The Dam is Breaking! Operation Mockingbird Is Being Exposed to Millions!

By | December 18, 2022

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You know what we need to do next year we Need to mainstream knowledge of Operation Mockingbird and I know I've Been saying that for years I've been Saying it for over 15 years since before YouTube was even a thing but this last Year particularly even the last month We've been making some great progress Just two weeks ago the kind of Infamous internet entrepreneur was in a Twitter space which is Twitter's sort of Online conference call it's basically a Gigantic group call where a bunch of People get together to discuss things And anybody can listen in and they were Talking about the recent Twitter file Releases and how corrupt mainstream Media is and he was encouraging people To research operation Mockingbird Glenn Greenwald the independent journalist who Edward Snowden leaked those NSA Documents too back in 2013 proving the Orwellian extent that the government Goes to to spy on American citizens Violating the Constitution he mentioned It briefly on Tucker Carlson's show last Year in December 2021 which I covered at The time but here's the clip just in Case you missed it if you go and Google Google and I hope your viewers do Operation Mockingbird what you will find Is that during the Cold War these Agencies used to plot about how to Clandestinely manipulate the news media

To disseminate propaganda to the American population they used to try and Do it secretly they don't even do it Secretly anymore they don't need Operation walking where if they Literally put John Brennan who works for NBC and James Clapper who works for CNN In tons of FBI agents right on the Payroll of these news organizations they Now shape the news openly to manipulate And deceive the American population Other than that the only other time that Somebody has mentioned it ever on Mainstream television was a Washington Times editor on C-Span which probably Nobody was even watching that is until Earlier this year when comedian and Culture Jammer Alex Stein was also on Tucker Carlson's show and he said this Because what happens is we have what is Called the Mockingbird media they admit The CIA has uh Liaisons in every single Form of our entertainment from the radio Television news and film so you have a Media that will say hunter Biden's Laptop is fake and guess where Alex Stein learned about operation Mockingbird for me he told me that also Over the last year Candace Owens tweeted About operation Mockingbird several Times and I think she is the only kind Of mainstream major figure to do so and Guess what she talked about just a few Weeks ago on her podcast so yeah it does

Sound like they are a bunch of Mockingbirds which is appropriate of Course because that was the CIA program Title it was called operation Mockingbird you are not a conspiracy Theorist for knowing the truth and you Are correct if you know about the Mockingbird being something that the CIA Has never discontinued so first and Foremost in case you are not aware of What operation Mockingbird was and still Is it was a large scale project Undertaken by the CIA beginning in the 1950s in which they recruited American Journalists into a propaganda Network The recruited journalists were put on Payroll by the CIA which means me and You we paid for that and instructed to Write fake stories that promoted the Views of the intelligence agencies so Some journalists were accessed to the CIA and were on the payroll other Journalists were unsuspecting assets of The CIA because they thought that they Had a leak that they were being given Information and they ran with the Stories because they thought they were Being told the truth bravo charlie Kirk Also talked about it earlier this year Just days after I called him out in a Previous YouTube video that I did Pointing out the sad fact how nobody in The conservative movement at least the Mainstream brand name you know corporate

Conservative types ever talk about it he Even titled this podcast operation Mockingbird and the Deep State you're Making progress Charlie we're proud of You now he's never publicly responded or Acknowledged any of my comments about Him if you've been watching my channel For any amount of time you know that Occasionally I am critical of him and Others in the conservative Inc Inner Circle because they're veering a little Bit too far to the left for our Country's own good but he hears the Commentary and he sees your tweets and Your comments guys so keep it up we have To continue helping the brand name Republicans and their corporate Conservatives do the right thing when They're being too cowardly or they're Passing around some liberal Kool-Aid With our constructive criticism if we Keep nudging them in the right direction Who knows maybe next year they'll Actually cover the Bohemian Grove or the Bilderberg Group Sean Hannity blocked me On Twitter many years ago by the way Because I kept asking him why he didn't Cover such an important establishment Insider consensus building deep State Event Charlie Kirk if you didn't know by The way supports gay marriage and even Worse gay adoption and gay surrogacy I Think it's cool you're married I think It's great and you should have all the

