The Craziest College Professor in America!

By | December 9, 2022

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This is Professor Brittany Cooper who Teaches gender studies and African Studies the two most worthless college Courses any student could possibly waste Their time on at Rutgers University and This is the kind of nonsense that she's Brainwashing her students with I think That white people are committed to being Villains in the aggregate right the real Sort of issue here now you know I've Heard people sort of say it is is that You hate white people and that you're a Tremendous anti-white bigot and if you Don't feel comfortable living amongst us There's the whole continent filled with Dozens of different countries that maybe You would enjoy better one I think that White people viscerally fear is it's not That white people don't know right what They have done they know they fear that There is no other way to be human but The way in which they are human which is To so you know like you talk to white People and whenever you you really want To have a reckoning about it they say Stuff like you know it's just human Nature if y'all had all of this power You would have done the same thing right And it's like no that's what white Humans did white human beings thought There's a world here and we own it prior To them black and brown people have been Sailing across oceans interacting with Each other for centuries without total

Subjugation domination and colonialism Excuse me Professor but Africa is the Slavery capital of the world I don't Mean that slaves come from Africa I mean That there are millions of people Enslaved in Africa right now by other Africans black people it wasn't that Long ago that Boca Haram and African Muslim organization kidnapped 100 of Girls from a school and then forced them Into slavery resulting in Michelle Obama Even helping raise awareness for the Campaign by holding up a hashtag bring Back our girls remember that one Professor stay tuned because there's Plenty more to come in this video but Real quick speaking of scary white People my drum claw sweatshirt is back So be sure to order yours from this weekend so you can be Sure to get it in time for Christmas Dinner to scare your liver relatives but Please tell us more about how amazing Black people are My Hope Is that we would do it Differently you know in the moments when We have some power we will not do it Perfectly but I do think that all of us Can sort of agree that a politics that Says like there are superior and fear Human beings just isn't the way to go And that's the thing that white people Don't trust us to do because they are so Corrupt you know their thinking is so

Morally and spiritually bankrupt about Power that they can't let you know they Fear viscerally existentially letting go Of power because they cannot imagine That there's another way to be it is Either that you dominate or you are Dominated and yes she is talking about All white people there's no missing Context here and of course if she were To say the exact same things but use the Word Jews instead of white people she Would be fired in five minutes it would Be a national Scandal but her spewing Her anti-weightism goes completely Unnoticed in America because it's Accepted it's now systemic the Anti-whitism is now built into the Institutions into the schools into the Governments into the terms of service of The big Tech social media platforms tell This professor if there were no Consequences for your actions what would You do to white people the thing I want To say to you is we got to take these Mothers out but I know but like we can't Say that right we can't say like I don't Believe in a project of violence I truly Don't because I think in the end that Our souls suffer from that and I do Think that some of this is a spiritual Condition so here is where I land most Days about white people well I'm glad You're ruling out a white Holocaust but What's your plan B White's colonialism

And imperialism has a beginning and in My way of thinking about the world that Means it has an end and so part of what We are trying to do is to imagine what It what are the steps that we must take To get to the other side of this very Inconvenient you know epaco Interruption Of like black and Indigenous world Making I mean does that give people Comfort on The day-to-day when you like just having To deal with white folks and the track You know the travesties that they create In the sense that they want to destroy The planet nah white people want to Destroy the planet now let's see what She says which has changed because India And China are actually the planet's Largest polluters and maybe somebody Should tell her that according to WebMD And countless other authoritative Sources and Scholars obesity is Contributing to climate change obesity Is blamed for approximately 20 percent More greenhouse gas emissions when Compared to people considered to have Normal weight or in her case probably 120 percent more and yes this is the Same woman who blames white people for Her obesity the research says that black Women when we do the same diets as white Women we lose less weight and we lose it Slower even when we're following the Diet than our white women counterparts

Wait for it and what and what public Health practitioners think is that our Stress responses in the body change our Metabolism it's literally that the Racism that you're experiencing and the Struggle to make ends meet actually Means the diet don't work for you the Same If you have any more black grievances You'd like to get off your chest Professor Whiteness is gonna have an end date Because it it is not despite what white People think of themselves they do not Defy the laws of Eternity right their Projects are not so sophisticated that The natural laws of physics change for Them our projects just aren't that Sophisticated well I happen to think That electricity and the combustion Engine the automobile air conditioning And computers I think they're all pretty Neat subscribe to my channel if you're New here because this is the kind of Quality content that you're going to get That you really won't hear anywhere else Uh but in the mainstream media there are Scholars that are complaining about Shark Week that airs every summer I Think on the Discovery Channel or is it Animal Planet uh and apparently some Scholars did a study on it and too many Of the Marine experts featured in the Specials are white men Shark Week lacks

Diversity they say the writers of Wanavision which is I guess another Superhero series on Disney plus decided To cut out a scene where Doctor Strange Change one of the superheroes came in And saved the day because they felt that That wasn't diverse enough and there Were too many white people saving people The orwellian Twilight Zone that we're All inhabiting is so bizarre that Standardized tests are called racist and The black lives matter activists like Ibrahim X Gandhi one of these race Grifters they literally want to give Black students easier questions and they Want to give them free money almost a Quarter million dollars to black people In California if the reparations bill Goes through these systemic anti-whitism Just never ends Joe Biden wants to move The first primary of the presidential Election season to South Carolina it Usually takes place in Iowa but there Are too many white people in Iowa and so He wants to make it more diverse for Hyper ethnocentric black people that's a Fancy term for those whose identity Revolves around their ethnicity and they Favor others within their ethnic group But disfavor others outside of it Ethnocentrism or hyper ethnocentrism it Can abide to any ethnic group especially The one that you're not allowed to Criticize but when black people have

Hyper ethnocentrism they always see too Many white people everywhere here's a Reporter in the White House Press Corps Who is concerned that there are too many White people in the Secret Service last Question on the secret service director Is equity and inclusion still a part of The president's hiring practices when he Looks at that spot because you have Never had a black man or someone of Another color I guess be the head of That organization so I'm not going to Get ahead of the of the process but as You know this is a president that Prides On making sure to use diversity hires And award people positions solely on the Color of their skin and their sexual Orientation instead of their actual Qualifications yeah we know YouTube just Asked me my ethnicity gender identity And sexual orientation in this bizarre Creative demo Graphics survey which they Say will help them offer better Representation for certain communities On YouTube I think it's obvious that Means they're incorporating affirmative Action into the algorithms I should say That I'm black I bet you I'd finally get Some more subscribers because I'd get a Nice boost in the algorithm but speaking Of scary white people you better order Your Trump clothes sweatshirt from my Online store at this Weekend so you can be sure to get it in

Time for Christmas it is available in a Nice sweatshirt t-shirt long sleeve and A hoodie and a whole bunch of different Colors as well and while you're there be Sure to stock up on your F Joe Biden Shirt my new climate change shirt or any Of my awesome designs all available in a T-shirt long sleeve and a hoodie and a Whole bunch of different colors as well So head on over to or click The link in the description below and Check them out Foreign [Music]