of this money back that he Um horribly put together to get inside Of this deal that now he wishes he had Never done here's the first ever email That he sent to his employees this has Been a few weeks of him owning the Company but this is the first email and It's not looking that good here we go he Said sorry this is my first email to the Whole company but there's no way to Sugarcoat the message I'm Elon Musk I Think is the message that you're trying To sugarcoat frankly the economic Picture ahead is dire especially for a Company like ours that is so dependent On advertising in a challenging economic Climate Moreover 70 of our advertising is brand Rather than specific performance which Makes us doubly vulnerable what makes us Triply vulnerable is me How does he plan to fix this whole Situation with their economic problems These blue checks that's why the Priority over the past 10 days has been To develop and launch Twitter blue

Verified subscriptions huge props to the Team by the way that I threatened Without significant subscription Revenue There's a good chance Twitter will not Survive the upcoming economic downturn We need roughly half of our Revenue to Be subscription hmm but there's more we Need this uh we need half of this to be Subscription we're changing over Everything and also by the way here's More the road ahead is arduous and will Require intense work to succeed we're Also changing Twitter policy such that Remote work is no longer allowed unless You have specific exemption managers Will send the exemptions list to me for Review and approval starting tomorrow Which was yesterday now everyone is Required to be in the office for a Minimum of 40 hours a week and obviously If you're physically unable to travel to An office or have a critical personal Obligation then your absence is Understandable the b o News live posted That video over the uh maybe a couple Days ago and Elon Musk responded with Laughing emojis because that's funny Watching one of the things that Part of your company breaking through And malfunctioning and killing people so Funny he later apparently deleted that Tweet or maybe he'll blame it on some Parody account who knows anyway it goes Uh uh on top of this

Um just to point out the mindset of Elon Musk as horrible things like this happen He also got in a fight with Senator uh Um uh Ed Markey over the weekend more About the Twitter issues but then Marky Comes back and brings it back to this Whole car thing I want to go for this Little fight here because I thought this Was tasty Um Ed Marky points this out he says the Washington Post reporter was able to Create a verified account impersonating Me I'm asking for answers from Elon Musk Who's putting profits over people and His debt over stopping disinformation Twitter must explain how this happened And how to prevent it from happening Again no name calling I don't think There was that much disrespect it was Just like you have to fix this because What you're doing is you're putting all This over reality of what we're seeing In front of our faces yeah it was tough But I think you can take it apparently Elon Musk couldn't take it because this Was his response perhaps it's because Your real account sounds like a parody Oh you're so funny so Marky responds With something that's not so funny he Says one of your companies is under an FTC consent decree Auto Safety Watchdog Nhtsa is investigating another for Killing people and you're spending your Time picking fights online fix your

Companies or congress will from that Point we didn't see or hear Too Much More from Elon Musk on that conversation But there were some you know some Sycophants that decided to try and say Head Mark he's coming after him because People were killed by his cars and he's Just starting fights on his new toy Fine be mad about it so before we get to More details first of all this crash Elon Musk is running these companies I Feel like last week we were just talking About The lack of of real uh Ingenuity uh uh Uh credit people should receive when Billionaires just kind of inherit things Like their money and then maybe a few Companies and say I'm the best ever but When things start going off the rails They kind of don't know what to do Jessica If there's anybody I would avoid picking A fight with online it said Marky and Marky's got a team that's really good at Using the internet not only that he's Quite good at his job as a U.S senator Uh holding people like Elon Musk Accountable I think it's ridiculous he Replied back with laughing emojis and I Think it's even funnier uh that this Video initially people were posting like Crazy saying this video keeps getting Getting taken down when I post it and Finally Elon was like well I can't avoid