Same tax benefits adopt children it's Great right but I feel the same way About you well it's fine it's like Whatever which might be why he's a Republican establishment's favorite Poster boy for conservatism and don't Give me this crap about not launching Right because some of the things that he Stands for are just pure wrong they're Garbage what is your brand of Conservatism doing to actually conserve Christian morality If we're seeding to the left on Transgender gay rights gay marriage we Don't want that in conservatism So you don't want him in the Conservative movement I just want to be very clear let's just Be so so you don't so you don't want me In the movement Hold on a sec the daily wires Michael Knowles who also has a show or at least Did have a show a weekly podcast I think With Ted Cruz called The Verdict also Recently mentioned operation Mockingbird Albeit briefly during an event for the Young Americas Foundation now I suspect Many people in this room could could Recite a Litany of famous conspiracy Theories that turned out to be true I Bet you could do it right off the top of Your heads then there's operation Mockingbird that one again very basic it Was the very effective CIA campaign to

Control the messaging coming out of the New York Times and Newsweek and CBS and Lots of other news outlets I don't have A problem with the daily wire as a whole Just to be clear I think Matt Walsh and Candace Owens do great work I just don't Like little whiny neocon never Trumper Ben Shapiro who is also just like that Character Uncle Leo in Seinfeld sitcom Who sees anti semitism around every Corner because my family's nuts they're Crazy yeah yeah My uncle Leo I had lunch with him the Other day he's one of these guys that Anything goes wrong in life he blames it On anti-Semitism you know what I mean The spaghetti's not Al Dente sound like They're right there yeah yeah loses a Bet on a horse Secretariat anti-semitic Kanye decided that he was once you go Full Auntie semantic Kanye West Anti-smetic Kanye West saying that Systematic thing saying crazy and Systematic things just anti-Semitism Kanye West uh said some anti-semitic Things and there are no two ways about This the things that he said are not Just like a little antismatic they're Very anti-semitic this is all really bad I'm supposed to say this is all very Anti-semitic and really really bad stuff He is saying openly anti-semitic stuff They are anti-semitic I mean there's no Two ways about them you know Sympathy

For answers medic statements I think is A is a fairly decent rule when it comes To situations like this one so again This is an anti-semitic Trope that that Basically you can't say bad things about Jews I first learned about operation Mockingbird shortly after I graduated College I have a bachelor's degree in Communication by the way when I was Researching my first book The Resistance Manifesto which came out in 2005. back Then the resistance meant resistance Against the numeral order and then Obviously after the 2016 presidential Election the Democrats co-opted that Term and completely tarnished it by Calling themselves the resistance with That book which is still available on it gets more relevant as time Goes on has a subsection on operation Mockingbird and here's me back in 2010 Over a decade ago on a little-known Internet radio show one of the few that Would actually listen to me back then And if anybody wants any real hardcore Evidence of this just look into the Church hearings back in the late 1970s And look at the published report about Operation Mockingbird back in the 70s I Mean this is fully a congressional Hearing investigating the CIA and they Uncovered and admitted that the CIA was Paying at that time like 200 and some Million dollars a year according to uh

You know adjusted for today's inflation It's a billion dollars a year they were Paying off the reporters and the editors Really to to gatekeep to kill stories And to plant propaganda so I mean There's your evidence right there Someday Mark Dice was right will be a Meme but Strangely I guess expectedly None of my previous videos on operation Mockingbird show up in the search Results on YouTube unless you actually Add my name to the Search terms there Are dozens and dozens of videos many With less than 100 views but mine with Over a quarter million views just seem To have vanished down the memory hole There's so much more than I can get into In these brief videos so you should Definitely read my books because there's An entire chapter in the true story of Fake news and the liberal media Industrial complex on operation Mockingbird not to mention they're Filled with a whole bunch of other Information they're gonna really get Into here on YouTube if you like my Videos are really going to love reading My book so head on over to And pick up the true story of fake news How mainstream media manipulates Millions the liver media industrial Complex or my latest Hollywood Propaganda on TV movies and music shape Our culture and paperback from or download the eBooks from Any of the major ebook stores and of Course there's a link to the Amazon Listing in the description below so Click it head on over there and check Them out [Music]