It so I'm just gonna laugh it off that's The solution instead of responding about The concerns this is his company not to Mention he leveraged the loans he took Out to purchase Twitter with his Tesla Stock the loans are backed by Tesla Stock amplifying videos like this is Going to tank Tesla stock and make his Debt even less likely to be paid off so Crazy situation uh but I think you know I want to talk about what could have Gone wrong here in the mechanics of the Car but we'll get into that in a second Let's get into that right now because Tesla's not any wrongdoing and also they Put out a statement about this break uh They said the brake lights were off Let's go to some reality uh data taken From the car showed no proof that the Brake pedal had been applied before that Crash and video showed that the brake Lights remained off the electric car Maker said in a statement instead the Accelerator was heavily engaged in the Lead-up to the accident was killed a Motorcyclist and a high school student On a bicycle Tessa said it will quote Actively provide any necessary Aid to The local police probe which may involve A third-party investigator they're going To participate but there was no wrong Doing apparently anyway there's more of The details that led up to this whole Thing so a verified user on the Chinese

Twitter like platform weibo posted under The title of a family member of the Driver and that person claimed that the Driver lost control uh for the last 2.6 Kilometers and uh and though he tried to Apply the brakes a technical problem Must have caused the accident now Getting that driver identified by his Surname Zahn he's 55 years old he gave An interview about what happened and led Up to it as well because he was inside These cards it's going crazy He said I felt the car was Malfunctioning so I pressed the park Button but it began to accelerate zon Was quoted as saying suddenly I was Racing ahead and I tried to uh I tried The brakes repeatedly there were others On the road a motorcycle was ahead of me So I swerved the steering wheel because I was a truck driver I knew what to do If ever my brakes failed on a slope so After I lost control of the car I Immediately began searching for an Obstacle to crash into that's terrifying He says I continue to try the brakes to See whether they would start working and Stop the car I was thinking about where To crash but my reactions couldn't keep Up with the speed Uh one more headline here because Tesla Uh this isn't the first time we've seen Tesla's uh go out of control or their Functions their automatic functions just

Don't really work the way that they're Uh advertised to work Out from Bloomberg Tesla also takes Customers to court to silence their Critics in China so in addition to what You're talking about Burbank with them Taking down this video so it won't hurt His stock he also wants to take the Customers to course so they won't have Any of these stories to tell about what Happened in the cars that they purchased With real money from him So this this is why I like old-fashioned Cars I drive a really old car nothing's Electronic if I hit the brakes it's my Foot going on the pedal and the brake Pads being engaged there's no computer Telling the brake pads to stop the tires From spinning same thing with the Transmission I drove a new car rental And the transmission was a dial it was Like a spaceship I was like I just don't Trust this because if the electronics in This vehicle are malfunctioning why Would you trust what the records are of When the brake was engaged and when the Accelerator was engaged if the car is Malfunctioning and the car runs on some Kind of computer you know would you Expect it to accurately record what the Driver was doing in the car I mean this Takes just a little bit of critical Thinking to realize Tesla is covering Their own behind by telling this story

About what went down I I don't believe These cars are safe I think they've Rushed into production when the Technology for the cars the that Controls it not only when you're in Self-driving mode when the car is Driving itself in other cars there are Precautions like your hands need to be On the wheel and those cars are much More confident in their self-driving Technology than Teslas are where you Don't have to have your hands on the Wheel so Tesla's really always gotten 10 Steps ahead of themselves and promised More than they could ever deliver and People's lives are on the line and Instead of doing the right thing and Owning up to this and trying to figure Out what went wrong of course the Company run by Elon Musk is doing the Bad thing and denying what's gone wrong And not doing anything to correct it the Thing is you can that's what I was Thinking you can have a way maybe to Address this in a certain way to Possibly even fix it if you care about Your consumers if you care about the Honestly the livelihood of your company Only if you think the livelihood of your Company is based off of people still Wanting to buy your garbage but if you Don't care you think people are going to Have to pay me no matter what Sounds like Shades is the way he's

Approaching Twitter you gotta pay it no They don't and they probably won't Either one other part about this so you Said they rushed into production with With uh with Tesla and that's why they Have these issues look at the way he's Also approaching Twitter rushing things Into get it done by next Tuesday or else You're all fired he has no idea how it Works he has no idea the complications Involved in it but just get it done or You're gone more people are gone what is That doing for the product he's Forgetting about the product part Because he's never had to care about Actually doing something well he just Has to put it out there and say it was Me We're learning in real time just how Devastatingly incompetent this guy is And everything he's got can't be based Off anything he thought through